Life After This Life or Heaven versus Earth

UI – Part 424 – Life After This Life or Heaven versus Earth

After This Life

When you consider Islam, their reference to the Afterlife over this life, the spiritual over the material, surfaces. Their seeming penchant to allow taking the lives of infidels via suicide by an Islamist, willingly or unwillingly, as a ready pathway to paradise contrasts with the “on earth as it is in heaven” thinking of the Christians.

This Life

It is possible to be spiritual in the temporal world? Nancy Pearcey writes, her book Saving Leonardo (Page 81), “We do not need to reject the material world in order to be spiritually minded.” The incarnation of God enabled humans to experience God and God was present in the material world.

We live but a short time in the scheme of things. A ‘dash’ between birth and death on the tombstone. Should that time be as a prisoner or as a servant of God. To help his creation, in freedom, choose God (not Allah and Muhammad) and live by his example? Is the objective a volunteer force to make peace on earth a reflection of life in the eternal? Nancy Pearcey again said (Page 83), “The physical world is no longer a prison to be escaped from. Instead it is the locus for ‘the meeting of the human and the divine,’ physical and the spiritual, the temporal and the eternal.’” (She was quoting Stephen A. McKnight’s book The Modern Age and the Recovery of Ancient Wisdom: a Reconsideration of Historical Consciousness, 1450 – 1650 (pgs 73, 76).)

The spiritual world did enter our world. Christ lived among us, then provided proof, witnessed by multitudes of his divinity. The saving grace of the Lord freed us from our sin nature to pursue peace, here and now.

Islam Denies the Divinity of Christ

Where Islam’s ignorance continues is in the denial of Jesus divinity. At the time of Mohammed, in his hometown, there were Christ followers. A family of tolerance, the Qureshi, enabled people of all beliefs to congregate each year. Having an innate sense of the supernatural a cube structure existed in which images of each belief or ideology were allowed. Over 360 figures were placed inside for those who entered to worship the one they followed. Christ was there too! The presence of Christ and Christians did not evoke a call for war. That did not occur until Mohammed cried persecution for his attacks on the many in the Kaaba favoring but one, his choice of Allah.

But Jesus was divine.

Yet Mohammed could not accept the facts. He, as many humans, see self above that which is incomprehensible, regardless of historical evidence. He grew an army rewarded with the spoils of their conquests and threatened with their lives if they should suddenly decide to no longer be loyal to Mohammed. The objective was to be victorious insisting the god of Mohammed, as a self proclaimed prophet of that god, as a messenger, was the only god. The All for Allah mantra was heard more frequently then and continues to this day using the example of Mohammed as a light to blind those who follow, by choice, culture or coerced, preventing the truth from appearing before them.

Born in God’s Image

In truth there can be peace. Truth is discernible. We are all born in the image of God.  That is a fact and the creator is God as evidenced by our surroundings and ability to live on this planet and in this universe.  Earth need not be a cage from which escape is necessary.

Choose peace on earth, not death as a means to find hope and joy.

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An emoji smile can be fixed on you when Christ enters, the Holy Spirit fills you up, and you awake to the truth of the resurrection and God’s gift to us all.  The reality of it all is compelling. Denying the truth is an internal struggle with self and selfish desires. It can only cause chaos in ones life and the world that surrounds. God’s existence has been made most obvious to those whose eyes are open.

Grace and peace.

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