The Fall of Iran’s Mullahs and Autocrats (1 of 3)

UI – Part 507 – The Fall of Iran’s Mullahs and Autocrats

(to be presented in three parts)


The Middle East is a problem for all western cultures and nations.

Where Muslim majorities exist under the jurisdiction of Sharia Law and the governance of theocratic leaders, autocrats, the problem is not one of terrorism, it is about Islam.  Counterterrorism is a program to deal with actions by demonic patriots of Islam, referred to as radicals. Counterterrorism against Islamists is also an effort to insure human rights and independence for all people.  Terrorists have been collected into groups and named.  They include ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab, Taliban, Boko Haram, to name the more prominent.  We cannot forget the Muslim Brotherhood, ISNA and C.A.I.R., less violent, more surreptitious, and just as focused on a world All for Allah at any cost. Iran is not named as such, but has harbored terrorists and facilitated funding of many, to included Hamas, Hizbollah and Al Qaeda. As a Nation, as a faction of Islam, that being Shia, Iran seeks to become the dominant voice for Islam, an Islam without borders, especially the Arab (Persian) arena. Currently they are in a tug-o-war with Saudi Arabia for dominance in the area.  Hatred towards America attracts support, and death to Israel gives their constituency a target upon which to spew their foment, a realistic target for destruction.  Israel would be destroyed except for the Temple, which as the Dome of the Rock was only a temporary Qiblah until access to Mecca was restored.

Saudi Arabia cannot be ignored, or considered a peaceful protector of people’s rights.  They are a strategic friend of the United States, with bases there, however they are responsible, using money gained from their oil resources sold on the world stage, for the spread, development, construction and staffing of mosques and schools (madrassas) for Islamic thought in the West as well as in many areas of the world. Those institutions are not innocent in any way, neither tolerant nor secular, and have been centers for the spread of hatred towards Jews, Christians, and infidels in general (to include Muslims considered insufficiently Islamic).

Map of Iran


American Presidents and Iran

The focus of America’s Presidents since WWII, more actively since Carter, has been towards radical groups and their pockets of activity killing those they hate, killing the infidels and non-true-Muslims, to gain territory for Allah or to purify existing occupied Muslim areas. Our Presidents failed to recognize progress towards modernity that was taking place, evident in Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq, post WWII.  In that failure they also ignored the people living in those places that were seeking independence and freedoms against strong arms of Allah and radical Islamists seeking avenues to restore their oppressive regimes.

Since 911 American Administrations have been awakened by the destruction of over 3000 lives and the World Trade Center to recognize the growth and spread of militant Islam and the lack of peace in the Religion of Islam.  A need to understand Islam remains, especially by the left and liberal Social Justice Warrior types.  Despots in the Middle East prone to a secular order in places such as Iraq, Libya and Syria, but supportive of terrorrist Islamist activities, became suspects who harbored Islamist factions of extreme hatred.  Their horrible inhumane treatment of the populations under their control was a justification, in addition to hiding criminals and suspected WMDs, to enter those areas to destroy the totalitarians and their order.  What was never suspected was uncorking bottles containing fermented juices of Islam and the moonshiners of those libations.  In other words we allowed theocrats to take control, as was the case at the time of the 1979 Iranian revolution.

What our Administrations missed is twofold.  First the radicals are not ‘radical’ in the often used sense of being crazy, they are actually pure in the spirit of the ideology of Islam and fight for a global Caliphate, or a world all for Allah all the time, adhering to the tenets of Islam with little diversion from the literal words in the Quran and chosen passages from Hadiths. And secondly, and more important to fully comprehend, is the real threat.  It is to the free world, to democracy and freedom, to human rights and equality, and to tolerance and love of neighbor.  The real threat is Islam, an ideology masked as a religion, which is antithetical to the fabric of a peaceful world.   Understanding Islam is thus critical.

Policies of American Presidents in the Middle East have historically considered territory and resources, the critical element being oil (consider the Carter Doctrine) and keeping Russia’s hands-off the black stuff as well, and access to ports. Where we have failed is realizing how Islam, as an ideology, a theocracy, and as a controlling dogma over people, their minds, their spirit, and their freedoms, has allowed an army of Islamic lemmings to grow, train, become armed, and to target and infiltrate the West. Communism was almost always a greater priority to stop, and Islam, frankly, was not even considered a problem.

The areas where these programmed militants live now include the Middle East, much of Southeast Asia (Afghanistan and Pakistan with increased Islamization taking place in Indonesia), an evolving Turkey under the Islamic dogmatic Erdogan, and areas along the northern coast of Africa. ISIS escapees from their defeat in Syria are reportedly seeking havens in middle and south Africa to hide, regroup and continue. The true give-away to the strength of forces evolving can be seen on the streets of the cities of the Nations mentioned as the burka clad become more prominent as a requirement.  It is not out of a want to wear the burqa but as a symbol, a presence, and reflection of the strident hateful power hungry theocratic autocrats increasing their hold, using apostasy laws (death for leaving Islam), Sharia Law as harsh as that written in the Reliance of the Traveller, and their military guards to quell any dissent.  Dissenters that object to reversing policies that enabled greater freedom and opportunity often soon lose the freedom they have enjoyed and seek to preserve (think about Turkey). The Revolutionary Guard or its country’s equivalent will make sure of that.

America’s policies towards Iran and in some cases indirect coordination with them has kept Assad in place, made Damascus accessible to troop movements from bases in Iran (on Boeing airplanes paid for with Obama nuclear deal dollars), and has provided funding, albeit via Lebanon, to Hizbollah, by funding the Lebanese Armed Forces.

Part 2 in two days.….. How Jimmy Carter and Obama Administrations impacted Iran is discussed.

Grace and Peace

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