Whose Human Rights?

UI – Part 422 – Whose Human Rights?

Human rights are considered universal, or are they?  Where did this concept that all are equal come from?  What is the prevailing worldview?


There is a trend growing out of academia and the liberal progressive secular thinking that a person is not what everyone might suspect.  Consider the new born.  It’s a boy and the blue banner is raised.  It is a girl and the pink banner is raised.  But not so fast!  That is a gender concern, male or female, but now we have an ‘other’ category or categories.  Are secular identities up for grabs?  Create your own, like dispensing that blend of yogurt your prefer at 16 Handles, “Yogurt Your Way.” “You choose your gender!”   Some even choose one blend today and then later either revert to the original, or if modified, remain trapped in a blend they no longer desire.  What was God thinking when we were born and our sex ID was assigned?  Did God deny anyone’s rights by making them male or female?

Technology may be able to alter the human body but can it change who we are, or the purpose God has for us?  Then that presupposes there is a God thing.  For me the God thing is inherent in the nature of the human being and reflected in both our composition and our ability to think, to discern, to learn, to teach, and to be aware. And we cannot forget propagate. It is our body and our intellect.  The liberals and the conservative are intellectual.

A recent study suggests mental issues are a factor in sexual identities.  Born male you are male, female, female.  Before puberty or adulthood a parent who messes with the sex of their kid is doing irreparable harm. The kid may have tendencies, but as to identity, before the hormones rage it is all mental and possibly hormonal chaos. Let it develop. Every child spends much of their time trying to figure out who they are, how they fit in and how do they handle or present themselves.  It is part of growing up, experiencing life and learning.  A major new report published August 22, 2016 in the journal The New Atlantis (read the Report) challenges the leading narratives that the media has pushed regarding sexual orientation and gender identity. From the report I mention two comments, (1) “The understanding of sexual orientation as an innate, biologically fixed property of human beings — the idea that people are “born that way” — is not supported by scientific evidence, and (2) Compared to heterosexuals, non-heterosexuals are about two to three times as likely to have experienced childhood sexual abuse.

An important conclusion to the report states, “Children are a special case when addressing transgender issues. Only a minority of children who experience cross-gender identification will continue to do so into adolescence or adulthood.”  So be careful about jumping to conclusions about sexual ID’s.  Only 6/10 of one percent (0.06%) identify as a sex other than their birth sex when an adult (if that).


I have a problem with the liberal thinking as to abortion as they attempt to separate the human biological aspect of body from the intellectual, dehumanizing the fetus that cannot feel pain or make its own way. The category of ‘person’ is created for their purpose.  The biological is separate as criteria is established that incorporates self-awareness and decision making in defining ‘person.’  If the biologic, the fetus, is not a ‘person’ the choice is the carriers (the mother) to keep or discard.  Debated by the secularist liberals is similar logic that applies to the Alzheimer patient or the comatose that would readily pull the plug as the ‘person’ no longer dwells within the biological matter that comprises the body.  To be a ‘person’ in the liberal secularist worldview the cells of a human must be animated, able to feel pain and express themselves, I guess.

Human Life

Human life is becoming a question of human rights.  Who has the right to live?  And more importantly who decides!

The Greeks would toss imperfect babies. The Greek historian Plutarch (48-122 A.D.) records that in Sparta in ancient Greece, the Spartan elders examined all newborn babies and ordered that any who were not well-built and sturdy were to be killed by leaving them in the bush at the foot of Mount Taygetus. Socrates argued that newborn babies with any physical defects should be murdered so they can avoid other people finding fault with them. Hitler wanted to and killed babies that would be a burden to his society. The Romans, the Persians and the Medes held similar concepts. It became a utilitarian argument, the ends justifying the means, which today we often hear applied to abortion in cases of rape.

Using technology, genders can be changed.  Medically and physically modifications can alter the assigned sex of the person.  The secular view, leaving God out of the equation, permits modifying nature. Evolution is now in man’s hands, I guess. Human life can be improved by man, especially where there is no inherent value or dignity, making improvements to what is deemed a mistake.  Man is now God?  But the mental aspects, a result of sex changes and the volume of pills that are needed to be consumed daily to maintain the ‘who I think I am’ verses ‘who I am’ or ‘what did my parents do to me?’, can be devastating to the confused child as candidate for the will of a secular liberal progressive parental controlling mind.

Islam’s Rights

When it comes to religion, thinking Islam, unless the ‘person’ is a Muslim they are useful only to satisfy the superior Muslim.  They can work to pay a tax for protection and to enable the Muslim to live a daily life of prayer.  What is or may be produced in society is as Allah Wills.  The non-Muslim female can be a slave for sex. The young male also. Women in general are not equal to a male.  They are not equals, not even human unless they are a true believer in Islam. Non-Muslims are to be used only to the benefit of the Muslim, otherwise, as kafirs, useless or rebellious, extirpated.  The rights given to humans are limited. Even within the Muslim community, the rights of Muslims are limited.  Authorities, the tyrants, have more rights than the peasants.  The Mullahs, the Imams, have more rights than the uneducated, those less knowledgeable than the scholar. The scholar as a Cleric can mete out the Will of Allah, as a servant of Allah, insuring the justice of the Quran is properly satisfied.  In the Muslim world is Allah really in charge, or being used? As Muhammad appointed himself as Prophet, speaking for Allah, how are the Imams, the Mullahs, the Ayatollah, and other scholars of Islam other than self-appointed. They made themselves the voice and decision maker of Allah, for Allah.  They made themselves Allah or God.

But man is not and never will be God.

(…to be continued) – We conclude this discussion next week. Was creation a mistake? What is the truth? Where did the concept of universal human rights come from?

Grace and Peace

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