An American Disgrace (2 of 2)

UI – Part 591 – An American Disgrace (2 of 2)

This is the continuation of a review of Linda Sarsour.


She is an organizer for Black Lives Matter protests, a result of her 2014 support for BLM protests in Ferguson (Michael Brown shooting).


Politically she, like Bernie Sanders, AOC, Booker, Kamala Harris, and so many other Democratic Presidential hopefuls, and others, is a Socialist Democrat. Yes, she wants whatever our government can provide and can be cajoled into providing when militants ask, ask, ask and eventually receive.  Obama, when President, recognized her as a Campion of Change (Champion of Change).

Can it get any worse?

Towards outspoken critics of Islam, to include Bridgette Gabriel and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, she did not mince words nor hide her bias, saying, “(They-re) asking for an ass whippin’. I wish I could take their vaginas away – they don’t deserve to be women.”  So much for the feelings of an entrenched Islamist, American born none-the-less.

She has performed many fund raising activities for shooting victims or the desecration of the property of Jews, and others, but more, seemingly, as a means to garner a degree of recognition to offset her apparent dislike of Trump, non-Muslims and government protection organizations, like the police.  She apparently needs some sympathy.  But she will not get it here.

She wears the hijab, more as a symbol of resistance, as I believe Ilhan Oman does as well.  She says it is her religious symbol and her choice.  Yet she does not support the freedom of women in the Middle East, or other majority Muslims nations, to go without the hijab, as a matter of women’s human rights, should they choose.  A bit two-faced or hypocritical.  Her hypocrisy extends to her feminism, while at the same time advocating women, as per Sharia Law, being obedient to their husband.  So much for liberation, independence and equal rights.

She is married (at age 17), an arranged marriage, to Maher Judeh a.k.a Maher Abo Tamer.  She has 3 children. In 2018 her husband worked as a cashier in a Halel food store in Brooklyn.

in December 2003, Sarsour lamented the capture of the Iraqi president because he was viewed as a hero by so many Palestinians.

Her family is Palestinian immigrants.  There are members of Sarsour’s family that have previously been arrested on charges that they had aided and abetted Hamas.

She was outraged (2012) when Republican lawmakers (most prominently, Rep. Michele Bachmann) sent letters to the inspectors general at the Departments of Homeland Security, Justice, Defense, and State, asking that they investigate whether the Muslim Brotherhood — the ideological wellspring from which such terrorist outfits as Al-Qaeda and Hamas first emerged—was gaining undue influence over U.S. government officials.

How close she is to C.A.I.R. is not certain.  She has spoken at their events, they have come to her defense, and she has been arrested along with other CAIR members for civil disobedience.  In 2013 the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) presented Sarsour with its first “American Muslim of the Year” award.

She frequently is invited to speak at meetings and conventions of national Islamic organizations such as the Muslim Student Association (on college campuses), Islamic circle of North America, C.A.I.R., and others where she often claims ‘American Muslims suffer much greater hardship and indignity than the black slaves of yesteryear.’

She continues to resist police activities designed to prevent terrorist attacks in our nation.  She is a critic of Homeland Security.  She supported NY mayor candidate deBlasio (elected 2014) and her organization the anti-American Arab American Association of New York was given $500,000, tax-payor dollars, more than half their budget.

Her personal leanings are readily apparent, as when Ted Cruz  tweeted, a general tweet, “America is and remains a nation built on Judea-Christian values,” to which she, out of the blue, immediately responded, “Genocide and slavery?”  She is just a bitter, biased, Islamist, receiving too much recognition for her prejudicial rhetoric and phobia for all but Islam.

She has been on stage (October 2015) with Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan during the 20th Anniversary commemoration of Farrakhan’s famous Million Man March.

She wants her definition of “Islamophobia” denounced by Congress.

Her personal activities can be coined “My Hijab is my Hoodie,” which she said about racial matters within the United States. after the Trayvon Martin (2012) incident.

She has a tendency for misrepresentations and knee-jerk reactions, as in the case of a Arab honor killing (murder) of his wife as a racist attack against Muslims. She referred to a known mentally ill homeless man whose outburst offended her of committing a hate crime (also calling him a ‘bigoted drunk,’ ignorant of his malady).  She failed to defend a female employee (Asmi Fathelbab – 2017) who complained of sexual abuse by a male. Sarsour bullied her into silence and criticized her weight instead. This was not the first woman Sarsour silenced by intimidation.

She considers the campaign of Trump as hateful, bigoted, racist, and xenophobic.  But that may be more applicable to her.  She was an at-large delegate at the Democratic National convention (2016).

ISIS Salute

She was photographed (2017) making what many saw as an ISIS salute (one finger raised), which of course she denied. Robert Spence noted that “Muslims in general have used (the gesture) as a sign of allegiance to tawhid.”


Judge for yourself.

She continues to defend Islam, often without using words, simply by not providing any words, or supporting Imams whose views and commentary are well known, on issues such as homophobia (Imam Siraj Wahha) and women’s rights.

Allah made her feminine, but is she?

Islamists and the Left

Lastly, Egyptian feminist Nirvana Mahmoud, noting there is a symbiotic relationship between Islamists and liberal western leftists,

“Islamists, like Linda Sarsour and others, deliberately conceal the controversial aspects of their ideology, specifically the common values they share with violent radicals such as the virgin/whore dichotomy. {the radical Islamist worldview that says young girls attending a pop concert with a singer dressed in seductive clothes are prostitutes and deserve to die (referring to the Ariane Grande concert in the UK)}.

Unfortunately the liberal elite prefers to avoid scrutinizing Islamists on those controversial aspects, and prefers to deflect the matter as a ‘cultural’ issue.”

So much for this hypocritical Islamist feminist.

Her latest Tweet, “My words in The Nation: ‘We’re (Islamists) a significant voting bloc in key battleground states—and we have discovered the power of our collective voice.’ #MyMuslimVote.”

But beware of the ignorance of the left, the Democratic Socialists, and the liberal feminist’s agenda, which is allowing Islam to creep into our society as if it is not a violent ideology.  They treat them as an ID minority only for votes.  Little do these political animals seeking power understand about Islam. Yes there are moderates, many Muslims, but they too are caged, silenced, by the political Islamists that will not stop in their quest for an All for Allah world regulated by Sharia.

Grace and Peace

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