Holding the Winning Hand

UI – Part 447 – Holding the Winning Hand

Slipping Advances

Western societies succeeded in creating a level playing field for all residents.  But under the cover of ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘globalization’ recidivism is a cause for concern. Think of the example of segregation, when blacks complained of being relegated to the back of a public bus or denied entry into a diner. Advances in civil rights led to many positive changes as equality for all became much clearer to all.  Separatist policies mostly associated with the South were ended and the mixture of races and cultures became more acceptable and today expected.

There is a ‘however’ comment. After eight years under the mantel of Obama as President it appears the hope for continued advances in civil rights are experiencing slippage. With the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President the most vociferous liberal voices are being heard. It is an unknown as to the funding source for the cries of ‘foul,’ or the leadership behind the efforts to deny Trump his opportunity to serve not just those who elected him but every American. News sources are be labeled more as propagandists for the left using fake stories or artfully modified commentary to defame the new Oval office holder and his Cabinet choices. Obama has been charged with sanctioning pre-election ease dropping on the man who would deny, Hillary and the liberal elite establishment, their self-considered right to the office.  Then we see rising from the ashes of defeat the need for safe spaces.  Safe spells ‘segregation.’ Blacks and liberals and other self-interest groups, minorities, want to be with their own, to no longer be part of the hand of all suits dealt and displayed on the card table to be played and enjoyed as the established deck.

Hate Speech

The term ‘hate speech’ has become the choice when there is criticism or differences of opinion expressed that the liberal Left factions find offensive. Offensive to them is any view contrary to theirs. Their ‘relativism’ is to be the only applicable path to follow. Objective truth no longer applies, or is even considered. Free speech is only free when it is what they want to hear or be said. The deck they play, if all Clubs, would be boring, but the same for everyone. It would no longer be a blend, a meld, but just a run of the same color or belief. Islam comes to mind.

The laws of the West are designed for all people. They are intended for the common good of everyone. It is not to be one Law for groups A, and another for group B. The laws for Hispanics, blacks, whites, Asian, Christian, Jew, atheist, Muslim and others are no different. There is to be no deviation where upon one is regarded any differently as to treatment, settlement, or punishment, in criminal, civil or family matters. In this vein Sharia Law and Sharia Courts come to mind.

In Europe there are nations that have allowed Sharia Courts, mostly in matters of family law, but even that is wrong.  It is a legal deviation from what the West has achieved for all peoples. We cannot protect classes of people as that then defeats the objective of a melded, blended society. Assimilation is essential. Blacks seem today to want a return to what they clamored for and sacrificed to stop in the past. Martin Luther King would roll over in his grave trying to shout out, “Don’t do it. Please think about what is happening and the success all in our great Nation have achieved in bringing everyone into the same tent and striving to see each other as complete equals. Think equality, equality, equality, and stop with the bitterness, the violent protests, the destruction, and let democracy do its job!” But he would not be speaking to just the blacks. He is talking to the liberals, the socialists, the immigrants, legal and illegal, and the Muslims, among others.

In the book, Why the West is Best: A Muslim Apostate’s Defense of Liberal Democracy, Ibn Warraq writes, “Sharia is totally incompatible with Western liberal democracy and with human rights in general, because it is a totalitarian construct designed to control every aspect of the life of Muslims and even non-Muslims.” In that regard it is totally incompatible with the Constitution of the United States. Any attempt to have Sharia be acceptable in any fashion in America, at least, would be seditious.

With demands by separatist minority groups seeking to be treated their way are we not acquiescing to a call for restrictions on our cherished Freedom of Speech, freedom of thought and other freedoms for which many have died to protect and preserve.


When it comes to being free, free to choose your path in life, your  religion, to think, to question, to express dissent or concerns, freedom from religious or cultural ghettos, freedom from being oppressed or controlled by others, the West, America in fact, holds the winning hand. This may well be the paradise to which Allah’s Will points, not that of an ancient 7th century society.  If Islam relies on the Will of Allah, as the best way of life for all people, then it is not America or the West that must change. Let there be hope and change for the Muslim, as well as the liberal who has flipped out over a new order of things in government, realizing that America will continue to exhibit the ultimate in fairness for everyone that lives and embraces the Constitution as intended, male and female.

Let not the liberal dilemma of facing reality and the voters selection create a civil war to create separate places anew. Blend in, join the free world, be a part of it, not a destroyer of it. Do not fold your hand prematurely, or give up on the Hearts, Diamonds or Spades. For the game to be played properly and well all the cards are needed and the rules are to be applied equally. They cannot be different depending on the suit you prefer.

Grace and Peace.

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