The Good Book

UI – Part 481 – The Good Book

We often hear about the good book; that is the Bible.  There is a bad book too; that is the Quran.  That is my view.

When it comes to Islam, I am less Islamophobic, and more a doubter, the one who raises questions and seeks answers from the authorities who control.  But they can only provide as a knee-jerk response to refer to me and others like me with similar and many concerns and a need for answers as ‘Islamophobic.’  The use the term ‘racist’ also, even though Islam is not a race.  Then there is ‘bigot’ as if my doubts and questions are not permitted and by even putting them out there they give me a sense of superiority, making me prejudiced towards Muslims.

When it comes to Muslims, yes, there are more moderates than there are militant Islamists, yet how do we know. I personally feel the moderates are a much too silent majority, fearful of their own, and either apathetic, ignorant or ripe for radicalization.  We can be objective, but must always be on guard.  Xenophobia is to be expected when foreigners, limited in their knowledge and exposure to the remainder of the world and other religions, from a land as foreign culturally from our homelands enter for them a new world with old world sensitivities and Islamic thinking.  They arrive in the land of the good book bringing knowledge only from the bad book with them.  That is a dangerous mix.  To them it appears to be as wolves arriving in free lands of sheep ready to be devoured.

More than ever we need to resist the advance of an ideologically conditioned cadre of ‘Stepford’ Islamists thinking God is on their side.  They have grown in numbers outside their cages and are emboldened by the structures they have built in ‘freeland.’  ‘Freeland’ is the opposite of ‘Islamaland.’   Political correctness aside, we are not protecting a religion in any possible constitutional fashion under a ‘freedom of religion’ clause.  Islam uses ‘religion’ as a cloak, as the Burka that disguises who and what they actually are, whether they know it themselves or not.

Grace and Peace


Make it your New Year’s resolution to read more of The Good Book.

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