UI – Part 109 – Summary – Sharia/Constitution/Democracy/Incompatibility

A timely update. Sharia not compatible with Constitution. Islam incompatible with Democracy and freedom.

Wake Up! Wake Up!

Blog 101 entitled Sharia, US Constitution Incompatible (dtd May 23, 2011) was admittedly quite lengthy.  It is an important topic and one to which full consideration was given.  I’d like to take this opportunity to summarize the key issues of that Blog.

 Key Issues

  • Islam cannot work in America
  • For a Muslim – living in America and being obedient to Allah are incompatible
  • Unless Islamists can change the laws of America they should simply leave.
  • As a community Muslims must obey Allah; they thus cannot obey the Constitution of the United States or, frankly, any democracy.
  • Consultation by a Muslim can only be with the Quran, not the Constitution of the land.
  • The ability to establish “civil law”, separate from the Quran, would violate the divine right and the laws established by the Quran.
  • Sharia law must be the common law of the land in which the Muslim resides.

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