The Liberal Elite is Wrong About Islam

UI – Part 403 – Where the Liberal Elite is Wrong About Islam

Islam a Violent Religion

Islam is not a religion of peace.  It is a violent religion.  The elites make every effort to ignore this fact.  Is it out of ignorance, a desire to be viewed as tolerant and objective, or just a reflection of a lack of understanding of Islam?  Or is to establish another victim group that they can cater to for votes?  Certainly not all Muslims are violent, not even the majority.  But that is not the requirement for a Muslim.  They are to conduct jihad doing whatever it takes to promote Islam worldwide with the ultimate goal of a world All for Allah – and at all costs.  Sura 9 is their directive, if they are to be a Muslim.  Otherwise they are a heretic.

To quote Ayaan Hirsi Ali, her book Heretic, “Most Americans, and indeed most Europeans, would much rather ignore the fundamental conflict between Islam and their own worldview.  This is partly because they generally assume that “religion,” however defined, is a force for good and that any set of religious beliefs should be considered acceptable in a tolerant society.”

Muslims, at least the fundamentalists, are a sensitive lot.  They are outspoken, loud, defiant, and intransigent in their belief, not allowing any to invade their way of thinking.  To do so would not be Islamic.  The most sensitive are a minority, although prominent organizations, most spawned from the Muslim Brotherhood’s proclamations and revered Islamic scholars such as Maududi and Sayyid Qtub, speak for Islam more than the moderates.

Catering to Political Islamists

Catering to these overly sensitive sorts has been characteristic of the liberal left elite.  They seek accommodation for the more sensitive, as opposed to suggesting the ideals of free societies, the ideals of liberty and equality being foremost.  Even the moderate would prefer the liberal elitists listen to them.  They want to see modernity and Islam find compromise, yet the elites resist, giving credence to the most political, the most radical, and the most restrictive Islamist that desires Sharia Law succeed over whatever Constitution, if not based on Islamic Law, that otherwise rules a people.

The contrast is obvious and bizarre.  The Democratic Party has pushed an agenda, led by the progressive Obama, that paves the way for same-sex marriage, for homosexuals and transgenders in the military, and for bathrooms that are open to what ever sex you feel you are, which defies the dictates of Islam. In Islam the homosexual would be condemned to death. The separation of the sexes, male and female, in itself is inhumane in the inherent misogynistic nature of this ideology.


Yet at the same time these liberal elites solicit funds from Saudi Arabia and political Islamic organizations who find aberrant such behavior and practices. They allow for punishment that includes beheadings in an open square, the stoning to death of adulterers, the killing of rape victims for allowing themselves to be viciously violated (having little voice in the matter). The liberals call for acceptance of Islam, while Islam does not accept what they tolerate.  Somehow in schools Islam is being explained, while Christianity is verboten.  That does not make sense.

A Proper Rational is Lacking

Everyone in the world would like to see Islam become less violent and more tolerant.  They’d like to see Christian communities grow and remain safe within Muslim areas of concentration, even in localities like Saudi Arabia. They would like to see pluralism exist in places like Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey, Indonesia, Algeria and so on.  This calls for acceptance of non-Muslims.  But what the world would like to see would require an Islamic Reformation.  For the Jew that reform arrived in the form of the New Testament and a savior.  Thus many, those who believed, became Christ followers.  Not so for the Muslim.  They remain in the past in terms of their text, Scripture, and their example, the Prophet Muhammad.  Neither provides a pathway to moderate the inherent want for fighting and war to promote and advance Islam.  The world is dar al-Harb as it may never accomplish dar al-Islam (war vs peace), not even in areas considered Muslim today.  Internally there will always be strife and the desire for good people, even good Muslims, to be free.  God gave man that gift and the Islamists cannot take it away.  The liberal elitist needs to understand this without covering their eyes by the dependency for money to advance their own political agendas or expand their power base or obtain votes from reliant sources, the victimhood of the elitist liberal.

Grace and Peace

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