Theocracy – Evil Among and Within

UI – Part 342 – Evil Among and Within – Theocracy

Evil of Theocracy

There is evil in the world.  There is evil near and far, from neighborhood to classroom to city, State, Government, Nations and ideology. There always seems to be a bully.  But when the bully  is determined to dominate, nothing, it too often seems, can stop them.  When the bully rules from a pulpit, beware.  And when the bully rules from the head of the Government, imposing, or cloaked and covered with the will of god, overseeing the lives and law of those governed as a theocracy, even greater evil can be spread.

Shintoism in Japan was an infection spread among the Japanese until after WWII.  The governed were required to be Shintoists.  The were taught, compelled and commanded to do as their Shinto leaders required.  It was a militaristic form of governance that invaded society and established as the norm a hateful heart for those wanting to be independent of the oppression of this singular ideology.  Military State Shintoism was removed, including its indoctrination in schools.  Within 8 years children did not know the difference and freedom of religion and tolerance by the Japanese emerged and peace became more commonplace.

Theocratic Islam Must End

This is what is needed in Islam controlled countries.  The mistake (by America) in Afghanistan was not remaining as a presence and requiring Islam not be incorporated as the rule of law (the Constitution), in the form of Sharia. A Constitution for all the people, all religions, atheists and agnostics, was needed where tolerance was thematic.  Teaching Islam in public schools should have been stopped and left to such teaching only in religious private schools. Each Muslim country that wants to change its attitude towards others, that is others that are not Muslim, but can include moderate Muslims, must remove Islam as a State Religion, to include indoctrination to Islam in public institutions.

My Islamophobia may consider Islam as evil, but what may be evil is a theocratic government.  If a government were controlled by the Vatican or the Protestant right-guard they may be as evil, as was the case often cited that engendered the Spanish Inquisition. ISIS and the ideal they hold of a Caliphate, basically a theocracy that governs the world order, may be the evil of Islam we are applying to all of Islam. I know I am.

Saudi Arabia is a theocracy; they remain quiet and hidden but are no less a Caliphate, just not overtly spreading their ideology.  They use surreptitious means, through the media they support and the schools (Madrassas, with Wahhabist curriculums) they financially support.   If goes to the Scripture of Islam – the Quran.

The fundamentalist Islamist dictate its followers to fight, to behead, to react violently and to not stop their hatred towards infidels until all the world is for Allah.  At the top of the world order would be Allah, but then a human leader is necessary, the example to be followed is that of the militant and selfish Muhammad. Under that leader are others who follow the rule of law they interpret from the Quran, such as did Abdul Wahab.  Wahhabism is practiced in Saudi Arabia. Every day there it seems beheadings are conducted as Allah has determined necessary, carried out by humans who consider Allah blessed what evil they do.  Is fairness part of this doctrine?  No, only the Sharia, only Allah’s rule as composed over hundreds of years after the death of a militant self-righteous murderer who Islamists hold in high esteem.  If you do not accept their way of life, their god Allah, their Quran inspired rule of law, then prepare to die.  Your church can be burned while the mosque next door hides those who locked the doors and lit the match, protected and praised.

Use Faith – Not Theocracy

“The difference between Muslims and other religious believers is that many Muslims still believe in the mixing of religion and politics, whereas the rest of the world now uses faith mainly as a moral compass, rather than a basis for legislation.” – Tarek Fatah ( The Toronto Sun, May 26, 2015, article: Muslims Won’t Listen to Hirsi Ali.). This is a quotation appropriate for wearing on T-shirts and placed on Billboards where allowed and possible.

Grace and Peace

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