Descendent Blaming

UI – Part 566 – Descendent Blaming

This article in inspired by Douglass Murray, his book, The Strange Death of Europe, Immigration, Identity, Islam.  Direct quotes are appropriately marked and italicized. 

When Do the ‘Racist’ Attacks on Past Sins Stop

“If historical wrongs must lead to atonement in the present day, then what is the statute of limitations and to whom else may it apply?“

Politicians today use the past and transgressions of those no longer alive to make people feel guilty.  The politicians insist they amend their ways, yet it is not their ways that are the issue.  Politicians also call for reparations, but from the living, not from those who committed the atrocities or sinned against others.  This has become a ‘racist’ issue as more and more demands are made by blacks, and other minority groups, for payments today for past bad practices.  Progress and the posture of those living towards these minorities today is in stark contrast to what is continuously regurgitated.   Europeans, Americans, white people, no longer need to feel guilty.  They need to stop and in fact resist the ‘racist’ efforts to gain from history and take from those that were never directly involved.  Let the past alone, and focus on today, gains and strides made and the future of what will be as such progress continues.  

No-Guilt Nations

Immigration has become a problem.  Over a million flooded into Germany and the EU in the last couple years.  Seeing the benefits provided by the hosts to the illegals from afar encourages people from areas such as Syria, Libya, and other oppressed Muslim dominant countries who desire to also enjoy immediate gains. So there will be more to follow.  And there are those from Kosovo and elsewhere, Muslims, nations not identified as appropriate and justified sources for asylum seekers, that fake their papers or provide no papers at all that attempt and succeed in blending in and once in the Schengen EU system migrate to where they prefer.  Criminal elements? Yes!  Culturally incompatible? Yes!  But what about places like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and other Muslim Nations that have not taken even one immigrant?  Are the leaders of EU nations, and the globalist EU officers, feeling guilty for their Country’s past eras of colonization, slavery, anti-semitism and supremacy and trying to make up for it by accepting those being cast out by others?

“Why should Iran not be forced to atone for its history by having minorities from around the world encouraged to head towards it? Since all countries, peoples, religions and races have done something terrible in their time, and since most races and cultures are not punished in this way, why should one not see a specific anti-Western and in particular an anti-European motive behind these recent movements?”

“The Turkish government has never apologised for the excesses of the Ottoman Empire.” 

 In fact Turkey has a law against critics of the government.  Bring up the Armenian massacre and find jail in your future. The Ottoman government in 1915 systematically exterminated over 1.5 million Arminians (half the population). 

“One of the reasons why modern Turkey is a world leader in imprisoning journalists is because under Article 301 of the country’s penal code it is a crime to ‘insult the Turkish nation’.”

People do Terrible Things – Regardless of Race

“While any honest student of history must conclude that every community, race and group of humans is not only capable of doing terrible things but has managed to do such things.“

When you think about atrocities, extermination of millions of people, ethnic cleansing, and population removal and transfer, many nations and world leaders come to mind.  The goal is generally eliminating culturally incompatible people, or undesirables, while seeking a more ethnically homogeneous nation as history reflects.   Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Tito, Marx, the Taliban, Russia, Germany, Yugoslavia, the Chinese and Japanese, Croatian and even in America.  Religious purity has been goal which continues in the Middle East and southeast Asia.  Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and many areas of Indonesia and other Muslim majority countries kill and seek to eliminate christians and Jews and heretics wishing their own Islamic ideology. 

“A Brief history of Ethnic Cleanings”, by Andrew Bell-Fialkoff. (Read Here).

The concepts of globalism and multiculturalism are results of the guilt of nations born more from European history and emigration, than from Asia and the Middle East. In the latter countries ethnic purity and religious purity are maintained by governments. 

“Middle Eastern history is perhaps even more than most a history of tribes and people usurping and replacing each other without recourse to any court of historical inquiry to make amends….”

“Very few states have ever been created without the movements of people.”

Apology Tours By Free Nation Leaders

“But a country that believes it has only done wrong, or done such a terrible, unalleviated amount of wrong in the past, is likely to become a country that is inclined to doubt its ability to ever do any good in the future.“

“As though to prove that nothing can ever truly be done to alleviate the sins of the past, during the sixth year of Obama’s presidency it became mainstream thinking to believe that the actions of the ancestors of many white Americans should cause their descendants to give most black Americans a cash settlement for acts carried out centuries earlier.”

“In the last couple of decades, as the situation for American blacks has slowly improved, the rhetoric of shame has only increased.”  This is more racist by minorities that the claim of blacks against whites of being racist.  The racism to which they refer is not current, but past, and the politicians that press this issue today are only grandstanding and plying their trade and want for power by using guilt tactics in their campaign platforms. They profit from the past.   The term ‘racist’ is used to incite hatred, which by itself is totally unfair and wrong. 

Those to whom want for stuff today refer use sentimentality, nostalgia, referring to those that took advantage of others, used slaves, even marginalized minorities; but they are dead.  The “perpetrators and victims are dead and there are few if any ways to alleviate such sentiments.”  What happened in the past is not being denied.  It just is not happening today and to pay for the transgressions of our ancestors is wrong, except for those who want whatever they can get from making people feel guilty for their heritage. It is for political gain o only.

“If theft is the crime then restitution is the only possible punishment.”

“Guilt…has become a moral intoxicant.”

“For present-day politicians there are only political points to be made from such statements, and the larger the sin the larger the outrage, the larger the apology and the larger the potential political gain for sorrow expressed.”

“There is also no shortage of sadists, willing to reinforce and push upon us every idea we foster about our own wretchedness.”

History of Conquest

“The conquering of one group by another and the ill-treatment of the losers by the victors is the story of most nations on earth.”

Sailing ships were sent to find new lands to conquer, to find treasure and seek resources of value to the victor.  Military persons were equipped and sent forth to protect the marauders and insure their protection as they raped, pillaged and stole from others. Are the winners to feel guilty and provide the losers with their profits?  The question today, ‘are the legacies of the victors now responsible for their great-great-great grandparents, the line of DNA from whence they can be traced that survived because otherwise they would not be alive today anyway?’ Must the descendants of Jessie James reimburse the Banks from which he stole and the employees of those Banks in which he instilled fear?

False Tolerance for the Intolerant

There are those that elevate themselves, such as the leaders of the EU and many elitist Democrats today (certainly George Soros), that are as “the self-appointed representatives of the living and dead, the bearers of a terrible history as well as the potential redeemers of mankind. From being a nobody one becomes a somebody.”  They are the ‘no-border’ voices who have a “general feeling of guilt and shame.”  They want the world to be open to all, a ‘Schengen’ borderless world, no TSA, no airport security, let alone border security of any kind.  Yet many of them still protect themselves and their families with gates, living in gated communities, walls surrounding their properties, limousines and bodyguards. They want others to pay, and to feel they can erase their guilt too, serving those oppressed and welcoming them into any community they wish. 

Yet even Hillary Clinton recently admitted the European borders today are too porous. This in contrast to previous positions. In 2016, noted in an article By Rowan ScarboroughThe Washington Times – (Thursday, October 20, 2016), “Hillary Clinton has aligned herself closely with a vision for America laid out by her benefactor — left-wing financier George Soros, who talks of ‘international governance,’ more open borders, increased Muslim immigration and diminished U.S. global power.”  On November 25, 2018, from a popular news source, “Just recently she (Hillary) told an interviewer with The Guardian that European leaders must stop offering ‘refuge and hope’ to migrants if they want to slow the spread of right-wing populism. She urged them to ‘send a very clear message – ‘we are not going to be able to continue to provide refuge and support’ – because if we don’t deal with the migration issue it will continue to roil the body politic.’ Mrs. Clinton said further, ‘I think Europe needs to get a handle on migration because that is what lit the flame.’”  Thus for the Democrats and the Clintons everything boils down to politics. 

How Are You to be Viewed?

“Only the nations of Europe and their descendants allow themselves to be judged by their lowest moments.”  

Europeans with Merkel of Germany as the poster-person may be the example of allowing guilt from the sins of ancestors past to enable their Nations to have a new identity, not an ID most would prefer.  Germans sought immigration to bolster their depleted workforce after WWII, without fully thinking through the source of those people.  They were mainly from Turkey.  Able bodies were more than willing to come and work from Spain and Portugal and other non-Muslim areas, but Germany choose Turkey.  Germans have expanded their base of Muslims with possibly millions from Syria.  Is Germany becoming more Islamic than Lutheran?  Will the Muslims soon seek religious purity (Islam) in this EU nations as is the case in Muslim dominated nations? All because of guilt?   When is enough, enough?

“Is it possible that at some point there will come a moment when young people who have done nothing wrong themselves say ‘enough’ with this guilt?”

“‘Enough’ of a history they (young people who have done nothing wrong themselves say ‘enough’ with this guilt) were never a part of being used to tell them what in their present and future they can or cannot do.“

How Do We Move Forward?

There is no reason to feel guilty and allow an abundant influx of illegal immigrants to burden a social system designed for legal citizens.  Successful, prosperous nations can be good citizens of the world.  They can open their doors, but must not allow the doors to be forced opened by unwanted visitors and occupiers.  No one believes ‘squatters-rights’ are fair. There is no reason to allow minorities to seek your earned money or wealth as reparations for what they claim they now deserve due to historical past errors made towards humanity. 

Which other nations ought to be encouraged to feel shame for their past?”  Should any nation if significant progress is evident and continues accede to the wants of minorities from past tragedies?  The ancestors as perpetrators and those harmed are long gone!  America and Europe and Australia and Canada have nothing to feel guilty about.  Muslims do, though!

Let’s keep moving forward, maintain progress and bring civilized practices prevail. 


No country can allow factions from within destroy the fabric that currently exists and the sun that has risen on human rights to be dimmed. Soiling such fabric using the errors of ancestors and seeking reparations for the living minorities is criminal. At the same time sovereign nations being invaded by foreign culturally incompatible elements must stop this deployment from landing. Cultural change must occur gradually. Ethnic cleansing is wrong. Religious cleansing to achieve religious purity, as in Islamic controlled areas, is wrong.  But cultures should be preserved when they have evolved to demonstrate a respect for all races, common law for a plurality, equality of men and women, the broad spectrum of human rights, and freedom. 

Grace and Peace

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