An American Disgrace (1 of 2)

UI – Part 591 – An American Disgrace (1 of 2)

Who is Linda Sarsour and why does the media even bother? In so doing the media is complicit.


Wikipedia refers to her as an ‘American Political Activist.’ She is a political activist, but unAmerican in my view, more an Islamist Political Activist. Why not America, well because she is more oriented towards Sharia Law, less towards our Constitution. Also Islamists are globalists, in an All for Allah sense.  However, she does use the Constitution to enjoy her rights as a woman and freedom of speech, while abusing it at the same time. Sarsour is a Muslim of  Palestinian descent.  She was born in Brooklyn. 

Wikipedia notes, “Sarsour first gained attention for protesting police surveillance of American Muslims (after 911), later becoming involved in other civil rights issues such as police brutality, feminism, immigration policy, and mass incarceration.  She has also organized Black Lives Matter demonstrations and was the lead plaintiff in a suit challenging the legality of the Trump travel ban.”

She became a watchdog for anything oriented towards Muslims she considered negative. At 25 she became Executive Director of the Arab American Association of New York. 


More biased and bigoted in her own right Sarsour stands proudly as a feminist, a woman’s march leader, as well as anti-anything that involves concerns or questions about Muslims, especially Jews.   She is married, but her husbands stays quiet and goes about his business. 

Bigoted and Biased

She is against a Black-Jewish congressional caucus because a Jewish congressman is involved. A GOPUSA staff writer on June 12, 2019 wrote, “Nothing terrifies bigots like Linda Sarsour more than seeing minority communities joining hands in solidarity and partnership.” As minorities blacks and Jewish have often found common ground in their fight for equality, especially in civil matters.  Lee Zeldin, as a individual, gets no room to maneuver against Sarsour’s total lack of objectivity. 

Sarsour has reported she is and always will be a critic of Israel and fully supports BDS (The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement against Israel).

At age 21, right after 911, she was advocating for civil rights of American Muslims, protesting police surveillance, seeking Muslim holidays be recognized in NYC public schools (passed in 2015), debating immigration policies towards Muslims (protesting Trumps ban), expressing concerns for the mass incarceration of Muslims, and curtailment of stop and frisk, all safety measures for Americans as a whole; her concerns were related to perceived isolated restrictions on the freedoms of Muslims (and Islamists). 

Never forget that 911 was the greatest foreign attack of American’s on American soil since Pearl Harbour.  The perpetrators were all Muslims. 

I am not a fan of Linda Wasserman Schultz, Democrat Congressperson from District 23, Florida.  She chose not to march with the 3rd feminist woman’s march in January 2019 organized by Sarsour due to the biased bigotry that was effusive in character with this movement.  Obvious links between the group’s leadership and Nation of Islam head Louis Farrakhan was part of her rationale.  Sarsour commented, “DWStweets didn’t want to march with the Women’s March citing “bigotry,”  that of the march organizers, not DWS. She was correct. 

Neil Strauss, spokesman for the Republican Jewish Coalition, recently commented in an email, ““We see Linda Sarsour for what she really is, a person whose entire existence depends on making people believe that Jews and Republicans are the cause of all of their problems.”  That may be the reason, too, why Democrats, like Pelosi and the many in a crowded field to be the candidate to run against Trump in 2020, seem to support Sarsour. There is an air of anti-semitism, directly or indirectly, coming from the left as well as a political hatred for Trump and Republicans. 

Woman’s March

The 2019 March had fewer attendees than prior years.  Some reasons included weather, but it was more the leadership and a cloud of anti-semitism emanating from the majority heading the cause. The 2017 march execs were honored on the cover of Time magazine.  Time is not a conservative magazine, and has become, in my opinion, more a rag for progressives and militants.  It is to liberals and progressives as is the Nobel Peace Prize.  They were not similarly hoisted to the front of Time for 2019. If so they might have been pictured with members of the Blank Panthers for all I know. 

Note that the first woman’s march came after the election of Donald J. Trump as President.  What does that suggest?  Note too that the abortion specialists Planned Parenthood were also one of the largest supporters for the marches (remember too our Government provides funding for Planned Parenthood). 

Tamika Mallory was a co-Presideint of the 2019 march, a close associate of Sarsour, has been criticized for her relationship with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and support for Assata Shakur, a former Black Liberation Army member convicted of murder.  

Another organizer, Carmen Perez, along with the others, have made this woman’s movement into an hate group.  Jews and other feminists feel sidelined by the personal campaigns and prejudices of Sarsour, Perez and Mallory. 

MSM and Minority Groups

Use of the media to highlight such events (Woman’s March) and the diatribe of its leaders has become common place.  I blame the media as these minorities do not represent America, especially not the working class, tax-paying, patriotic, family oriented, God loving, and patriots that would die for the freedoms we enjoy (and the organizers also enjoy).  Has the left become too sedentary, wanting more, dependent on government services, and less willing, even able to fight for America if called?

Minority groups have become identity classes for the socialist progressive liberal Democrats.  Not one is a majority, from the alphabet soup of LGBTQ, to the feminists (they do not represent real women), to the militants.  The militants I refer to hate the police, ICE and others responsible for maintaining America’s security, from our homes to our borders. They also want to blame others for their personal plights, lack of work ethic, criminal history for some, and addictions.  “Racism” is the cry of foul for those feeling betrayed by the system. Many live in the past and cannot accept progress, fail to even recognize progress in equal rights, opportunity abd race relations, for fear it would dilute their platform from which they spew their caustic rhetoric. Sarsour is as a town ‘cryer’ of sorts, taking her cue to attack from ID groups, and her Muslim heritage. a badge she wears as if she is the sheriff of righteousness. 

….to be continued

Grace and Peace

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