A Warning to the World from Tunisia

UI – Part 332 – A Warning to the World from Tunisia

A Warning to the World from Tunisia

Tunisia may be the only success emerging from the Arab Spring. The people voted to form a secular government expressing by popular vote a desire to live free from the black banner of Islamism. But, on Thursday (6/25/2015) at a beach resort in Sousse, Tunisia Islamic Terrorists attacked with Kalashnikovs killing 37. The same day there were terrorist attacks in France and Kuwait.  In March (3/18/2015), tourists (20) visiting the Bardo Museum, Tunis, Tunisia, were gunned down. The murderers affiliation with Al Qaeda or ISIS matters little.  What matters is that extremists took aim at innocents warning their Country, “You will not live in safety as long as Tunisia is not ruled by Islam” (Boubakr Hakim, known as Abu Moqate, a prominent Tunisian militant).  Said in terms most demonic and vicious, with action taken, this statement should be heard and acknowledged, especially in tolerant areas not now dominated by Islam.


Tunisia (Algeria to the West, Libya to the East)


It’s a warning to Europe, the EU, the United Nations, to Canada and to America.  Wherever you live, if free, expect horrific proclamations of Islam’s superiority to come to a museum, mall, theater, public square or other location. Islam isn’t a religion, it’s an ideology, and it is not an ideology of peace.  No religion, no God, would order such destruction and the taking of lives of unsuspecting, unarmed, caring, inquisitive, and tolerant people willing to visit a public place as part of a peaceful pluralistic group.

Where there are Muslim majorities with symptoms of wanting a better way to live, than Islam under Shari’a, terrorist acts impose fear.  It is easy for the armed insurgents of Allah to move among their own without suspicion. The cleansing of cultural Muslims not avid in their ideological roots is done to ensure only the Allah of the most deceptive and demonic rules. Islam is Islam is Islam.  Even President Erdogan of Turkey makes this statement clear.  There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim.  The more moderate, the one who moves away from the tenants and literal interpretation of the Quran, Islam’s history, and teachings are exposing their necks to the sword of Muhammad.  They too are infidels, heretics, apostates drifting from the basics.  To drift is to doubt and thus to die.

Incomprehensible Evil

We are faced with an evil beyond comprehension.  Many among those living today in Muslim dominated countries cannot fathom the depth of despair they must suffer, the lack of hope or joy that prevails, and the Laws that compel them to bow to Allah and the authorities – or suffer severe consequences.  Any form of dissent can result, once exposed, to a jail sentence of an undefined term or the disappearance of a loved one without explanation.  The landscape of Islam is as a cemetery covering hundreds of thousands who have been murdered in Allah’s name.

The Mistaken Acceptance of Islam

Political Islamist fundamentalists seeking to have their way as the only way continue to show the world, through their ongoing commitment to atrocities, the danger of Islam’s presence anywhere. Moderate Muslims, too, if not strict adherents to the conscripts of Islam, are fodder for the bombs, knives, swords, AK-47’s, and whatever weapon of Islam that can be brought to bear in an effort to exterminate the infidels (heretics too).

In free countries, the West, any acceptance of Islam is a mistake. Free people must be on guard. Sympathetic to common law when a minority, Muslims are reminded daily they are Muslim and their only objective is a world All for Allah.  Mosques and schools (madrassas) are meeting grounds where the reminders are constant.  Organizations, such as the OIC, from the lands of the Shahadah, bring money from oil to soften attitudes, alter Islam’s history and mute the militant means towards ideological imperialism, enabling this deceptive (da’wa) cancer to find a foundation upon which to metastasize.  The efforts are masked in politically correct terms such as ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘cultural equalization.’  As the numbers increase so do the cries of persecution and requests for Islamic Law.  Hints of the import of Islam into a new world arise with Halal foods being dispensed and the general resistance of Muslims to assimilate. To be kind to neighbor and tolerant as a human trait is not the same for a Muslim. The Quran tells Muslim not to be friends of non-Muslims.  Love of neighbor does not exist in their Scripture.

Coming to America

America is in the early stages of the progression of Islam to more intrusive levels.  The numbers are small as a percentage of the whole, and low when compared to European Nations where the Muslims are increasing in numbers, in some areas dramatically.  America must learn from what has transpired over time in the EU and know that this will occur here too, unless steps are taken to curb the growth, and if not growth the presence and enabling of political Islam to organize Muslim-Americans for purposes that are antithetical to our Constitution.  It is a concern when our Attorney General and President (Obama) call for restrictions on free speech considered a violation of the safety of Muslims.  The percentage of hate speech towards Muslims is significantly less than towards Jews, yet we have heard nothing from the AG or Obama about imposing similar restrictions in that area.  What gives?

Parents of Muslim children in America came here, for the most part, to become better educated and stayed.  There were fewer mosques and madrassas at the time.  They were cultural Muslims with a greater connection with the countries they came from than Islam.  Their heritage was their homeland.  Most were not obedient in their religious practices and more secular in nature.  American laws were obeyed and they lived in communities with non-Muslims as their numbers were small and the alternative, a community of Muslims, was not readily available. America became their country because of the opportunities for education and employment.  As their children became teens and more American they found the parents too rigid and less accepting of American values born from the freedoms we enjoy.  The parents found the independent nature of the kids less to their liking as they became disobedient and disrespectful.  Not equipped to teach the ideology of Islam they sought out Islamic education centers, preferring them over the public school system, believing also the kids would learn from the Imams to respect their elders.  Today there are more and more mosques and madrassas to provide the education they sought.  The Islam the children learn, along with a general curriculum to equip them for higher education, was more intensive and broader than what the parents understood and accepted.  As world tensions increased because of radical Islamic terrorist acts Americans became more aware of Muslims here and the Muslims, especially the children of immigrants, felt a greater need to stand-up for their ideology, not just from the foundation their parents provided, but because of the studies and deeper sense of being Islamic they developed in the Islamic education centers.

Muslims-Americans are becoming more unified.  With support from various Islamic organizations, here and from overseas, they are encouraged to protest and speak out whenever they sense Islam is being maligned, even when questioned or challenged as to the hate filled Scripture of their ideology that calls for jihad against the infidel. The infidel is anyone who resists the spread of Islam.  They are the aggressors and provide justification, when a Muslim is provoked in the slightest way, for retaliation, even of a violent nature.

From the children of the early Muslim immigrants will evolve a body politic for more Islamic practices and policies to be adopted by Congress.  The events in Tunisia, coupled with the San Bernardino shooting by a home grown and immigrant jihadist, as well as the disregard for islamic terrorism by Obama, who continues to soft peddle the truth, is worrisome indeed.  There are warning signals.

Heed the warnings

Grace and Peace








Grace and Peace

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