Islam – Why Target America?

UI – Part 315 – Islam – Why Target America?

Islamist’s Focus

The West is a focus of fundamentalist Islamists.  Why and when did this occur?  Was it always this way?  Is it a meaningful exercise or done for publicity purposes?  Are Islamists so insecure that by attacking a known Nation they seek a world identity in which to attempt to instill fear of the men of Allah. Is their stature improved when notoriety in major city’s media news outlets is provided?  The deception of Islam goes on and on. Allah is the best of deceivers and leads Muslims to follow suit if and when promoting the spread of Islam.

America – Christian

America is viewed as Christian.  The United States is clearly not a Theocracy. Christians have been the enemy of Islam since Muhammad. The Crusades are a historical example and provide a teaching moment for Islamists to expound upon their hatred towards Christians. But consider the fact the Islamist’s crusade, they call Jihad, has been underway, and continues, for over 1400 years.  The Crusades (Pope Urban II directed) lasted in failure in less than 200 years. With America’s concentration of Christians having defined borders surrounding its population, it is a large, visible, viable and worthy target for the target thirsty barbarian Islamists.   America’s borders and internal fabric are under attack.  Immigrants seeking asylum and opportunity want entry, and often gain access illegally.  The Judeo-Christian values are being contested as a secular groundswell is championed by many wanting to remove the church from the public square, not just separation, and allow the ‘me’ society to dictate preferred desires, regardless of their nature.  But Islam is finding entry too, and support with a lack of understanding of Islam is being found in the highest offices of this land.

Association with Islamists

Association with Islamists, as is the case for any Muslim, should be a concern. Do the actions of Islamists, prominent examples in the names ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, Boko Haram, Khomeini, Wahhabism, Al Shabaab, etc., represent scholarly Islam – the example of Muhammad, the call for fighting from the pages of the Scripture (Quran)?   Do they harm the name Islam, or are such practices and call for extirpation of infidels a reflection of true Islam?  In America organizations such as C.A.I.R. appear to support the ideology of hatred, suggesting they take a peaceful approach (surreptitiously) to the destruction of our Nation.  Muslim Brotherhood members and an affiliate organization on campuses and in cities also espouse dawa, an infiltrating method to over-throw America so it can become All for Allah. The influence of the Brotherhood is present in many mosques throughout the United States, even one recently visited by President Obama.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) lobbies to protect the sensitivities of Muslims seeking hate-laws for anything they label Islamophobia.  They want those that express concern for Islam, in any fashion, to feel guilty for their thoughts.   Muslim clerics living among those who chose the UK or America to escape the oppression in many areas of the Middle East are asking, preaching in fact, not to assimilate, to not become part of America or their new free homeland.  They insist that Islam is Islam and the only constitution for Muslims is Islamic Law (Shari’a). They are supporters of multiculturalism as a mechanism that enables them to preserve the culture of Islam where it had heretofore not been dominant.  Globalization is a potential outcome which embodies an avenue to All for Allah Global dominance. Of course they fear the spread of modernity will dilute their true calling.

With the freedoms America enjoys comes practices that are objectionable to many faiths, not just Islam.  Christians too! It reflects also on the sinful nature of all people. The Islamists see America as a haven for immorality and debauchery.  As with Rome and the British Empire, America has become more a pagan cesspool objectionable to God.  From its pinnacle it is subject to decline.  The Islamists wish to advance that decline.  The economic success of America has caused problems. With success came a powerful nation that sought to impose its democracy on other countries.  Many Muslims see America’s strength a cause for the poverty in the Middle East.  America took away opportunities for Muslims using the tools of capitalism (which need to be identified).  Greed prevailed.  But democracy makes the citizen of America a tool also of the outcome of any misguided leaders of a Nation.  Islam wants America to feel guilty for their problems.  We cannot let that happen.  1400 years of the Muslim Crusade has not made the Middle East much better than it was in the 7th Century.  That is not the case where Christianity expanded.  In addition the fundamentalist Islamists, political Islam, envisions a 7th Century existence on-going for the followers of Allah and Muhammad. That is the concept of Islam embraced by the radicals and the many scholarly that teach Islam.

As voters electing its rulers, the citizen has responsibility for the actions of the ruler. America is a diverse melting pot of people of all colors, persuasions, ideologies, and religions.  It is a tolerant sea of humans, not all godlike, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, Mormon, Wiccan or atheist.  It exemplifies a collection of free-willed thinking persons.

Middle East – Oil – USA

The Middle East became important to America because of oil.  America became important to the Middle East because of America’s productivity and need for oil.  Supply and demand for oil met across the Atlantic in the deserts bordering the Arabian/Persian Sea.  Saudi Arabia and Iran were providers of this black gold after WWII in a rather dominant way. Purchases made these countries wealthy, at least their rulers, enabling them to spread their diatribe of All for Allah.  Eliminating any who aren’t ‘All for Allah’ has been a common activity in the middle east. Gaining a foothold in any power structure can lead to the employment of barbaric methods to decrease those opposed and increase supporters (willingly or not) for Islamist cries of superiority.

To have a presence and influence in the ME region America supported autocratic leaders that were not the perfect example of what Allah would have wanted.  They were seen as puppets.  The Shah in Iran, Nasser and Sadat in Egypt, military authority in Algeria, Ghadafi in Libya, and Hussein in Iraq were more valuable to America than to Islam.  The Saudi’s allowing an American airbase in the country is seen by Islamists as cooperating with America and thus mitigating the purity of Islam.

What clearly dilutes the purity of Islam for those who preach, teach and lead is their penchant for making personal financial gains at the expense of their followers and succumbing to the sins of society when out of view of their homelands.  They sin most on the territory they most want destroyed; also behind the doors of their own dwellings. Haram lives. Muslims live it.  There is a preference even by the most extreme to live in a free, modern society where the creature comforts have evolved into more than a dirt floor, a dwelling warmed by the burning of camel dung, proper utensils with which to eat, safe foods and peaceful neighborhoods.

Crusader Jewish Alliance

Israel and its Jewish inhabitants are also a target for Islamists.  The association and friendship between America and Israel makes Islamists mad. Bernard Lewis called it “the Crusader Jewish Alliance.”  Located as a State in the Middle East since 1948 this democratic nation is a thorn for Muslims wanting a purely Islam Arabian Peninsula. There is a hatred of Jews going back to Muhammad in Medina and noted in the Quran.  The association with America caused Khomeini to label the USA the Great Satan and Israel, Little Satan. But until Israel was granted land to become a Jewish State the Arabs never understood the limited extent of their involvement.   It has become useful to have, however, a primary target for their hatred nearby.

Islam’s nations supported Nazi’s against Jews.  They have continued to support anti-Semitism in Europe, oft suggesting the problems between Islam and Europe exist because Israel exists.  They have convinced many in the EU of that potential.  It is a deception.  They seek support for that deception in exchange for the oil Europe desperately relies upon from the middle east.

Global Media Attention

Success in attacks against the West provide world media attention which the fundamentalists find meaningful in bringing their cause to the forefront. Their cause is to insure where Islam dominates it adheres to Islamic Law in the strictest sense.  The moral lifestyle prescribed must be universal.  America’s success and world influence is regarded as debauched and decadent.  It is not what Allah wants or wills. Where Muslim thinking is more tolerant, more moderate, the leaders become supporters of modernity (the influence of an economic and free society), agreements are made (to include allowing American bases on their land) that provide mutual benefits.  Peace if often the common objective, as well as protecting economic resources.

The fundamentalists feel strengthened when on the world stage, engendering fear in the lands they want purified.  As a target America may not become the victim as much as the Muslims who are seen as heretics, apostates, of their true faith by giving in to an evolving world that allows freedom.  Killing Americans, collateral damage for the cause, may be fewer in number than the Muslims killed, those who are failing to live up to Sharia standards.  The standards most subscribed to by the Islamists were established by the Wahhabists and are exemplified in Saudi Arabia.  But killing any infidel, such as the violent acts recently making news in Australia, or France, or San Bernardino or making a display of Islam as the superior and only religion (only as desired by the Islamic fundamentalists), even by filming severing of the heads of dissenters or infidels (including children), the Islamists are warning the world they are coming and their plan is obvious.


America the Beautiful Target

It was mainly after WWII that America became the focus. It was the only large nation that was not suffering the pangs of the massive destruction caused by the war. It remained economically viable and intact.  Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Russia were surrounding by rubble.  They needed to be rebuilt.  The United States initiated the Marshall Plan.  America never took the position of conquerors and wanting only their ideology to be imposed.  Would an Islamic victor have done the same?

In war Germany did not like America.  Germany’s Hitler did not want Jews.  Islam saw the Nazi regime as supporters of a common belief.  With oil and post-war activities America was more open to the Middle East.  Middle Easterners began to visit, do business and study in the USA. Our lifestyle was put on display. Movies and TV brought America to the Middle East. In an attempt to make its mark Russia made moves into the Middle East, to include Egypt.  They labeled America as their competition and with the Cold War evidenced a dislike for the American enterprise system and presence in the world.  To keep an eye on developments America, from Eisenhower to Obama, has been trying to understand the Arabs and the Asian Muslims, their nations, their sovereignty and their religion. Their methods, altering postures and inconsistencies were frustrating to the Islamists. America still does not understand Islam.  After WWII in areas like Iran and Afghanistan western style clothing was more common than Burka’s or Hijabs seen on their women today.  Progress made in those areas towards an open society has been forced back into the ages of ignorance by the Khomeini, the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

A scholar from Egypt, Sayyid Qtub, traveling to the USA to study (1948-1950) returned to Egypt to become a fundamentalist activist.  He sensed America’s influence in the ME would endanger the basics of Islam by bringing modern-day thinking and materiality which would corrupt Islam. His affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood and anti-government activism, a plot to assassinate Nasser, landed him in prison more than once.  He eventually was sentenced to death (1966).  But his words are still heard today.  Osama Bin Laden agreed with his principles.

Oil enriched Saudi Arabia, especially after the 1973 oil embargo, who then became an active financier for spreading Islam.   In 1945 only 21.3 million barrels of oil were extracted in Saudi Arabia.  In 1965 it had grown to 804.8 million and 1975 it was 2,582.5 million barrels.  With oil came wealth and funds available for other purposes, primarily the growth and spread of Wahhabism.  A portion of the gross receipts for oil was spent each year to build mosques and schools (madrasas) to expand Islam (Wahhabism) worldwide.  Since 1975 over 2000 mosques have been constructed in the United States. Madrasas were also financed by the Saudi’s along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border where Taliban were taught (1980’s).  Osama Bin Laden studied and worshipped in a Wahhabis mosque. Seventy-six percent (76%) of the mosques in America (now over 2100) were constructed after 1980.  The first large-scale influx of Muslims to the USA came in 1965.  The haven America has become for many Muslims because of freedom of religion has also become a problem for the Islamists.  They want to stop any way possible American Muslims from becoming Westernized.  They will infiltrate, teach, use money to control their ways, and train them to become activists for their cause.  They have also discovered a presence in the United States, with patience, may help their eventual global objective of a world All for Allah.

America is a target.  We must protect our shores from the encroachment of Islam.  Where we see a Nation with a diversity of religions, the Muslims see the world as a Religion, only Islam, with a diversity of Nations.  Where Islam in a Nation is not pure the Islamist will engage in war (directly, subversively or with terrorist acts) commanded by Allah and the Prophet until the landscape of that nation is cleansed.  From the Muslim Holy Land, the Hijaz, the area of Saudi Arabia encompassing Mecca and Medina, west to the Red Sea, which now bans infidels, to the Arabian Peninsula, then on to the Middle East, the Asian Muslim countries, Eurasia and so on the fundamentalist will patiently engage in battles killing the infidels, Non-Muslim and Muslim, cleaning up one nation at a time.

Islam’s House Divided

If you want to see where the Islamists are most active look to Iraq today, to Iran since the Iranian Revolution (1979), the battles ongoing in Syria (between Muslims factions and sects), in Afghanistan with the Taliban and to locales where Al Qaeda (to include the Muslim Brotherhood) is spreading. Yemen also. Libya since Benghazi has become a wasteland without direction and now the Islamic State is building training camps and staging areas for their future conquests.  America remains a target to obtain media recognition while the wars continue in the immediate areas for change, mostly in the Middle East and potentially Afghanistan (if Obama pulls out all troops – Iraq is the example).

The fighting dictated by the Quran may never end, not even in the Dar al Islam, as the definition of true Islam is subject to ongoing debate among scholars (ulema), students, teachers, leaders and the Mufti’s.  The house of Islam, I contend, will always be divided.

Egypt has been through turmoil these past several years and has recently elected a new President (El Sissi) who vows to keep the Islamist out of his country. His target is anything associated with the Muslim Brotherhood which he recognizes as a force for Islamism in the extreme.  History may have begun in Egypt, for all we know; its traditions and history are of great importance to the world.  Thousands and thousands of years passed without one Muslim in Egypt.  It was after Muhammad died that warriors for Allah, the Prophet and a new religion expanded beyond the Arabian Peninsula into Egypt.  Conversion was forced upon the populace. The Arab influence is well entrenched today among the pyramids and the burial ground of pharaoh’s.  Is it, should it or must it be, a theocracy – a nation All for Allah?  El Sissi’s predecessor Morsi said ‘yes’, but the Arab Spring youth, and now El Sissi say ‘no.’  Social Media when allowed tells the world all people, especially our youth, want to be free and independent. There is great diversity of interests, beliefs and desires.  Will Egypt be only Muslim? Will the Copts have a say and be able to grow and build new churches?  Will the Muslim Brotherhood Islamist be back?

The Future

This is much to contemplate as to the future.  Certainly the bullseye on the America target is our freedom. To the Islamist, as a Christian Nation, which is not the case, the ills of our society are a reflection on the Christian infidel and justification by Islamists for their eradication.  To purify the world may be an objective, but one tainted with the reality that such a goal is impossible.  Not even the most ardent Islamic scholar can erase the evil inside of man.  Human’s have a penchant to sin.  It is an inherent weakness of the human condition, even though this may be disputed by the fundamentalist Islamists who believe Muslims are born sin-free.  Their salvation is no different than that of any other member of the world – i.e. mankind.  They must die to their sin nature first, accepting they are not pure, are not superior, and accept the forgiveness God provided through his only Son, Christ (God-incarnate), who took the punishment we deserve for our crimes against Him.  The Cross is the symbol of overcoming sin, and the Resurrection, overcoming death.  The Resurrection is proof of Christ’s divinity, and God’s forgiveness for all sins for those who believe in their hearts Christ’s sacrifice was for their benefit and voice their conviction in their belief.  America is a symbol for the Islamists of God’s Grace, right or wrong, and their denial of the truth of the Bible makes them bitter and hateful.  Are they being guided by a false prophet and a deceiver, yet cannot see, or are precluded from seeing, what is the truth.  The Islamist will put a target on the back of any who disagree with their ideology.  The Islamist makes hatred a condition for all Muslims, it is the example of Muhammad, which gives the male the power to engage his evil nature to the max, thinking Allah is a god that allows and honors their vitriol.

Muhammad is like the politician that paints a beautiful picture of hell, as a paradise, a garden of pleasures and delights, until you vote choosing hell over heaven.  Only then you realize the distortions preached, which may be too late.

Grace and Peace.


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