UI – Part 567 – Multiculturalism

Multiculturalism is not an effective approach to maintaining nationalism or patriotism.  In fact it is as an acid that erodes the steel structure of a Nation.  It seeks a global terrarium that contains in each country cultures that have grown in different soils, having used different herbicides and fungicides, and having had caretakers with mixed thinking as to proper nourishment and treatment.  Weeds have been eliminated in one garden that are cherished flowers in another.  Multiculturalism attempts to have within the borders of every nation mico-gardens from ancient to modern societies, living side-by-side.  But you and I know that barriers will exist to prevent the flow of one garden into another, or rakes and shovels will be raised, a fight to establish a larger garden as needed or demanded by one versus another.  The historical source of each garden will have its own banner flying at the entry gates and every effort will be made to maintain the garden as it was in its homeland.  There was a reason homelands were left behind and a new plot of land was sought, a plot where the fruits can be more plentiful, sweeter and more varied.  The host country cannot allow separate gardens to flourish, but must ensure the practices of the horticulturalists that established their methods of cultivation become the teachers of the new arrivals.  The most viable methods must continue and not be diluted by outsiders seeking to take up residence without changing.   If the multi-gardening methods are adopted the host, the welcoming nation, of the blend of gardens in turn will lose its identity and the pride of the quality of the produce for which it was made famous.  The jam will not taste the same. 

America must protect its garden.  Immigrants, legals, must learn our methods, our history,  our language, our love of freedom and embrace it or go back to the land from which they came.  If bad worms are allowed to occupy our soil then a means of annihilating these invaders must be established.  If homegrown invaders rise-up then the source of their discontent must be found and eradicated.  Any unknown leak in the walls of our society can only last for so long before it becomes a problem.  Then the plumbers will be called in and the problem fixed; so too the source of the problem will be known and preventative measures will be necessary and must be taken to prevent a recurrence.

Grace and Peace

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