The Fall of Iran’s Mullahs and Autocrats (2 of 3)

(This is part 2 of 3)

Obama Aiding the Enemy

As an American, Obama, as President, had an uncommon love for Islam. His background, the environment in which he was raised, and his openly stated praise for the adhan, the Islamic call to prayer as “the most beautiful sound on earth,” are among many telling signs of his favorable leaning towards Islam. Certainly his closest confidant and adviser, Valerie Jarrett, herself from Iran, and a member, it is said, of the Muslim-Sisterhood, an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood, would never direct him to oppose Iran. There are other examples that lead one to believe he was more than an Islamic sympathizer.  I don’t know whether Obama is more Shiite than Sunni, but his admiration for Iran became evident during negotiations to curb their march towards the development of a nuclear weapon.  It was as if he was waving the Iran Flag and willing to hold it high above our red, white and blue.   Lee Smith wrote in an article for The Weekly Standard, Sept 25, 2017, “The Nuclear Deal is Only Half of it,”  “Obama saw that an anti-ISIS campaign would consolidate his own pro-Iran preferences.” Iran was and is the greater ‘strategic threat,’ but he avoided that with counterterrorism believing the threat could be mitigated.

Obama has recently been exposed for allowing funding of Hizbollah (or Hezbollah), through drugs exported to the USA and sold. Hezbollah is a militant force strongly glued to the Iranian regime.  Apparently he did so as to not upset his legacy opportunity by negotiating a nuclear weapons deal with Iran, even though it is more a time delay deal than an actual halt in the development of a weapon.  He chose his ego over curtailing the drug trade in America as well as the continued support for Islamic terrorist activities by this Nation State.

From December 25, 2017’s The Weekly Standard, “Deceptive Deja Vu,” by Reuel, Marc Gerecht, & Mark Dubowitz, not only did Obama help Iran and Hizbollah, he also ignored “glaring problems” his officials noticed in his Nuclear Deal, memos they penned to ‘fix’ the problems.  The Obama spin machine created a deceptive web that the deal drafted could not be violated by the Iranian autocrats, referring to these actions as “audacious.” John Kerry was apparently mystified and enthralled by Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, believing everything he was told. Susan Rice was similarly duped.

Obama’s flag waving for Iran did the world greater harm than good having empowered and emboldened Iran to be more the dominant force in the Middle East than any other, to include their arch competition, Saudi Arabia.

Jimmy Carter’s Greatest Error

Iran before the Iranian Revolution was the strongest military power in the Middle East.  America made that possible during the reign of the Shah.   After the revolution (thank you Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter) we enabled a theocratic regime to take over a modernizing culture within the Islamic world and force them back into a constrained, controlled, Islamic only country, armed to the teeth.

In 1979 the Ayatollah was in the wings, awaiting from a location in Paris, to return to Iran and assume control over an unpopular Shah. The Shah was not good to his people, better to himself.  The Press highlighted his abuses towards the citizens, President Carter was not supportive suggesting the Shah not use his SAVAK forces to deter those opposing him. The   world, and Carter’s advisors, failed to see through the lies of the Ayatollah or recognize the error in placing the powerful Iran army in the hands of a theocratic despot.  The result is what the world and the people of Iran now have to live with.  Were there corrective measures that could have been taken to replace the Shah, to sideline the brutal SAVAK force, to maintain a secular government, and to insure the military strength was used for peaceful purposes in the Middle East? Was the return of a theocrat the only solution?  President Carter and his Administration, in my mind, did not consider the consequences and could have done a better job of protecting, even improving, the freedoms the people of Iran enjoyed.

Iran remains militarily strong and growing, allied with other Islamic nations against the Great Satan and the Little Satan. Russia seems to be a friend of Iran now too, they support Hizbollah (Lebanon) and Hamas (Gaza/Palestine). Iran continues to develop and improve their missile capabilities, and finally, they have a nuclear weapons program (supposedly on hold for 9 more years).  It is quite possible they are funding North Korea as an agent for the development of nuclear weapons to be used by Iran when the time permits, and the nuclear deal’s sunset occurs.  When you consider Syria, Iran wants Assad to remain in power, as a collaborator in their strategic intentions against the Satans, especially Israel.  Iran has been embolden to vie for Islamic hegemony in the Arab Middle East by now taking on their Sunni opponent, Saudi Arabia. They have surrounded Saudi Arabia with armed militants of Shiite persuasion.


Revolution is difficult when you must fight a strong military with only words, sticks and stones.  The greatest problem, however, may be not having a leader, a voice or a face, to represent the people and to assume control should they succeed.  If you dissect the results of the Arab Spring(s), the failure was a lack of leaders and workers familiar with infrastructure operations to assume control and insure continued supplies of water, electricity and serveices such as trash removal.

Who do the protestors have in the wings today?  Is it the descendent of the Shah, the Pahlavi heir, Reza Pahlavi?  Is he strong enough, popular enough, able to obtain support from military commanders that would turn from Khamenei, Iran’s supreme Leader, or Iran’s President Rouhani? What has he in common with the intellectuals and students that comprise the core of the movement to reform Iran into a freer, more democratic, country?  Reza has said, “I will forever consider myself an Iranian, regardless of where I end up.”  But would he give up his comfortable lifestyle in the USA and return to lead the resistance against the powers in place in Iran today.  Do the people of Iran want a return of the Peacock Throne?

Crest of the Peacock Throne – Pahlavi Monarchy


Lee Smith’s Weekly Standard article also notes, pointing out what we need to know and realize about Iran, is,  “…namely, that the problems the Islamic Republic poses go far beyond the nuclear program. These include:

  • support for terrorism
  • criminal enterprises
  • threats to strategic waterways, and
  • ballistic missile development.”

I believe the residents of Iran are well aware of the posture the Iran controlling theocratic elitists have taken towards the world.  They are directly impacted as funds from oil and provided by Obama are being spent not to improve life styles or provide adequate grocery items but for guns, terrorist harbors, and overt military incursions outside the boundaries of Iran.  They are subjects of the whims of the Mullahs and Rouhani’s administration, as well as the Revolutionary Guards greed, their might too, and are tired of it.  They want their freedom.

Without cancelling the Nuclear Deal a major upset for Iran would be the overthrow of Assad. A bridge too far would be stretching from Iran across Iraq and Syria into Lebanon.  It would be too close to the Little Satan (Israel), and most uncomfortable for America when it comes to supporting and protecting our greatest ally in the Middle East. We cannot allow Iran to build such a bridge.  If they succeed the flag of Iran Obama was waving would be placed at its center.

Part 3 follows in two days….What will Trump do?

Grace and Peace.

Part 3 on Friday.


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