Liberals Sedating a Nation (2 of 2)

UI – Part 405 – Liberals Sedating a Nation (2 of 2)

(Continued from two days ago…..)


We (Americans) are a free nation.  In freedom we are not equal. Our liberal progressive Administration, the robotic liberal left (lib-bots), seeks to make the playing field level and the same for all. In the lexicon of Obama he refers to the term ‘fairness.’  But where all are equal, there is no freedom.

We need an eyes-wide-open Administration that sees beyond a lens of racism and division.  Progress has been made and must be heralded, which Obama has failed to do.  His wife has actually continued to bask in the darkness of a past that included slavery. Slavery in Islam is common today.  Slavery in America is not.  We cannot live in the travesties of the past, but the light of progress.  Embracing the past is what the Islamists do.  The liberals and the Administrations they form seem to be made up of many who live in the stupor of the past and need a dose of ammonia (smelling salts) to wake up to the present.  We can continue to move forward as a Nation, but not with a liberal, progressive, or socialist in the Presidency. We cannot let the rhetoric of the Administration, even a clone of this Administration, hypnotize our people to believe we are safe.

The creep of Islamism is not just a threat of a change to our Constitution to allow Sharia Law to be applied, even if just to Muslims, but a reflection of ideological changes being permitted by governments controlled by unabashed liberals (such as Obama and possibly Hillary Clinton).  Do Americans want to alter how we have lived since our foundation, since the declarations affirmed that day in 1776?

We are, in the words of the lib-bots, but ‘collateral damage’ that the Administration dismisses as Islamism advances.  That is not how we must think, believe or adopt what is possible.  The new order is not one where we must accept either the lone-wolf acts, or collaborated attacks,  praising Allah and killing innocents.  It must be where our emphasis is on protecting America, making our citizens and our visitors safe.  We cannot be casual or amenable to even one terrorist event perpetuated or incentivized by the fundamentalist radical Islamists wherever they live.  If they come here, we must be prepared and ready to go where they are, kill the leaders and destroy the texts and manuals that are the basis for their hatred and murder.

Have the liberals become part of America’s problems, part of creeping fundamentalism and intolerance that place severe restrictions on our freedom?  How has the main stream media become so compromised, hypnotized, by the modifications to the standards that formed this great Nation?  How have the conservatives allowed this to happen?

A New Administration Needed

We need a new Administration that cares for all its people, that encourages the love of our police and military, that recognizes the advances made in civil rights, that will provide incentives and direction to those not working.  We need an Administration that will lift-up those not willing to work or unable to work to have a level of self-confidence to find a way to achieve.  We need a positive voice that unites.  We need a leader that is the ammonia stick under the nose of one who has fainted to make us more alert and aware of the world around us and our role in it. We need leadership that knows and cares for all lives. We need an Administration that does not hide the truth, even modify the truth to serve their purpose.  We need a leader that will not ‘short circuit’ in the times of crisis or make careless judgments more favorable to self than to the people. We cannot allow our national security to be compromised by bad choices. We need an Administration that serves the purpose of our citizens, black, white, hispanic or other.

Liberals sedate their followers with promises they cannot keep, but that sound wonderful. Hillary promised as Senator hundreds of thousands of jobs in NY State.  They never materialized.  She does not understand how businesses work or how jobs are created, except of course for costly government positions (as bureaucrats and regulators), which follows the pattern of Obama.  The liberal progressive socialists use those they refer to as victims. They want their votes, but do not want them to become a success that might transform them into something other than a liberal. And if they do they warn them they will be taxed, and taxed again, to maintain the ‘fairness’ tradition. They prefer the academic, the poor, and those conditioned to see society as a uniform collective of needy citizens, clamoring for the largesse of the bloated systems they endorse.

Conservatives must awake, encourage others, find the words and the temperament to create a revolution in America to restore our greatness, our individuality, and our desire to achieve, succeed and protect our people.  America has become a cesspool of liberal thinking which has oozed onto college campuses and filled the unsuspecting minds of our youth to believe the government will care for them.  Just look at the past 8 years and tell me that the liberal Administration of Obama cares for all lives.  It cares for black lives; they have made that obvious.  It cares for illegal immigrants more than legal Americans.  That has been made obvious.  It wants open borders to allow for anyone to come to America, even those who are hell-bent on harming us and changing our way of life.  Obama and Hillary say the immigrants they are accepting have been vetted, but how can that be when even proper papers are hard to come by in places like Syria, Somalia and Libya, as well as other sponsoring countries?  Obama and Hillary seriously underestimated ISIS, so how can they be trusted (and we already know Hillary cannot be, the pathological liar that she is) to provide certainty there are no criminal political Islamic terrorists among those they are welcoming here?  Wake Up!

Do not allow yourself, your children or your neighbor to be tempted by the drug of the left and fall victim to dependency.  Recognize, be aware, of the sleep induced state the liberal progressive socialists prefer for their constituents.

Grace and Peace.

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