Islamists in a Trojan Horse

UI – Part 449 – Islamists in a Trojan Horse

Migration is the Trojan wooden horse of terrorism,” Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary said Tuesday 3/7/2017, at a swearing-in ceremony for a new group of border guards, called “border hunters” by the government. “The people that come to us don’t want to live according to our culture and customs but according to their own — at European standards of living.

We are under “siege” he also said.


The Dilemma of Free Nations

His comments are poignant and represent the dilemma all citizens of non-Muslim free nations are faced with. Many of the political leaders ignore the problem, especially the liberal elites that want to appear tolerant of everyone and use religious freedoms as justification for letting the inflows than may well include terrorist elements to come ashore. An even bigger problem is the cultural divide between the emigrant’s countries and the culture of their new host country. From decades of treating women as unequals, as chattel, living in areas where there is no teaching about Judeo-Christian values, a prevalence for intolerance and hatred of infidels arises.  Muslims are told they are superior.  The Muslim arrivals are as foreign to the culture of their new home as can possibly be imagined. There is no indoctrination period or enough time to teach and educate these persons about worldly matters, the benefits of choice and living in peace loving environments with people of many beliefs and interests, in a pluralistic society.

The arrivals from ‘Islamaland’ (my term) cannot conduct themselves with civility, side-by-side, as neighbors. This is a huge cultural problem, an invasion of an incompatible foreign species without a proper cure. In fact there are representatives of this refugee influx that make every effort to keep them separate from residents of the host. The OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) along with local Imams and Mullahs seek to preserve the invading incompatible culture, maintain its disrespectful ideology, and grow their numbers as an arriving invading army which in time can transform this new territory to an All for Allah outpost. Assimilation is not an objective as it would taint the Islamic blood.  Assimilation it is feared could cause a cure that is not desired by the high priests who could lose their control. Death remains the punishment, of which those emigrating are reminded, for leaving the path laid by Muhammad.

What is odd in all this is the liberal elements in America who blindly refuse to accept the GOP victory, and thus Donald Trump, as President.  They are a poor example of peace loving pluralists. In either case the Truth that is relative to their thinking, whether it is in reality Truth, or in actuality not Truth, matters little. It is their Truth.  Facts are not to be considered. As for the Islamic way the ‘truth’ of Islam is for the emigrants the only ‘truth’ they are conditioned to know. They are seldom, and for many never, exposed to alternatives. They are not trusted within their homelands to never use the gifts of intellect and discernment from the Biblical God to all mankind. Thus there are strict rules and multitudes of punishments for infractions, along the lines of thinking independently, causing fear among the Muslim majority.  Such gifts can, and well may, cause them to leave the hate filled and belligerent ideological profile of Islam. Except for the Death Star (Apostasy Laws) Allah puts in the hands of the Muslim leadership, as well as the political Islamic police and even devout family members, who rule over those that even consider being disloyal, the billion plus members of Islam may be significantly lower, or not even exist.

Uncivilized refugee Immigrants

With no exposure to other lifestyles, to other religions, to freedom to think for themselves, freedom to find their own path, freedom to question their Quran or statements, even directives to fight and hate, these emigrants from Islamaland are essentially illiterate, ignorant (but not dumb), of choices.  They are bombarded with Islam as a serious ideology subject to outside resistance in the form of commentary, cartoons, drawings, other images, artifacts, questions, doubts and concerns for habits and actions by its followers, which all fall into the category they refer to as ‘persecution,’ which in turn becomes aggressive acts against the progress of Islam.  Where there are aggressors defensive measures which can be violent are warranted.  The presence of members of other religions expressing the reasons they believe as they do is offensive, and a violation of Islamic Law (even though the violators are not Muslim).  Such proselytization by other than Muslims (of Islam) are to be punished, to be stopped, to be quieted.

The Islamic immigrants in free nations are surrounded by the temptations and enemies of Islam they have been taught all their lives to hate and to resist.

Their hearts have been hardened. Their example, Muhammad, was a militant, a womanizer, a pedophile, a control freak, and made it clear that non-Muslim women were available for use as the male Muslim desires. They are from areas of the world where war and turmoil, the disappearance or killing of dissidents, and punishment for actions, not considered punishable crimes in free nations, are constant.  Thus we hear about, read about, and residents of Germany and Sweden and other European countries have experienced, where immigrants as refuges from Syria and other Islamic dominated areas have arrived in large numbers, sexual mistreatment of women, and many instances of rape.

Ruse de Guerre 

The Trojan Horse analogy by Hungary’s PM is on target.  The political factions that want more of this source of humanity are themselves ignorant and lack a proper understanding of Islam.  Evidence of such disregard for reality is born in the history of dealings western heads of state and their administrations have had with many Muslim countries, especially those with a history of making modern advances, enabling the return of the oppressive theocratic elements to take charge and return places such as Afghanistan, Iran, even Iraq and Libya to pre-industrial conditions for their residents. Compare the productivity of those nations from which the refugees are arriving to that of the host countries opening their doors, even if their residents are saying ‘no’ or ‘stop,’ and the picture will suggest only negative outcomes for the host.

In a recent blog (The Gathering Storm – 3/23) by Larry Alex Taunton, he wrote, “The days in which we live are not so different from the 1930s. In Islamic fundamentalism the West faces the greatest threat to its existence since the Second World War. And like those times, we are sleep walking through it. Not only do Western leaders—and even the Pope—refuse to acknowledge the causal link between Islam and terrorism, they have become facilitators of terrorism through the sheer idiocy of unrestricted mass immigration policies. In so doing, they have casually endangered and sacrificed the lives of the citizens they are sworn to protect—all for the sake of a utopian social experiment.” (Read the Blog)

Beware all of Europe, Nation by Nation!  Beware America!  Beware Canada!  Beware World!  And beware that ‘populism’ wants the establishments removed to stop this invasion of aliens wanting not what you offer but what you have. The invading Muslims, the devout, want to live off of entitlements to be provided and live for Allah only. That is the essence of Orban’s added note, “— at European standards of living.

Free countries offer the beauty that the world embraces.  Such beauty includes prosperity, industriousness, creativity, invention, productivity, success, education (male and female), equality, common human rights, incorporation of the UN Human Right’s Declaration, freedoms (speech, thought, religion)

Multiculturalism and globalism are no longer world views that assure freedom and democracy will prevail.  They both feed into the borderless nature of a universe All for Allah headed by an Islamist King (the Caliph) with a common law, that of Sharia. The Trojan Horse will release militants, lawyers, terrorists, Imams, and funding for more mosques and madrassas, for fake cleansed history portraying Islam as peaceful, and for educators bribed and restricted to a Wahhabists curriculum or the like.

Colleges and Universities and other cultural Institutions being funded by significant financial gifts from Saudi Arabia and Iran, and other Muslim Nations, are allowing a surreptitious propaganda machine to operate and teach our children. Free Nations allowing a proliferation of Mosques and Madrassas with foreign dollars is an additive measure of subterfuge by radical and/or political Islamists.  Sedition of great free nations is happening under the noses of current bureaucracies so weak and easily influenced by oil dollars from the lands of Muhammad.  You know that no similar programs (teaching Christianity and Jewish history and the Bible) are offered in Muslim majority countries. And no one is insisting a quid pro quo in Islamaland for what is happening in the free world.  How is the playing field to be leveled?

Trends of Nationalism

There is a reason for the cry from the voters in many, many free nations of nationalism.   Protection of borders, deportation of illegal immigrants, revised legal immigration policies that protect economies, productivity and budgets, and vastly improved vetting procedures are platforms being supported. Voters are checking the ballot boxes to elect officials that agree with a halt to the volume of immigrant/refugees from Islamaland wanting greater security and protection of their rights and cultures.

Grace and Peace


One thought on “Islamists in a Trojan Horse

  1. i agree 100% with this.
    i also think that Islamic foreigners should be sent back to their country as they will destroy our culture and will take over.
    we all see it happen but we don’t care.


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