The Fall of Iran’s Mullahs and Autocrats (3 of 3)

(The last of 3 parts)

Symbol of Iran’s Republic


Resolve – Trump’s Alternative

So what is the resolve today?  What is the Trump alternative?  It is not for the US to support the current demonic regime.  There will be deaths as the Revolutionary Guard encouraged by Iran’s supreme man of god (Allah) will begin shooting to quell dissent and cull out any potential leaders of revolt.  Arrests have already included more than 100 protestors. Those now controlling do not want to lose their base for terrorism, for the ability to create a Shiite Islamist world order, for the largesse they enjoy, nor for the seats of power they now command.  More sanctions against the government make sense.  Yes, sanctions will hurt the populace, but the regime is already doing that.  The government is spending the nation’s wealth more to promote their influence, the Islam they consider ‘true Islam,’ and terrorism preferences for Allah, than feeding its people properly.  Can it be worse?  Well, it will be worse before it gets better.  In revolutions people die.  To achieve freedom people die.  As we know to maintain freedom people die. Fighting evil remains a constant.  The regime in place today in Iran is evil, evil towards its people and the world.  They will continue to murder to have their way and to maintain their authority.

To Trump’s credit the Ayatollah and Rouhani are more afraid of him than they were Obama.  They were certainly not afraid of Carter. Both of those Presidents were used by Iran. The mullahs and autocrats had their number.  Trump is our Churchill against Hitler.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has a population of over 80 million people.  Muslim dynasties have destroyed the greatness that Persia once was.  The Islamic Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) has a force of 125,000. Iran’s military comprises about 525,000 active personnel (400,000 reserves).  The IRGC has become a political force, its leaders enriching themselves in businesses and property ownership in Iran.  The Quds Force (15,000 strong, although estimates vary widely) is a sub-set of the IRGC, its commander reporting directly to the Ayatollah.  It is a cadre of specialists dedicated to the objectives of the regime, as well as their safe haven. The numbers are not in the favor of the army of Islam if the people stand firm in their want to alter the course of Iran. The weaponry does favor the military.  It will take courage, sacrifice, determination and a collective will and focus for the survivors to emerge taking hold of the government and its services for the betterment of all the people, all the religions, and all the sexes that live in Iran.

Social media as a communication tool between dissenters is being stopped, jammed and otherwise deleted from use by the elitists, Mullahs, and staunch government Islamists. But innovation and technology can play a major assist by finding ways around government curtailment. Create new social networks as fast as existing ones are closed. Use satellites as antennas to broadcast and cover the expanse of Iran. As the windows are closed open new ones, replace the shades with see through materials to enable the light of truth to continue to fall upon those willing to risk their lives for a freer, more Democratic, more civilized, more modern, and more humane Iran.

The youthful entrepreneurs of the likes of Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Apple, Instagram, and emerging social inventors can become the beacon makers of resistance towards the evil forces of the Mullahs, their Revolutionary Guards and demonic Quds Force. Help let freedom reign in Iran. Then the same can transpire in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Old-Stan’s and New-Stan’s to curb the spread of radical Islam and the subjugation of over a billion people to this ideological poison spittle of hatred that emerges from the mouths of autocratic Islamists, their supposed scholars, or ulemas of enmity filled rhetoric, and the religious advisers, monarchs and elected or appointed commanders of the government over the people in majority Muslim countries.

Trump must continue to support the protestors.  Show that we believe in what they are doing and trying to achieve.  We do not need to put boots on the ground there.  From afar we can allow the Voice of America to be heard in concert with the voices of the many seeking a new life for themselves, their families, their children and the future of Iran. Make Iran Great Again.  If they succeed in an overthrow and invite us in, we can then go to help.  This is the People’s Movement.  It is not our role to support a regime than is vocal about their want for Death to America, as well as obvious in their disregard for the lives of the “deplorables” they oversee.  Trump wants, as in America, the “deplorables” to be seen and heard, and their votes to count.

Trump is not leading America into war against the Islamic Republic as many on the left, Democrat and Progressive, blatantly apply the rhetoric of fear to anything his Administration does. Being “engaged in intellectual dishonesty,” according to Reuel, Gerecht and Dubowitz, is nothing new for Democrats and their Administrations.  Trump is showing that we are strong, we love America and what it represents, and how freedom can work here as well as elsewhere if the people really want it. Those opposed are the power hungry, the elitists seeking office and control, personal financial gain, over the true needs of the people they claim to represent. Trump does not need the office he now holds to enrich himself.  Obama did, as did the Clintons, and they certainly have become wealthy, at the expense of others.  The Presidency should never be a place where celebrity status is a goal, a personal legacy takes precedent over doing what is right, and the people, We The People, become secondary to the objectives of the office holder and his or her Party.

A bad deal is never better than no deal at all.  Trump seeks what is best for America, but does not ignore that all residents of this universe were born in the image of God. They deserve to be treated equally, male and female, all bleed the same color blood.  Everyone should have the opportunity to live free, make their own choices, and have their governments protect everyone; that means laws that apply to all, not a select few, such as Muslims.

Look to the future and if what you see is dark, then seek change so that the outcome that becomes visible in the hope you have for others is brighter, happier, and offers peaceful alternatives. Let not others rob you of your opportunities. Let not foreigners or locals take advantage of your homeland and destroy what is good.  Let those enter who will bring with them skills, a moral ethic, a work ethic, and not use your earnings for their welfare or battles they prefer.  Let voices of free people be heard, let them encourage others and work in unity, let them join together saying, ‘do not be afraid.’ The future may never be perfect, but, as is the case for the residents of Iran, it is much better than what they and their descendants have to look forward to if they fail to change how they are governed and controlled today.  Trump is well aware of the plight of the people of Iran.  And not just Iran.

One final thought.  The Obama Nuclear Deal’s sunset clause is a problem. They “are plainly absurd,” so says Reuel, et al.  Obama’s deal “pushed the can down the road,” taking nukes in Iran off of Obama’s watch.  But that was not helpful to the world.  However if the regime changes, if the theocratic idiots now in charge and their chosen and falsely elected officials are deposed, then there may be sunlight.  Why do the residents of Iran want to be a nuclear power?  They same can be asked of the residents of North Korea.  Only if they could speak and be heard!  The little people, the “deplorables” of this world, want peace.

When it comes to “walls,” what did Obama do, but he “allowed the clerical regime (of Iran) to wall off from IAEA examination Revolutionary Guard bases, Iranian nuclear scientists, and the massive stacks of paper that have charted Iran’s progress since the mullahs got serious about developing nuclear weapons in the 1990’s,” so writes Reuel etal in The Weekly Standard article.  So even a Democrat will use a wall to prevent invaders, in this case the eyes of others, from seeing what he is or has done (like his college records). This is no time for the appeasement, and the inept diplomacy of Obama and Obama-like, even Carter-like efforts, but a transparent look at Islam, Iran and the future.  What the residents of Iran now see in their crystal ball is continued oppression, lack of respect for all, clouds of destruction and a genie that has never been seen, Allah, and they do not like what their future holds.  Obama was no help to them.  Carter was no help to them.   It is time for Trump to be helpful.  So far he has been.

Support the Iranian People

(Woman freeing herself of the Hijab)


The Iran people also need to hear and receive support from Europe and the United Kingdom. The Main Stream Media needs to wake up.  For them their coffee seems to always be stale and off-smelling.  The element contained in the waft of the ordure of the rhetoric of the academic Democrats, their Social Justice Warriors, the Democratic Party leaders and losers, those curled up needing safe spaces from voices speaking truth, or seeking honest debate, is an indicator of a need for a cleansing. That is also the case in Iran. Th elitists in charge stink of the evil that is contained within them. Why it smells sweet to the leftists, the elitists, is an obstacle to understanding the positions they take and the arguments they make.  “Racist” has become their favorite word. For the Islamists it is “Islamophobe.”  The “enemy” is “racist” or “Islamophobic.”  By the standards of Islam, and now the left, that makes those so labeled the aggressor, subject to, justifying, offensive actions, in the name of defensive measures.  Those who do not agree with the Party of the Donkey or its constituents are “racist.”  They are shouted down and provide false justification for the destruction of nearby property.  They protest too much and do so using lies as foils for their demands.  The Iranian people are no more racist than a conservative, they just want the air to smell better. Their resistance towards the Islamists occupying the Imperial towers of Iran is no justification for being incarcerated, killed or otherwise extirpated.  They know what they are facing.

Bless the Iranian people.  Bless Trump.  Bless all those who stand behind the people of Iran and all people who seek and fight for freedom. Bless the truth.  Through truth there is freedom.

Make Iran Great and Free Again

Grace and Peace

Note:  There are Muslims in Iran coming to the Gospel of Christ.  Pray for them.  Here is a converted Muslim’s view of developments.  Enjoy. (read)

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