A Muslim’s Change of Heart

UI – Part 376 –  A Change of Heart

Killings in a Nursing Home

In early March 2016 (3/4/16) a group of terrorists, Al Qaeda affiliated insurgents (AQAP), killed 16 people in, of all places, a nursing home in Aden, Yemen. It was run by Catholic nuns, a number of whom were part of those killed. I guess the attackers feared resistance and found the old and in-firmed their best chance at Jihad. But for what end? Many were Muslims. But were they the right or true Islamist’s? The Pope called for a “change of heart” for these criminals of humanity. Backed by Allah, thus justified in their mind for what they do, their judge Muhammad as interpreted by some Imam, I’d say a demented Imam, they proceeded with blood-thirsty enthusiasm as if sacrificing others for their own conditioned garden paradise.  

The Pope is not alone in making such a call, or prayer, for the emergence of sensibilities of the human being hidden inside the body of a brainwashed Islamic radical.  These radicals fight a holy war (Jihad) for a cause of a supernatural origin cloaked in a black banner, more appropriate for a coffin than a crusade. They are guided by the sword of Muhammad as the example, their standard-bearer carrying a blood-stained large Arabic sword engraved with calligraphy of evil.  Can anything sensible, even humane, come forth from the depths of despair, hatred, and ingrained vengeance of the radicalized Muslim? This is a religious calling ordained by Allah and blessed by Muhammad, recorded for posterity and made law by mankind (humans, not god or Allah); it is the froth of the beer of Islam. That beer may indeed be the brew of Satan, more than a micro-brew, more like an adrenaline cocaine infused liquor intravenously injected into the human form that speaks in the tongue of an aggrieved fallen angel. 

Islamist Dreams of Jesus

Even if the most radical Islamist had a dream in which the perfect Jesus appeared, the spirit of the Lord spoke, and the light of the loving God exposed the truth under the veil of Allah, could they ever bring shame to their peers, shame which can only result in death to the new apostate. Would they make such a sacrifice? They can sacrifice for Allah for the garden of paradise, but not for God, not as Christ did, to make their peers more aware of the truth. 

Politics in Islam

The garden of paradise the Islamists are called to seek may be but a political promise. Promises, promises, promises. Free education, welfare forever mitigating a need to work, food stamps in abundance, an iPhone, verdant surroundings and naked virgins, male and female, all wants and desires readily satisfied. During the political campaign, before the actual election, Allah appears as a pleasant fellow, his campaign manager at his side, making overtures of what will be when you choose the Islamist Party. Outside the window are the gardens and the romping virgins, their physical pleasures on display, untouchable until you vote. Then you vote – Islam or the party of the Infidel. You choose Islam.  Allahu Akbar.

The day then comes for the promises to be fulfilled. But instead, as in many political programs, the promise and the result are seldom the same. What is painted on one side of the door is not the same once the door is opened. The virgins are not there. The grass is not green, the land barren and spent for lack of proper attention. The ground is hot and your feet are burning with no cooling streams to quiet the pain. Then you see Allah and his manager. You say to him, “this is not what you promised.” The response, “The promises – that was during the campaign, then you voted. You chose – sorry, but at least you got the Party in power that we wanted. Now you must live with it and do as we say. By the way, Satan thanks you for dying for the cause; the Cause is End Times and the defeat of God. Satan wins, at least for the time being.”


Then there is Revelation.

Once an Islamist, there can be a change of heart, but it will occur less often than needed for a peaceful world. The greater fear is the moderate Muslim becoming more devout, more practiced in the Pillars and thus radicalized. They are currently ignorant or apathetic to what is ‘true Islam’ as recorded and sanctioned by the words of Allah and Muhammad in the Quran and Hadiths (written by men after Muhammad’s death).  The moderates live as in a stupor, knowing little of the facts, more of the platitudes, and never informed of the deceptions inherent in the ideology to which they ascribe. The moderate or secular Muslim provides the greatest resource for a change of heart more so than those already radicalized.  Their hearts are as gold, the ore, still in the ground needing a proper miner to discover and refine. Will it be true gold for God and faith in Christ who provided the gift of salvation or coal, unearthed to continue to fuel the fires of hatred in the ovens of Hades.   

Fear of God

In 2010, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the country’s underground house churches “threaten the Islamic faith and deceive young Muslims.” Muslims finding an alternate path that is peaceful is not favorable to the political Islamist’s. The Khamenei and his clerics may be aware these church goers have struck gold, but as the Jewish leaders at the time of Christ, they want to kill the prospect of losing their power base to truth. They do not want this resource mined in Iran, or any Muslim dominant culture.

From FoxNews on March 17, 2016, “The number of Muslim converts who are risking prison or death by secretly worshipping as Christians in Iran’s house church movement has grown to as many as 1 million people, according to watchdog groups.”  Resistance by the government continues with many more Christian ministers, such as Abedini, imprisoned under vile circumstances for years. ‘National security’ concerns are expressed as the justification for imprisonment. 

The Heart Opens When the Sword Falls

The barbaric actions and murderous zealotry towards Christians and heretics of the Islamic State is not helping matters for Muslims.  Those that find fault with the extreme violence and discover such measures applied as jihad, holy war, is foundational to Islam are awakening in their hearts to a more peaceful world.  Such a peaceful world is not in the lens of the most powerful telescope of the Islamic viewpoint of an All for Allah universe. 

Turning to the Bible, the Word of God, reveals and provides God’s gift to mankind.  It is indeed a gift.  Salvation is important to the Muslim.  Being made right with God is essential. However it is readily made clear that Allah calls for Muslims to earn their salvation; it is not a free gift and never assured.  Just because a Muslim is obedient to Allah and Muhammad does not mean they will find the garden as promised.  Deception is prevalent throughout the Quran and the history of Islam.  If you ask why, the answer is provided by virtue of the fact that Allah is the best at deception; it is a tool to be applied to grow this ideology and the power base it enables. There is deceit in the details of Islam. 

The object of worship can only be God.  Not self, or actions needed, or cars or other temporal icons.  The root of sin is a focus on objects other than God. To be made right with God, to bring his children back into a spiritual life, God gave the ultimate gift to us.  He provided a substitutional sacrifice to be punished for the sins of mankind.  Those that believe, understand, are thankful and have faith in the Risen Lord, will be saved. No sword necessary.   Muslims are discovering the golden gift God has provided and changing from an apathetic acceptance of being a cultural Muslim, to having a heart for God and faith.  The truth is a freeing device. 

Grace and Peace. 

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