War – God versus Devil

UI – Part 452 – War – God versus Devil

Heaven versus Hell

Is there a worldwide war going on between God and the Devil?  I say yes!  It is a Holy War, however, sovereign nations are not involved.

From the Fall in the Garden of Eden, the misstep by the humans in paradise at creation, supernatural beings, God and Satan, have been at war.  The devil was present then as the Father of Lies convincing the humans that nothing would come of a slight disobedience to God, their sovereign and companion in this ideal place.  But as with all lies, those who succumb, there are consequences.

Because We Sin

Today we have the army for God and the army for the Devil.  But who are the soldiers?  Is the struggle between every individual and God?  Who is ahead in this battle, God or the Devil?  We must face one fact, there are no good people.  We are all evil.  Oh my, what did I just say?  We are all evil.  Why?  Because we sin.  Sounds too simple, but can you deny the fact, or claim you have never committed a sin that caused you guilt or shame.  If you say ‘never,’ then I say you are a sociopath.

Good versus Evil

On earth and in heaven the struggle rages. We are all suffering.  We all live in fear. We have a phobia. God is Light. The Devil is Dark.  A proper contrast for comparison. Man is evil.  God is good.  The Devil is evil personified.

United in Battle

The purpose of community is for those who are of like mind, who have similar desires and fears, to unite to fight and resist as a whole the evils of our time. A Nation, such as America, built upon Judeo-Christian ethical and moral values as well as the respect for equality and equal human rights, offers freedom and tolerance, as well as common laws, and an army to protect what this unity of spirit has formed. It was a want for a better place, more ideal, that the founders looked to the Bible to find truth in legislating and governing. From its declaration of independence it has been attacked by outside influences and desires that want to destroy the freedoms seeking personal truths over objective biblical truths. This is the secularists mindset, that God is not needed, or simply mythical.  One man cannot fight destructive forces alone. It is easier to break one piece of string than three pieces joined together. If there is to be war we are in it together.

As the community in paradise disobeyed God, so we all disobeyed God.  What a grave error!  Born corrupt, through Christ a way has been made to follow to correct the default.  You choose to follow or you do not. Christ died so men could be free.  But there is a choice, accept the sacrifice and have faith in Christ, or deny the Truth.

Evil is a Problem

There is problem with evil.  Is that God’s doing?  Is God not good?  Without God who can anyone turn to?  Without God there can be no good and no evil, just chaos.  The contrast to evil, is good, and then ask yourself where does good come from? How can an atheist ever complain about evil, as where would he find good?  As we are aware with sin no one is good. There is God.  There is Satan.  From the book The Story of Reality, author Gregory Koukl writes, “A good God always prevents suffering and evil unless he has a good reason to allow it….Allowing some evil for a time…may result in a better world in the long run than a world that never had evil to begin with.”

Man was provided freedom at creation.  God wanted man to use that freedom to honor God.  At the same time freedom provided humans the ability to protest, to rebel. The world is broken because man is broken. “Bad things happen in a world that is broken,” says Gregory Kouki. With that statement I’d say we can all agree.  From the ideal environment whose boundaries were disobeyed evil has prevailed. The evil of man is predictable.

Flounderers Found

Where communities are floundering, individuals are suffering, there is a need. How will they be protected, or do they just join the unholy alliance of evil-doers by protesting and destroying property believing they are making a statement? When a person’s truth is their truth and not objective truth there can be no order.

In Europe, America, Asia, Africa and the rest of our earthly universe order will return when people remove the scales over their eyes and open their hearts to the Biblical God. When they rediscover we have all been purposed by God, and then take on that mantel personally, forming and joining communities that worship together, filling the emptiness of Cathedrals and churches, listening, hearing and praying, answers will flow. There is but one who can console and guide. He is present in the Word. Always ready, ever able, constantly loving, God provides. It is not things that comfort, nor self, nor man, nor experiences. It is the One who created everything, and man in his image. As God is good, he created humans to be like him, good, but allowing freedom they rebelled, as a child towards a parent, and evil spread.


God entered the picture to restore humans. Be reconciled and the Devil will find your door closed to his desires.  If your name is entered into the Book of Life on Judgment Day you will still be as guilty as everyone else, with one exception. Your debt to society has been paid. You have been forgiven. Your advocate, Jesus Christ, will stand next to you knowing your heart, welcoming you into the Eternal life. Jesus, for those that trust in him, took our evil upon himself, and restored goodness in us.

“God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God” (2 Corinthians 5:21, NIV).

How is this translated into the world today? Am I being too ethereal? We have free nations and we have controlled nations. We have Christians and Muslims, others too. Is there a battle raging between religions that represent God vs Satan. To be discussed in the next blog – “War – Sovereign Nations vs Borderless Imperialists.”

Grace and Peace



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