Human Rights (cont’d from last week)

UI – Part 423 – Human Rights (cont’d)


God’s creation is not a mistake.  The liberal secularist view may think otherwise, but I am here to write that they are in error.  The Bible provides a useful reflection of history and God’s love for all mankind.  As history progressed and Jesus came into the picture, God-incarnate, man came to know and understand God better.  Jesus freed man from the restrictive laws that were to be observed as a means to be right with God.  The laws as written in Leviticus and elsewhere made humans aware, but it was the heart of man, and God’s love, that made man caring, kind, and respectful.

The Word of God is Jesus.  He provided the example for us all.  Jesus was inclusive.  ‘Inclusivity’ is not just a liberal term. Jesus was colorblind. His truth is universal. Human rights are universal, not limited in any way to class, color, sex, economic status or ideology. Credit must go to the Christian who as noted by Nancy Pearcey, her book, Saving Leonardo (pg. 60), “…Throughout history, societies have come up with various ways to exclude certain groups from the human family by labeling them subhuman – groups belonging to a different tribe, clan, race, or religion.  The idea that human rights are universal (referencing philosopher Richard Rorty)…was  a completely novel concept ushered in by Christianity. It rests in the biblical teaching that all human beings are created in the image of God.’” 
By not accepting creation liberal minds find they can distinguish between humans making some less equal than others.  By not accepting creation, liberals are not accepting the Creator. At the same time they disclaim any outcry that they are being bigots.  When it comes to the Christian worldview it would be difficult for any to possibly state that Darwinists, liberal progressives, atheists, purely secularists and like minded are not bigoted.  A Christian’s rights can be denied if they are forced to do what they feel their religion does not allow, like decorate a cake for a homosexual wedding or photograph a homosexual wedding or artificially inseminate a lesbian. (Makes you think of how cows or horses are bred).  Where is the inclusivity?

Can one religion be the truth and others not so?  The politically correct will avoid the answer because in doing so it would suggest another religion is false.  Yet there are false religions.  Believe it!  What I believe is followers of Christ adhere to the truth.  It is biblical truth. “The Christian gospel is unique because it is the narrative of what God has done in history to accomplish salvation,” so states Nancy Pearcey (pg. 35). I agree. It is the only religion where God graced mankind with his presence, making known the Word of God, the truth, a moral and objective truth. The Resurrection made the truth concrete and factual.  The Bible is to factual moral truth as there is factual scientific knowledge.  If your religion is but a psychological drama for your own satisfaction, to keep your emotions in check, to satisfy your habits and errors in judgment, then it is false.  Religion is not to give your mind comfort, but to guide you in life knowing you are doing as God commands. Accepting there is God, a meaning to life, a purpose is realized. Love God, above all else, and love neighbor, mankind, regardless of race, creed, sex, economic status, and ideology.  Hope and joy is in the lifeblood of the Christian propelling them forward in a heavenly life even on earth as heaven awaits.

Liberal churches that embrace a ‘co-exist’ logic are failing.  Trying to be inclusive is confusing the minds of seekers who desire the truth. Rejecting the claim that Christianity is the only true religion is not serving them well. Why?  Because it denies the truth.  There is an eternal Hell. 

Many in the Islamic world are discovering the ideology of Islam masked as a religion is false in many ways. It takes away their independence. Thus their human right as a discerning child of God is taken from them. As cattle they are herded into only what the leaders, ideological and political, want them to believe.  Rights again denied. They are to accept what society accepts and reject what society rejects.  Society is the verbiage of the Quran, the Hadiths, the interpretations by the body politic, the teachers in the mosques and madrassas, and Sharia law. Those that proclaim they know Islam and guide the herd as Allah’s surrogates are appointing themselves as Allah, the god of Islam. Is that not inherently blasphemous? Yet it is conveniently controlling.   The Muslims are confined to how they dress, pray, live, practice what they believe, and what they are allowed to believe. The benefits possible from other cultures, like the West, are not offered or embraced. The tyranny that exists makes progress impossible. The Arabs after Muhammad emerged as conquerors. The are imperialists.  Learning was not necessary as they already had sufficient wisdom and knowledge, needing no more.  The 7th century remains their cage. What can the Arabs offer others?

Rights Denied

Human rights denied is a problem.  The liberals deny the human rights of Christians.  Christians are being kept out of the public square to avoid the truth being told. It is out of the liberal secularist politically elite’s concern over the potential of taking away their desire to decide for the people what is morally justified.  The Islamists do the same by labeling the proselytization by other religions as persecution, when it is really exposing the truth to the lemmings they maintain in the framework they call Islam.


The concept of universal human rights came from Christ. It is the biblical prevailing worldview, which needs to be reaffirmed and embraced by all Christians and all people who seek peace.

In America, from the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among them are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” If the secularists continue more rights of Americans and Christians will be denied.  Freedom will be less free. America is a Christian Nation predicated on a biblical worldview. Let this not change. The trend currently is in the wrong direction, but with our new President there is optimism that Santa and Jesus will be allowed back in the White House and all public places.

So many moral issues need be addressed that have been usurped as ‘doing what pleases you as you feel the urge.’ Like eating food when hungry.  That is a need. But having sex, not married, when in want of pleasure, even drugs, as if there are no emotional repercussions, is immoral. Emotion is in the biology of the human and cannot be detached for a casual relationship, no matter what you are told, taught or would like to believe. Casual relations take place, but seldom, if ever, without concerns, personal reflections on character, feelings of guilt or shame, and a caring or selfish attitude towards the partner.  Relationships when married are built on trust, love and a common bond, as two are made one. (a Topic for a later discussion.)

Listen to God. We are all sinners. We all err. But we have been saved and provided a guide for proper living. There is moral objective truth. It is biblical. It is inclusive as all humans have equal rights to be treated properly. This is not an entitlement comment, as in freedom we are not all equal, but in God’s eyes we are equal.

In Islam they would like all to be equal, as Islamists, doing and saying and believing exactly alike. But the same in Islam does not apply equally to the woman and the man. That is not what God intended. In Islam, as constrained humans trapped in 7th century ideas, rights are denied. We have free will, that is a right, yet purposed by God and given a path to follow. You choose. But do not let man tell you what is right when God has the answers. Read his Word.

Grace and Peace

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