Islam/Muslim Perception of America (3 of 3)

UI – Part 606 – Islam/Muslim Perception of America  (3 of 3)

Some Thoughts

Know this about Islam.  They do not have the same regard for life that we have, not just Christian and Jews, but every person other than a pious Muslim.  Muslims that are not pious are heretics, regarded just as an infidel. Islamists/jihadists fight for rewards and satisfaction in victory and to find paradise, salvation, in death.  All Muslims are called to jihad (Sura 9). They only see America as land to be taken for Allah. Their perception matters not, except to the extent there is some justification. Then the justification is as added fuel to ignite the hatred toward an infidel and a Judea- Christian Nation where freedom reigns. Freedom is anathema to Islam. It can be attractive to Muslims and lead them astray.  The pious want any beacon that draws Muslims which might cause them to think, to be independent, and to leave Islam to be darkened. The call to Jihad for all Muslims is to eradicate any hope, joy, laughter, and happiness for non-Muslims. Even within the world of Allah there is seldom peace and no joy.

More transpired during the Presidential periods covered than mentioned (see prior two blogs on this topic).  Mistakes by our Presidents, their Administrations and advisers understandably were cause for confusion as to our position towards the Middle East and countries therein, our attitude and knowledge of Islam, jihad, even the ideology that engendered jihadists to hate and fight and create violence and fear as they are want and prone to do.  It is the Will of Allah.  We certainly created opportunities for anti-American propaganda by the autocrats.

Many believe, or pray, the majority of Muslims living in Islamaland are moderate.  They might prefer freedom.  They might prefer a way of life more akin to America, Europe or Canada. But they will not speak out or up against the oppressive regimes under which they live. To speak up is to be a dissident, or reveal they are not true Islamists. As heretics, dissidents, and also gay or independent, their lives would be in jeopardy.

Are we wrong headed? If ‘peace’ is the profession of our military, is it possible to bring peace to the Middle East? Politicians, both sides of the isle, according to Bacevich (America’s War for ME, pg. 6734/9123), “have persisted in the belief that the determined exercise of U.S. military power will somehow put things right.”  In the ME such has not been the case.  To understand Islam is critical.

Universal freedom, for all people, is an ideal.  But on any playing field or battle field involving pious Islamists, the jihadist, is that ever possible, or probable? “America winning acceptance” in the Islamic World, in any theater, but in the Islamic World, would be essential to finding a crack in the barrier Islam has raised to any who resist their want to rule the world, a globalist objective.  Also America’s political leaders seem to always become an impediment to consistency. We need to know, not sure we do, what we are fighting for, and just who is the enemy.  What cannot be ignored is the ideology of Islam.  They have been constantly at war, a religious war, for 1400 years. Is every theater where they fight just another line, offensive or  defensive, to confront their All-for-Allah Caliphate wish, or Will?

Our will, our intentions, our commitment and our understanding of the region remains conflicted.  Will Trump be different?  More successful.  He seems to have succeeded in reducing ISIS aggression.  But there are too many latent Jihadists in the wings ready to become a martyr for Allah, ready to reform and take the cape of Muhammad to instill fear through terror and violence against those with whom they are not in accord.

Trump Watch

With the heading, “With Friends Like the U.S.”, the WSJ, on Tuesday Oct 8, 2019 wrote, “Pres­i­dent Trump’s de­feat of Is­lamic State as a ter­ri­to­r­ial power was a ma­jor for­eign-pol­icy suc­cess, yet he may now undo it with a re­treat from Syria that will also sig­nal to U.S. al­lies that the White House can’t be trusted.” Will this be a ‘Here we go again” moment?

By removing troops from Kurdish areas are we enabling Turkey’s hatred for the Kurds to enter and kill a Muslim group that has demonstrated a positive regard for America. They did help us destroy ISIS. Or maybe what should be stated, ‘did we help them destroy ISIS?’  One thing is a necessity. We must maintain intelligence on the ground.  How are we to do that without embeds.

Is America Respected?

So how do you think we are perceived?  If you lived in the region how would you view America and our leadership, even our governance structure?   What are we to do about Assad, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Erdogan, and the Sunni-Shia war for hegemony of the Arab Muslim territories? Then there is Egypt, the Maghreb, Somalia, Ethiopia, South Africa.  And we cannot forget Pakistan, Indonesia (over 271,000,000 residents) or the Balkans, Afghanistan, India or Bangladesh.

Holy War

What about the idea of Holy War?  Is that comprehensible by our politicians, the ‘indiscrimination’ oriented liberals, and something we could ever embrace.  Are the Pope blessed Crusades to return?  After all the Crusade of the Jihadists for a world All for Allah has been underway since the death of Muhammad in 632. Islam has been aggressive, a killing machine of Christians, Jews, and Hindus. Their intentions are clear.  I do not see them ever stopping.

There is an “unless!”  If ‘apostasy’ as punished by Islamic (Sharia) Law) is eliminated, its violent aggressive nature rebuked, would that enable those, the moderates, to find a path leading to peace, a peace they would prefer?  At the helms of majority Muslim nations (Islamaland) the autocrats would need to soften there policies towards religions other than Islam.

How are we to deal with the Middle East?  How are we to deal with Islam?

I believe we need a grand plan.  We need an effort to understand Islam and to educate our citizens and the world about its history, its aggressive nature, and to dispel the lies they perpetuate that Islam is a ‘religion of peace,’ It is not.  it is aggressive, and  it only seeks to retain rule over land it has ruled, even though violently taken from others at one time.  Creeping Sharia should be a concern and needs to be recognized.

The moderate Muslims need to bring their message to Islamaland, and permitted to do so, opening eyes, ears, and minds to alternative religions and ways to live. Proselytization by non-Muslims must be allowed, which would require open minded, objective leadership.  Islamists must strive to be comfortable with what they believe and less fearful, less militant, to those who disagree, criticize, alternative views or religions.  Allow discussion, debate, books to be read and speakers to share.  Islam would change for the better.  Let it be a private religion, not s State religion or the basis for a Theology as Law, such as in Iran.  This may be the ideal. America and other free loving people must have as their mission a battle with the Islamists, the Jihadists, to free their people and allow them to discover a promised land on earth.

Forget About It

Maybe America needs to forget the Middle East.  Focus on America.  But be aware and mindful of Islam.  Protect our freedoms and culture from invasion by violent cultures, Jihadists, and incompatible citizens.  Keep an eye on the Middle East.  Have spies, yes spies, on the ground, everywhere possible, to share what they know about each entity in Islamaland, even if just local and daily news.  We need the intelligence. Information is essential, being alert, remaining awake and in control of any developments that could effect America.  But today we do not need the oil.  They have no resources we need.  They are not of strategic value.  But they are of a mind, their superior thinking, they can conquer the world for Islam. Their methods are horrific.   And they restrain the majority of their citizens to lives without the rights all humans deserve.

We need to eliminate the jihadist spy from America. That would entail removal, declaring as terrorist groups, C.A.I.R., the Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim Student Association, ISNA, and others. They are subversive.  They spend money provided by sources in Islamaland, hate-fueled, oil rich, nations, to garner empathy, bribing politicians (liberals are their favorites) while spreading their enmity.   

Let the caldron of snakes, slime, decapitated heads, oppressive laws, hatred and vanquishing not boil over onto the shores of freedom. Keep the lies, hatred and deception of Islam at bay.  That means our politicians cannot embrace Islam. Liberals out of fear of seeming less than tolerant must also understand Islam, knowing their policies are anathema to Islam.  They would be victims.

Although we would love the Middle East see America as an example of progress, human rights and a democratic system of governance they should emulate, I believe, whether we conducted ourselves, the incursions, with precision, even without collateral damage, the Islamic elite, the Imams, Mullahs, scholars and autocrats would continue to look upon us without favor. Islam does not want what free nations embrace. That is not the Will of Allah, at least not the useful Allah for the commanders of Muslim societies, Islamalanders. They prefer submission, oppression, power, the majority of the spoils, and their blind obsession with an archaic 7th Century ideology. Apostasy Laws, Sharia, too, serves them well.

Grace and Peace


One thought on “Islam/Muslim Perception of America (3 of 3)

  1. From WSJ opinion, 10/26/2019, “ For Mid­dle East­ern gov­ern­ments, the whiplash of U.S. pol­icy has left a sense of be­wil-dered chaos. “Amer­i­can al­lies and Amer­i­ca’s foes are all to­tally con­fused about what the U.S. wants in the re­gion. We don’t un­der­stand, to be hon­est with you,” said Iraq’s for­mer na­tional se­cu­rity ad­viser, Mowaf-fak al-Rubaie.”


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