Why I Love Islam

A bit of irony

Wake Up! Wake Up!

UI – Part 446 – Why I Love Islam

From a young lady born and raised in a Muslim majority:


“You can never appreciate until you experience yourself living with the adhan melody broadcast five times every day. There are those that consider it the sweetest of sounds. Leaving your home after covering oneself completely, assuring yourself no body part is exposed, not one extremity, wearing my favorite black Burka, into the blaring desert sun and elevated centigrade temperatures, is a daily experience every woman in my Community enjoys. The dampness that builds on our bodies is a reminder of our love for Allah.

Alone or with another woman our stroll to the nearest mosque is but an adventure between piles of rubble and our observantvigilante Islamist police force. They’re there to ensure any possibility of temptation, or exposed skin, is kept from tainting our sinless Islamic person. Oh to…

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