Diversity without Question (cont’d)

UI – Part 456b – Diversity without Question (cont’d)

(Continued from part 456a published yesterday.  Yesterday we discussed Liberal Bias, referring to our President as your President, and the Democratic Party becoming the party of extreme leftist views.)

National Pride

Most Americans believe in America.  As much as the Democrats keep trying to tell them they should not, that being patriotic, flying the flag, wearing red, white and blue may be offensive to others, that is not how a conservative American thinks.  They stand for freedom of religion, and want every religion to live side by side, free and able to proselytize.  It is time for those offended by American patriots, by the flag, by our military, by veterans, by our love of Country, by the Judeo-Christian values that framed our Constitution, by the Constitution itself, and by a desire for everyone to assimilate and love what made this Nation great, to leave, to  move to Canada or Mexico, or Syria, just anywhere but here. Hatred is not to be promoted.  Also the sensitivity of religious sects may be respected but their history, tenets, and principals are subjects worthy of debate, without restrictions imposed if there are those who react as if suffering, whining about ‘persecution.’

Open the floor of Congress, classroom and public squares to dialog, contrasting viewpoints on Christianity, Islam, and so on, include atheism and other no-God conversations, materialism, evolution, and the big-bang. Have a House or Senate Hearing to discuss Islam as an Ideology vs a Religion.  If the practices or views are not logical, not humane, and considered more demonic than fair, they should be constrained, not protected.  Dig deeply into the Scriptures and history and as a flower in full bloom let people decide if it smells right or just stinks to high heaven.

As a side comment, until science proves one way or another, without speculation, conclusively, that global warming is impacting the earth and humans are the main contributors, liberals need to back off.  Let not political views and personal preferences, desires, or campaigns negatively impact a prosperous economy without facts, the proper evidence.  Same applies to coal, as advances have been made with scrubbers mitigating toxic carbon emissions. One last side note, evolution. The God thing is not settled, except that I believe everyone inherently accepts a transcendent force that is greater than anyone. Materialism has no one to turn to, nor does secularism, as neither has the One needed by us all to provide comfort, to turn to. Separating church and state is not the path to eliminating God.  Freedom must allow public displays of religious items, as that is what freedom of religion is about.  Our Federal Government never intended to have a Federal, or allow a State, religion.  At the same time it never intended to erase the church from our landscape.  However when an ideology comes along that threatens the foundation of our great Nation, the Constitution, then there should be concern, questions and appropriate actions taken to curtail any attempt to make inroads that would reduce our freedoms, our love of God and neighbor.  To that point I focus your attention on Islam.

Americans want a great America, a safe America, a law abiding America, protected borders, and our freedoms maintained. Decisions need to be made by responsible persons that are relatable, persuasive, hard working and love America. We are not prone to electing Presidents that see the Office as ceremonial.  We need to protect our history, teach our history (make it a requirement), protect our borders, our heritage, our culture and our flag. Our Constitution is for our citizens and those on our soil. It is not for non-Americans not living in America. Makes sense, right? Political Correctness has derailed what makes sense too. The majority should have compassion towards others, but let’s not stop traditions when new arrivals, or persons of unusual persuasions feel disenfranchised. Hurt feelings happen.  Just because some people act as they normally do in certain situations and a few object should not cause administrations to cater to the minority and blame those carrying about as they have for years. Traditions deserve respect too. Why all of a sudden should proms not have prom-kings and prom-queens because the LGBTQ, etc, voices an objection.

If you narrow the focus too much then everyone will have a legitimate objection and then where do you go from there? How could anyone solve the chaos?

Questions. Questions

We need to question diversity, its definition, its composition, and the extent we must cater to it, embrace it, accept new additions, and how it may well alter our culture, our way of life, our freedoms, our identity, our community and our unity. Not everything needs to be accepted.

A few liberals are beginning to see things differently. They are adjusting to less diversity and becoming softer on their anti-law illegal immigration policies. That is a few; the others have become screamers and protestors and emotional thugs.  In fact they have become anti-American.  The Economist, week March 18, 2017, in an article, Wagner vs Wagner, the topic ‘exceptionalism,’ noted, “it seems to suggest (to liberals) that by embracing the causes of immigration and diversity they may have accidentally weakened support for the economic policies they favor.” Which way is the political climate tilting, more towards government controlled policies such as an emphasis on single payor government monitored health care, or,   the alternative, for private enterprise to insure success (not the government) for the people? Even a single payor system in the private sector would be more efficient than when under the authorship and authority of bureaucrats. The popular theme at the moment is less Government, more ‘We the People.’

Trump success

For Trump and his House majority success in reducing entitlements will be a true waking-up-to-president-trumpindicator. The constant hurdle for any new Administration is cutting from the budget the many pets of members of the legislature.  Can incentives to work be instituted to reduce welfare roles?  There will be acrimony.  Can the National Endowment for the Arts budget be eliminated?  What would Obama have done without a budget to bring his celebrity pals to Washington to perform for him? How will the liberals react to a zero contribution for National Public Radio?  To rely on private funding would cause NPR to create programming that attracts contributors.  The liberals worry, with the failed experiment Air America Radio that could not compete with Rush Limbaugh, that NPR would need to become more balanced, even conservative, as that is what audiences listen to. What about requiring ID’s as proof of citizenship to vote?  Federal judges appointed by liberal administrations resist (TX most recently), more for political reasons than practical and rational reasons.  Liberals, as demonstrated by recent discussions by the Democratic union of Senators, want judges to express their political leanings in decisions they make from the bench. Yet that is not their obligation. What about cross referencing by SSN registered voters in different States, such that when newly registered, any prior registrations, wherever, are eliminated? Or a combination ID and SSN at the time of voting to insure citizens vote only once nationally.  Then there is the issue of welfare monies being used for drugs, even alcohol.  Drug testing to insure the money is used to properly help a person with their daily lives, and possibly get a job, is resisted for the wrong reasons. What about abuses, fraud, in Medicare and Medicaid, getting a better handle on the appropriate application of funds. What about IRS payments under names such as “Unearned Tax Credits” which are in fact not earned, and provided to the lowest level of tax payor (who pays no taxes anyway).  Food Stamp program abuses need greater attention, yet the liberals want those dollars for voters continued.

Governing is about compromise and in many cases, flexibility. To achieve a balance the foundational basis must be agreed upon. That would be our Constitution. Unfortunately the Democrats want changes to the Constitution that would, in effect, create chaos. The foundation, as with a house, cannot be altered, as the structure above would collapse. It must remain fixed. That is what our Founders and Authors intended, as any lawyer would in preparing legal documents for future review. The intent is clear in the language used. From that basis much can be accomplished. 


The issue though is diversity, diversity, diversity.  Think about a family with 10 children.  We are a family of over 20.  If you think we do not have diversity in our ranks, you are wrong.  Diversity has nothing to do with race, or with religion, or with sexual orientation. It has to do with viewpoints, faith, worldviews, tolerance, backgrounds, cultures, and a coming together.  America is a melting pot, but we have established ourselves and have an identity.  Let us maintain the good of what we have achieved and make it even better.  Protect our culture, do not diversify it or dilute with the uninformed, the ignorant and the belligerent losers.  Liberals that have become reflexively close-minded and contrarian must awake to common sense, respect and civil discourse.  After all we are all Americans.  Tolerance and acceptance, a vocal desire of everyone, even the Democrats, is what should be our goal, yet ask yourself why is that so difficult for the protestors, most of which are progressive leftists associated with the Democratic Party.

Grace and Peace

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