Interfaith Dialogue with Islamists/Appeasement (2 of 2)

UI – Part 605 – Interfaith Dialogue with Islamists/Appeasement (2 of 2)

Diplomacy with an Islamist

Diplomacy is not an avenue where agreements with Islamists are possible, at least not in the long term. It is a form of appeasement. In general where diplomacy has been tried, such as the nuke deal, the bad actors have already been the Islamists, and those wanting modernity for citizens of Islamic majorities, to include prosperity, freedom and Peace, reach out their hand. It is not the autocrat Islamist that makes the first move, unless it is of a terrorizing, violent, fear instilling move.  The Islamists then believe they are the victors and welcome the opportunity to sit down with the infidel, reach an agreeable, generally one sided, pact, but renege when convenient, when they are strengthened and emboldened. It is the Takiyya of their Scripture.

When countering Chamberlain’s meeting with Hitler, Churchill felt strongly his efforts were attempts at appeasement. “You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war.” Chamberlain agreed to keep Britain out of war (Munich Accord) while at the same time preventing an invasion by the Nazi’s into Czechoslovakia. He yielded a designated area of Czechoslovakia to Hitler in an effort to appease him.  Churchill has said, “Appeasement in itself may be good or bad according to the circumstances. Appeasement from weakness and fear is alike futile and fatal. Appeasement from strength is magnanimous and noble and might be the surest and perhaps the only path to world peace.”  However as quoted in The Finest Hour, “You cannot reason with a Tiger when your head is in its mouth.”


Churchill rightfully noted, “When nations or individuals get strong they are often truculent and bullying, but when they are weak they become better mannered. But this is the reverse of what is healthy and wise. I have always been astonished, having seen the end of these two wars (WWI & WWII) how difficult it is to make people understand the Roman wisdom, ‘Spare the conquered and confront the proud.’…The modern practice has too often been “punish the defeated and grovel to the strong.”

This today is applicable to the Jihadist, the Islamist, the true & pious Muslim. It is most true when applied to Islamic Jihadists historically.  The dhimmi requirement for non-Muslims allowed to live among a majority Islamic population, paying a tax for protection (jizya) exemplifies Islam’s posture when the stronger – they punish and make the non-Muslim grovel.

World Domination

Appeasement with an Islamist results in naught but empty rhetoric, as the Islamist will always seek the upper hand, as honor towards an infidel is simply not permitted. The will of Allah is that the Islamist’s focus must always be on world domination. Deception to achieve that end is most acceptable. There have been many examples in history where the jihadist backed out of accords when it suited them. Promises made are not promises that need to be kept. Understand Islam.

Mercy Not Part of a Jihadists DNA

The jihadists were merciless to the people’s they conquered. Islamist history has never been one of tolerance, more enslavement and submission.

Obama was misguided, bribed or totally ignorant when he declared, “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance. We see it in the history of  Andalusia” (6/4/09 Cairo speech).  Bush 43 attempted to ease tensions with America’s Muslims when the words ‘jihadists’ and ‘Islamic terrorists’ were to be excluded from any State Department (under Condolesa Rice) document. But Obama took dealing with Islamists, terrorists (as Iran) and Jihadists to an extreme. How he assumed diplomacy and soft peddling with the Islamist would somehow make them more tolerant and accepting of Democratic norms is beyond comprehension. Trump, on the other hand, appears smarter about handling matters with these freedom hating, America hating, jihadists.

From the early 700’s when the Berber’s joined the Jihadists invading Spain, conducting a killing spree, taking treasure, destroying churches and property and amassing slaves, until 1492, Muslims used violence and fear to dominate Spain. It took that long before non-Muslim forces were able to adequately resist Islamist aggression and cast them from the area. (Reconquista of Spain). The Muslims were at times willing to placate their subjects, but never tolerant.

False Teaching

For the Jew and the Christian, those faiths most hated by the Islamists, Islam is a false religion. Some claim Muhammad as the anti-Christ and the Caliphs that followed and other leaders of Islam, be they Sunni or Shia, or spin-offs, are but demons, serving the anti-Christ example. There is no common word between these religions, even though the Quran does use elements of the Bible.  Islam also claims the Bible is in error, and the Quran corrects it, yet ‘love’ is an overriding element, tolerance too, for those who believe in God.  That is not the case for those that follow Allah, their love must be reserved for only Allah.


The anti-Christ spirit arising from the pages of the Quran and tenants of Islam include:

  • Bible corrupted
  • Islam is the Final religion
  • Muhammad is the last prophet
  • Jesus Christ if not the Son of God
  • Jesus Christ was never crucified
  • Jesus Christ never rose again (resurrection)
  • The Trinity, the Oneness of God, is denied (and wrongly referred to as the Father, Son and Mary).
  • Denies the Abrahamic covenant thru Isaac
  • Isa (Jesus reference in the Quran) will return as a prophet, a follower of Islam, and will lead people to Islam.
  • When Jesus returns he will destroy the Cross and kill all Jews (Sahih al-Bukhari 3:43-65)

What is written in the Hadith noted, “The hour will not be established until the son of Mary (Jesus) descends upon you as a just ruler, he will break the cross, kill the pigs, and abolish the Jizya tax”

Joining Forces with Fakers

The Bible forbids joining forces with a false ideology. It is, for the Christian, the Great Commission that is to prevail, making evangelism or proselytizing part of their faith, sharing what they believe.   Doubts are permitted as God is confident those who study, do their homework, have open minds and are objective, will find, as independent thinkers, the answers.  The doubts will be erased.  That is not the case for Allah.

Ephesians 5:11 reads, “Do not participate in the untruthful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them.”

That is what I attempt with this blog-site – exposing the truth, the history, the aggression, the lies, deception and the workings of Islam.

There is a national group, PACT, People Acting in Community Together, which sounds purposeful. An objective is ‘to solve the most pervasive social problems of our day.’  That said, what they are is not clear.  But their website (PACT) goes on to ask, “pledge your support for our brothers and sisters who are targeted – especially immigrants and Muslims – and to provide leadership to stop the hate and fear-mongering that hurts us all.”  The most hate-fueled ideology, most will agree, is Islam.  The Scripture of Islam stresses hatred towards Christians and Jews, and others (non-Muslims), requiring they pay a tax to support Muslims, acknowledge the superiority of Muslims, convert or die.  But this apparent liberal organization does not want to appear to discriminate against Muslims.  Why not?  They (Jihadists/Islamists) are the hate group that cannot be allowed nor enabled to invade our culture.

Islam is as an infectious disease, a bacterium, that is at inception difficult to detect, but when discovered, even addressed with large quantities of antibiotics, remains elusive.  Whether it has been eradicated or remains is never immediately known.  It takes time, and may require additional infusions of antibiotics.  It can be a killer if not properly addressed. Constant monitoring is required.

Final Comment

Playing into the hands of Muslims with Interfaith Dialogue decreases Biblical teaching.  The Islamists will attempt to raise the level of respect and acceptance for Islam, ignoring completely any truth or potential for wisdom to be gained from giving consideration to what the Bible has to offer. Christians and Jews will be deceived. Confusion will result.  Salvation will be at risk.

Grace and Peace

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