Faith vs Fear – Religion (1 of 2)

UI – Part 399a – Faith vs Fear – Religion – A Child of God

Each name, ‘faith’ and ‘fear,’ in the title are worth discussing.

Define – Faith.  (from Merriam Webster’s dictionary): 1) strong belief or trust in someone or something, 2) belief in the existence of God : strong religious feelings or beliefs, and 3) a system of religious beliefs.

Define – Fear. (from Merriam Webster’s dictionary): 1) to be afraid of (something or someone), 2) to expect or worry about (something bad or unpleasant), and 3) to be afraid and worried



Believing is also accepting. Accepting can denote trust.  From a religious perspective the supernatural becomes central.  The Christian and Jew believe in God, a supreme being.  The Muslim believes in Allah, also a supreme being.  I differentiate between God and Allah, having discussed the two in previous blogs.  (Goto upper right, click on = and use search function inputting topics.) Atheists may not believe in God (or Allah) but might believe is something greater than themselves, but whether they have faith and in turn trust in that something is another matter.  They tend to give themselves credit for success or failure, suggesting that something else is but a passion when directed at a third element, the self wanting to remain blameless.

In relationships, with a wife, a parent, a friend, even with God, faith is essential.  Trusting the one you love is key to having a complete union with that person.  Doubt is at a minimum or non-existent.  Nothing is more important than faith.  With faith comes hope. In the absence of faith you will find fear.

Rules and Regulations

When the supernatural is the focus Scripture defines historical figures, experiences and guidelines for the followers.  The followers are those who believe, have faith, trust and are obedient to the commandments put forth.  Scripture is a useful document that makes clear the requirements when fulfilled make those having faith right with their god.

A military manual outlines methods to be employed when engaged in war, an enemy identified, as well as conduct towards those of higher rank.  Business policies and procedures enable employees to understand the steps necessary to follow to satisfy the responsibilities of their position.  Rules and Regulations in sport or in games provide boundaries and penalties when infractions occur.  Local to Federal Government bodies have Laws which provide order, security and safety to residents, along with taxing authority, enabling those chosen by the people, elected to oversee and implement the Laws.  The Laws are intended for all residents without distinction based upon race, religion or sex.  Neither Military, Business, nor Governmental directives require faith, acceptance of their leaders, yes, but faith, no.  There are rules of the road, so to speak, that make for a more harmonious organization capable of functioning efficiently.  Scripture differs in that those that follow and obey have absolute faith, often referred to as blind faith, in the supernatural power that inspired what is recorded.  Whereas the military, business, sport, government, or organizational ruling body are human, and they are the ones that write, modify, and change the guidelines according to the wishes of the body or a vote of their constituency.



Being afraid is common to all persons.  What each of us may be afraid of can differ.  Phobias are the suffix that defines fears, such as acrophobia, hydrophobia, nyctophobia, and arachnophobia, for height, water, dark and spiders.  Today we often hear of a fear of the Muslim religion, Islam, in the form Islamophobia.  Fears may be rational or irrational.  That is a judgment.  If a fear is considered irrational, the person suffering accordingly may not accept that conclusion, having justification for their fear.

There are Islamist support organizations, such as C.A.I.R., the Muslim Brotherhood, the OIC, MSA and many others that immediately respond to persons expressing concerns, even questioning statements in Scripture (the Quran), or having doubts as to Islam, its rules and regulations, as irrational, and Islamophobic.  I differ in viewing those seeking explanations or wanting to learn more and delve deeper into a religion or ideology, with inquiries that may border on concerns for the intent or objective, as having Islamophobia.

Fear is restricting, like a cage that limits movement.  Contained within the framework of the fear can keep people on edge or reluctant to enter new areas or arenas that could possibly subject them to their worst nightmare.  Persons can become slaves to their fears.  The fear becomes as a master, not as a teacher, but as a prison warden ever watchful, ever ready to insure the slave, the prisoner, stays in line, obedient to the rules and regulations of their jail and jailer.  There is no effort by the warden to remove the fear as it is a controlling element.  It takes boldness on the part of the individual, the phobic inclined, to break the chains, to open the cage, to escape the prison and to push back the darkness.  Many who fear only imagine the locks that keep then incarcerated in their condition.

When it comes to relationships fear is as a hammer being struck against a precious Waterford vase.  It is destructive, leaving a relationship in shards. The sharp edges of the broken pieces can only cause further damage. Trust is the vase that is in ruin regardless of its condition.  Those that attack are enemies of truth, they may cause harm, as persecutors, the shards a reflection of their terrorism, but with all who have faith walking through broken glass may be necessary knowing there is a future worth the effort.

….to be continued…….(two days)

Grace and Peace

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