Diversity without Question, Liberal Bias

UI – Part 456a – Diversity without Question

Liberal Bias

Cultural conditioning by liberals seeking more and larger minority groups to mine for votes has a bias towards factions of all colors, shapes, persuasions and religions. However questions are seldom asked that might suggest problems for America as a whole that could arise without proper forethought and understanding of the intent or ideology of favored tribes. Today we are faced with serious concerns about freedom.  In addition people are concerned about their personal safety.  Emotions have far exceeded expectations from groups who have historically referred to themselves as the most open minded. I’ll point the finger directly at the Democrats.

Since the election of President Trump there have been pushing and shoving matches where violence got out of hand. Liberals objecting to the outcome of the election have broken windows, stormed campus buildings, set police cars and limos (one driven by a Muslim in DC), struck Trump supporters with objects, and even caused hospitalizations. The Ferguson negative side-effect from protest for protest sake without the facts in hand or accepted leads to stealing from businesses whose store windows were crashed and unsavory characters joined in bringing harm to innocents.  Opinions have been shouted without any regard for opposing viewpoints, even facts, tamping down any reasonable opportunity for debate.  Government facilities which traditionally display a framed photograph of the President and the Vice President of the United States have either left blank spaces on the wall or retained pictures of the prior office holders. The election did happen.  There was a victor.  It was the choice of the People, just not all the people and for the liberals, by their lack of sensitivity, not the correct people. (I was thinking, not the ‘right’ people).

Suggestions have been made that funding for the protesters has come from liberal sources such as George Soros, Obama’s campaign war-chest, even the Clinton coffers.  I would prefer to believe none of these persons of wealth are that diabolic or desire such anarchy.  I will leave that to others to decide.

There are people that take comfort is knowing God, they say, Christians and Universalists, that have become part of the liberal anti-Trump cabal.  They see him as ‘evil’ and cannot accept anything he says, does, even comments refuting issues, such as his ties to Russia (refuted by members of the Obama Administration).  One comment expressed concerns about budget cuts to the Secretary of State’s office (saying ‘defunding,’ which was not the case), while even the secretary himself, Tillerson, said the Department is bloated and he can operate well within the parameters of the suggested revisions. They go on to suggest Trump is anti-Constitution, racist and anti-immigrant.  They claim he has appointed agency heads that do not believe in their own departments, he is anti-semitic, they go on about his taxes (before the Maddow release suggesting Trump is rich and pays a larger percentage of taxes than even Obama), and he attacks the press for “no legitimate reason in an attempt to delegitimize serious journalism.”  They dismiss the concept of ‘fake news’ when it comes from liberal journalists.

However, the point is, the point I am trying to make, there are minsters, teachers of religion, preachers, in this camp that have forgotten an important fact.  God uses flawed persons to achieve great ends.  We must trust god and have patience.  The lack of tolerance being spewed seems to overshadow their purported convictions in God. If you cannot trust God, then who do you trust.  I do not believe Trump is perfect, but neither am I.  He is not the polished orator one might expect as President.  But he is rather obvious, and I will give him his due and time to settle in and see what he can accomplish.  There is much that can be improved in our Government and economy.

My President

I was not in accord with most of Obama’s habits, decisions, and rhetoric but he was my President. Many liberals, as losers, will not refer to Trump as their President.

Ashley Judd has become a face of actors, actresses and starlets than have had tantrums, verbal diarrhea over Trump, exposing themselves as hardliners without any sensitivity towards others, respect for the Office of President or any evidence of objectivity.  Administrations on college and university campuses have decided to avoid presentations or open dialogs and discussions with conservative voices to avoid riots, not just trouble. These are institutions that teach our, your, children, and are expected to be centers of intellectual discourse, objective debate, and where learning of various ideologies, viewpoints, and philosophical ideas (political also) is to transpire.  Yet today that is not taking place.  They have become liberal corners, safe more so for the progressive liberal entrenched point of view, and not safe for rational, conservative counterpoints or opinion. Liberals are loud and outspoken.  Conservatives are to be quiet and reserved.

Maybe the time has come for institutions of higher learning, especially those receiving government subsidies, to insure a balance of political views, right and left, conservative and liberal, is represented.

Democrats Morphing into Extreme Leftists

Freedom of speech is what the liberals once cried for, protesting and demonstrating to achieve, civil and human rights for everyone, and voices to be heard.  While much has been achieved the Party of the Left wants only freedoms today to say what they want to hear or to be heard.  They have become the Party of conformity, extreme positions, limited choices, and suppression.  Democrats have become a party of the extreme left.  Was this Obama’s doing as a black man who was overly sensitive to any criticism reverting almost always to an attack on his race.  There was no objective thought to the fact the concerns expressed as to his foreign policies, his desire to appease more than act as a strong leader, his orientation towards Iran more than Saudi Arabia, his world tour making excuses for America’s achievements and greatness, his weak policies towards having a strong military, and his spending habits had nothing to do with his color.  Being feckless has nothing to do with being white, asian, hispanic or black, if you believed he was feckless.

Then the Democrats raised up a woman to which the Nation said ‘no’ when it came to voting to be America’s first female President.  Was it because she was a woman?  The answer is obvious, at least to the majority.  It is “NO.”  It is because she was expected to continue the policies of Obama, continue the spending habits or her predecessor, and to remain loyal to the Clinton era habits which have often carried the adjective ‘corrupt.’  There was concern she would enact foreign policy decisions similar to those made as Secretary of State, with Benghazi and all the excuses she made piled atop the heap of diplomatic failures she delivered (including a misspelled, in Russian, ‘reset’ button).  Her stumbling, limited campaign visits, and in her case, her age, did not help.  The People who voted did not feel Hillary Clinton was capable, strong enough, and proven enough, in spite of a lengthy curriculum vitae, which included as a qualification being the wife of a President, to be the leader America needed now.

The Democrats rallied not behind capable people, but well supported minority representatives, a black and a woman, as if to say to American’s, “We are globalists, multiculturalists and open-minded, first, not patriots or a great Nation, not Nationalists who want to protect our borders.”  They were saying America must show the world how we feel about diversity, about advancing the cause of human rights, about the equality of the sexes, about becoming borderless to let everyone in that seeks opportunities, and deal with any of the problems that arise as they arise.  Their approach is as letting a smoker continue to smoke, a drug user continue to use, anyone with bad health habits continue to indulge, until there is a problem, and then we can throw money at it to solve it. In the meantime the Democrats can seek their vote by allowing people to engage in poor practices, and become dependents.

These liberals have dealt with the problem of Islamic terrorism and Islam in the same way.  They want to believe it is a religion so much they do not seek debate as to whether or not Islam is more an ideology like Communism or a movement to take-over new territories where freedom reigns and impose Sharia Law. They fear reprisal by violent natured groups sensitive to the truth or anything they perceive as critical.  Is Islam a seditious organization, the Muslim Brotherhood and other vocal support groups like C.A.I.R and the Muslim Student Association terrorist organizations funded and supported to alter our freedoms, our freedom of speech, and America’s Constitution? The Democrats avoid such questions.  They continue to do so.

The Democrats see the Constitution as a fluid document ready to change it to satisfy the ‘me’ generation and cater to self interests.  The Founders made it a static document, not to be changed so as to protect our great Nation and everyone living in a free society, in spite of its ills and temptations.

The Democrats if they did not like the Laws told mayors and governors and even police departments not to enforce them. Ignore the law by Executive Order.   The great issue in this area is illegal immigration and sanctuary cities protecting criminal Illegals at a cost to American citizens and lives.  The vitriol and obsessive high level of resistance to the nomination of Neal Gorsuch for the Supreme Court, a principled constitutional scholar and adherent, exemplifies the Democrats desire to alter America’s foundational principles.

Just do some research on past Presidents and realize how difficult a job that is. Put yourself in that position. Then you might seriously consider how cooperation and a conscious effort to consider issues fully, more than personal attacks and diversions, are a positive for all Americans. We must not bog down the holder of this office with media and personal bias. We need to find solutions to critical issues and only open-minded and objective members of the legislature and the political pundits can, through proper dialog and debate, find answers.

……..To be continued tomorrow.  We discuss National Pride, Trump, Questions about Diversity, and Tolerance.

Grace and Peace


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