What Would a Muslim Do?

UI – Part 339 – What Would a Muslim Do?

This may seem cliche, What Would a Muslim Do?, but it is intended to provide some insight into the mind of Islamists, or Muslims living in lands where their culture dominates.  As they grow in numbers wherever they dwell and become a greater presence the answer to the question above crosses all lines.  But it may be more applicable to a non-Muslim in establishing a quid-pro-quo when deciding to approve a law or a new structure in the free world.  I refer to the ‘free world’ as the locale where Islam is not the primary culture.  In a Muslim dominant culture, as we know, they make the effort to kill out, like using round-up on weeds, those not of their nature.  As they grow in numbers in a foreign community, foreign to Islam, they are encouraged to insulate themselves, protest as often as possible, make a loud noise, and change the laws to accommodate their culture, not that of their host country.

Culture of Islam

The encroachment by Islam where Islam is not currently the culture may be a concern.  What is your thought?  If what is coming to your area is the culture of Islam as it brings light upon itself by examples and practices currently employed elsewhere, should it be allowed. It arrives disguised by the Islamist global overseers as ‘Multiculturalism’, a PC word that sounds good, but is really bad.  Must it be stopped.  Can it be modernized?  Many who seem to understand Islam do not see the changes coming that provide comfort to free people.  Muslims entering free societies are as caged birds.  They may dwell in your home, but should remain in the display cases in which they arrived.  Why? Because they continue to exhibit the same habits they were born with.  Freeing them only creates a mess.  It is best to not even bring the potential for bird-flu to your living room. If it spreads, the outcome is not a healthy one.  The desire of the Islamists is that the cages become so large, filled with a large cluster of birds of prey, they then can break open and dominate their new found environment, the territory they can now claim for Allah.

What Muslims Have Done

We have read about, seen on TV and experienced churches burned, Christians and Jews killed on the streets, worship centers converted to mosques, attacks against non-Muslims sharing their faith, laws that do not apply to Muslims but do to non-Muslims, humane practices towards women ignored, even justification to rape non-Muslims by Muslim men an accepted practice, to include enslavement, the superiority of Muslims taught by their Imams (no humility in Islam), the incitement to fight, commit violence, against those who resist advancing Muslims/Islam, the defender of their freedom considered the guilty party, not the offensive Islamists, and bizarre and harmful reactions to events considered provocation, persecution, anything that makes a Muslim uncomfortable.  – from cartoons to jokes to proselytizing.  Too often the media, a liberal cadre with excessive sensitivity towards minorities and practices considered incendiary, but only when a reaction takes place, embraces the sensibilities of Muslims, to the detriment of a clear head and complete understanding of Islam.  The media goes after the words, the rhetoric, and not the sword waving Islamists. Is it out of fear?  Is the media that easily bullied?

What Would an Islamist Do?

We all need to ask, to understand Islam, what would a Muslim, an Islamist, a knowledgeable student of Islam do?  Islam is Islam and to know Islam is to react accordingly.

What would a Muslim do if he came to your door and realized you were not a Muslim?  What should a non-Muslim do if they came to your door and realized you were a Muslim? Would repeated stabbings be in order?  (Read)

If there was a Protestant orphanage in your neighborhood as a Muslim what would you do?  If there was a Muslim orphanage in your neighborhood (note: not very likely) as a non-Muslim what should you do?  What about bulldozing it? (Read)

If joining a gang would you bring your Bible to a fight?  When joining as a Muslim would you choose to be Sunni or Shiite, and according to your Scripture extirpate the other as justification for your existence? (Read)

If a Christian in your community (in this case a dominant Muslim Country) converts to Islam should they be incarcerated for 5 years, and then 5 years more (in the case represented, converted to Christianity).  Should America and the UK imprison all Muslims who were born as citizens and then Islamized? (Read)

If your Country is not Muslim, should it deny citizenship to Muslims to insure the purity of your culture? You may not be able to become a citizen of a Middle East (Muslim) Country if you are not a card carrying Muslim. (Read)

Before you can fight for your Country or ideal must you convert to the ideological strain of the commanders.  If in America and the UK should only Christians or atheists be in the army?  And should non-Christians (Muslims) be forced to convert and then conscripted to serve? (Read)

Should it be permissible for non-Muslim men to rape Muslim women?  Muslims believe their culture permits them to rape non-Muslims.  They can enslave them and enjoy whatever, even when the recipient of their barbaric affections and wanton desires cries ‘NO.’ (Read)

A Muslim witnesses a crime against a Muslim perpetrated by a Christian, can they testify to this crime? What if Muslims were not allowed to testify against the evil actions of non-Muslims?  Should that be permitted for Muslims (not allowing Christians to testify against a Muslim?).  That is what can happen. (Read)

Should non-Muslims be protesting and demanding Mosques be converted to Churches or Synagogues or even casinos?  In Turkey they want a historic church converted into a Mosque – not an uncommon practice in Muslims cultures. (Read)

Should the simple provocation caused by a Mosque or Madrassa in your community justify burning it down.  Is that not a reminder of the evil of Islam in your neighborhood and the world?  Christian churches are burned regularly in Muslim counties.  They cannot even rebuild or build anew a non-Islamic worship center. (Read)

If your local mayor or community leader expresses a concern about actions of Muslims, should there be a protest and a call for the forced conversion of that leader to your ideology.  How little provocation it takes for the Muslim heart to beat the drum of hatred. (Read)

Tolerance and Evil

And so the double standard goes on and on.  Understand Islam.  It is not tolerant.  Should we be tolerant?  Or better still, why should we be?  As loving Christians, even secularists that promote communities of mixed cultures (I am not a multiculturalist), we are called to love God and love neighbor, or at least respect others. Hatred is not a theme of any other ideology I know of except for the skin-heads and the Islamists.  How do we defend against those whose offense towards non-Ideologues is proof of their superiority (more as a bully) and our weakness?  We can be strong too, but want to be caring and accepting.  It is difficult to believe the thin-skinned nature of the Islamists and their penchant for committing atrocities against non-Muslims in the name of their god – Allah.  My picture of Allah would be a mysterious creature with hate filled eyes, a red epidermal covering as if ablaze, and horns, many horns, some shaped as knives, others as twisted wire emanating from the evil contents of the brain contained within.  He comes at you as a charging bull and you must, if not able to say the Shahadah or name Muhammad’s mother, be prepared to die.  Bizarre.  Yes! Practiced? Yes, to that too.  How bizarre indeed.  That is Islam.

There is evil in the world.  It is not all Islam, but much of Islam, at least what appears just about everyday, is evil.  Beware of the encroaching evil wrought from the Scripture of Islam seeping into your yard. Think in different situations – What Would a Muslim do?  As your answers are more reflective of an incomprehensible evil, you are getting to know the example of Islam, Muhammad, and the agenda they have through their Scripture, the Quran, to take over the whole world for Allah, no matter the number they must kill or the devastation they must cause.

Grace and Peace.

2 thoughts on “What Would a Muslim Do?

  1. I think you should overcome your xenophobia and should start interacting with orthodox devout Muslims. Quran 60:8 teaches to be kind and just to non-violent non-Muslims. Quran 2:190 teaches to fight back against occupiers and even UN acknowledges the right of self-defense. The goal of past wars was to establish freedom of true religion to save humanity from Hellfire which has been achieved, so contemporary Muslim scholars think Islam will prevail in the West intellectually and spiritually.


    1. Ishmael:

      Your comment is appreciated. You suggest interaction with orthodox devout Muslims. These would be the fundamentalists, the Islamics and the radicals as their foundation is the Quran and Muhammad, his example, to, I assume, include members of ISIS. You reference Sura 60.8 as if kindness and justice towards ‘non-violent non-Muslims’ is the way of Islam, thus making it clear that any resistance, not just physical, as a non-believer, to encroachment by a Muslim on their territory is the fault of the non-Islamic believer. Devout Muslims are then justified in reacting, even to the extent of committing terrorist acts. You do this without noting 60.4, telling the devout follower to have a heart filled with “enmity and hatred…until (they – Christians and Jews specifically) believe in Allah alone….” With abrogation in mind we turn to Sura 9, the last (or next to the last) book in the Quran, verse 29, calling for Muslims to “fight those who believe not in Allah” until a tax (jizya) is paid, extracting a ransom for protection, and making a declaration that Muslims are ‘superior.’ The Reliance of the Traveller allows for killing those paying taxes if just one violates the agreement to remain at peace with what may be going on around them with which they disagree. The right of self-defense goes both ways. Yet Islam is not just a defensive jihad. The example of the Prophet clearly promoted offensive forays to build the treasury and enjoy the spoils of conquest for his followers. If you are peaceful then I ask are you a heretic? The Quran informs all Muslim, if they are true in their religion as followers of Muhammad, to engage in Holy War, Jihad, as a requirement, and violence is permitted, with paradise awaiting. (Sura 9.88, 89).

      The freedom of the ‘true religion’ of Islam may not be freedom as known in the West or in the EU. For Islam to prevail what will be necessary? The directive of the last (next to the last if 110 is the last) Sura, which erases much of earlier commentary, is violence, a release from any agreements with non-Muslims, and immunity for doing so. As this chapter is not preceded with the words, “In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful,” it is indeed the most clear message from Muhammad, the exemplar of Islam, to erase from the world all that is not true Islam, to include cultural Muslims that are not informed of the depth to which Islam allows the devout to go to achieve their objective.

      This is not being xenophobic, but in fact a concern for what is put forth in the doctrine of true Islam from its 7th century beginnings. The Holy War has continued for over 1400 years. Adapting to changes throughout the world, using the term ‘modernity’, is not part and parcel to an ideology that allows for no alteration. What you may want Islam to be, can only be what Muhammad and Allah commanded it to be. Or you need a New Furqan. Who will lead and write the new covenant of Islam that allows for peaceful co-existence within a pluralistic world?

      Thank for your comment. Your thoughts are welcomed. Blessings.


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