Why I Love Islam

UI – Part 446 – Why I Love Islam

From a young lady born and raised in a Muslim majority:


“You can never appreciate until you experience yourself living with the adhan melody broadcast five times every day. There are those that consider it the sweetest of sounds. Leaving your home after covering oneself completely, assuring yourself no body part is exposed, not one extremity, wearing my favorite black Burka, into the blaring desert sun and elevated centigrade temperatures, is a daily experience every woman in my Community enjoys. The dampness that builds on our bodies is a reminder of our love for Allah.

Alone or with another woman our stroll to the nearest mosque is but an adventure between piles of rubble and our observant vigilante Islamist police force. They’re there to ensure any possibility of temptation, or exposed skin, is kept from tainting our sinless Islamic person. Oh to be a Muslim! And when we arrive at our mosque, respectfully, we must stay in the rear or go to the area for women only. We cannot be with the men. That would be wrong. They are better than we are. We are not equal. We are Muslim women.

To live knowing our overseers gain from their corruption to live as our example, Mohammed, is to appreciate the extras they enjoy are warranted. They are greater because they lead us and are charged with the awesome responsibility of Allah, ensuring our world is but the same, as if under Allah’s watchful, beneficial, gracious and compassionate being himself. Yes, they are the exception, peace be upon them, as they deserve to live outside the restrictions of our law. If there was freedom here how would we know what is proper behavior.

If we could consider another religion or path for our lives we would be confused, conflicted, and demonstrating disobedience to Allah. We know nothing of other religions, as that needs to be taught or shared and is not allowed here. We are wise to know and be reminded that another path only leads to death. Our path is the right path, it is the only path, as we are told each and everyday. We are never to doubt Allah. We are never to doubt our Book. Apostasy laws enable Muslims to stay as Muslims as we should. Knowing anything else, as you can imagine, can only be the problem, so why take the risk.

Come visit Mecca and enjoy the sea of white robes, men on one side, women on another, the aroma of fresh perspiration surrounds. To be inspired by the unity of the force for Allah is great. The gathering is enough to make you swoon. It is as perfect as it gets as only Islamists are allowed to enter. It makes you feel special. It is as the whole world should be.

We watch as the Sheiks, or Mullahs, or our commanders ride in their beautiful shinny and new vehicles as Allah Wills. It is the blessing they receive. It is for us to accept. As we walk in search for bread and other meats for our daily meal we are so fortunate to have our teachers and watchers and leaders be comforted by our almighty. We are reminded each day of what we need to know. They are generous too, as they give of their wealth as they can so we look to them as our provider, as our Allah. We pray saying but a few words fives times as all that is necessary to receive what we need.

Healthcare is of little concern. Should we fail and die paradise may be our reward. Knowing there are virgins and gardens, for men and women, and plenty of what we may never enjoy on earth, gives us something to anticipate, gives us something to earn, something to enjoy for the good we do in obedience to our Lord. Life on earth is not the answer. Life here is a serious life. The fun only comes after. Why would we want our identity as a Muslim, especially a devout jihadist fighting for the cause, exterminating the infidels, to be any different. It is how the world is made better. Education is a waste of our time if it is not focused on the Koran and our example, Mohammed. Praise be upon him.

Marriage, so what if there are other women. Our men need to be satisfied. We need to learn to serve, to lie with our man, to obey him, to grant him his sexual wishes and to produce more believers. As a wife I cook, clean, entertain relatives and respond to my husband’s requests. I do not mix with non-Muslims, avoiding any such friendships, as Islam instructs. It is as Allah tells us. If we do not properly fulfill our role the beatings we receive are well deserved. Our master, our mate, must never be denied. We are but chattel for him to enjoy. By serving him we serve Allah.

Children, we love them and want for them what Allah wants. My boy of 12 was recently enlisted to seek the afterlife, paradise assured for him, as he served Allah by advancing and defending Islam. We are paid well for his sacrifice by our military generals and proud he was able to thwart an infidel onslaught against our country. I miss him, but know his life is better today.

There are few books for us to read other than the Koran, so why must we be literate. We can memorize what we need to know. We may not understand the words we learn or repeat. Our Imams do the interpreting for us and we obey accordingly. We know an education in literature, the arts and other liberal thinking, to include history, can only harm our minds. Thinking is for the devil as it leads us to sin. Reason is over-rated. It can only corrupt. Our minds and love must be focused on the Prophet and Allah. There is turmoil that surrounds us as others try to change our way of life and alter what our leaders inform us is the right way of living. We are to hate America. We are to hate the West. I do not know where they are, but I have an idea where Israel is. Israel rests on Arab soil, in our land as an occupier. They must be removed. We hate the Jews, the animals we are told they are.

Turmoil makes our life exciting. Fighting protects the false truths proclaimed from those that know little. We must protect Muhammad, praise be to him, and Allah and the Scripture. Blasphemy is a sin. No picture or drawing can do other than damage to the image of our Prophet. It is an attack on me, and that is justification to respond to the aggressor, those who resist in any way to a world that is Allah’s alone. When Allah is not the one wholly known, it is our cause to change that. Yes, that is how we must act. We represent the truth as we know it, as we are told, and as we cannot question.

How boring would it be if it was peaceful. The sound of gunfire at night provides comfort knowing that we are being protected from evil forces that are trying to invade our culture. The punishment for wearing nail polish, our fingertips removed, is deserved. Regular lashes or a few stones only make us stronger, as the freedoms we may have allowed to enter our world only make us weak, and less deserving of Allah’s paradise. Those who punish are doing what Allah would do. Allah is just and his vengeance can be meted by the human’s that know and serve Allah completely. They know better than we do. They know the law and are charged with the task of enforcing them. Their actions are added to the good they do in their service to our Lord. Praise be to those who serve and obey Allah.

We are Muslims. Our culture matters. Our oppression matters. We would not be oppressed if it was not Allah’s Will, praise be to Allah. We submit, as we must to be proper Muslims. If we live as they do in the West, as we are so told by our Imam’s, it would be a disappointment. What they call freedom is a daily exposure to adultery, to the wrong foods, to other gods, to homosexuals, to relations with the opposite sex allowed in public, to television and portrayals of sinful actions, to music and dancing that Allah forbids, to the painting of a woman’s face, to alcohol and gambling, and to exposing our minds and thoughts to areas not permitted by Scripture. They are too lenient in allowing temptations to pervade their culture. How can those that live in such areas be other than as jinns and souls emptied of the desire and need to obey Allah! How wrong! Freedom is temptation, and freedom we are to hate, to fight, to resist.

The infidel women are to be taken as slaves, as are the people themselves, slaves to serve our people until they become wise in the eyes of Allah and convert to love Allah as I love Allah. If not a servant of Allah, a Muslim, they are only to submit to their Islamic neighbors and the overseers, pay the jizya so we may only pray, and obey, and live each day in total obedience to Allah. The bruises, the broken bones, and other scars I bear are but symbols of my errors and reminders of the love I am to have for Allah, my man, my Imams and those that control my world. Thanks be to Allah.

We are to fight to avoid those that tell us we are culturally defective when human rights are to be considered. How would you know? Isn’t it all relative? Our world is different. Why change? We like it. Who wouldn’t? To believe or say otherwise is being Islamophobic.

Now I must go as my daughter has an appointment for her FGM.”

So she says.


This is a piece of irony, as intended.  Here a picture is a valuable indicator of the truth. An alien Muslim woman in America.  Also an ironical characterization, reflecting true feelings.IMG_0327

Grace and Peace

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