Know the Prophets – Trust The Lord

UI – Part 316 – Know the Prophets – Trust The Lord

Trust the Lord

We recently completed a series on the Prophets and Swords.  Indeed the conclusion drawn is that except for Muhammad no prophet used the sword to advance his cause. Muhammad was self-proclaimed, whereas the others never anointed themselves.  They simply forecast one thing – the coming of Jesus Christ.  When that happened the prophesies were fulfilled. It was God that filled them with the words to guide and inform. Such was for the benefit of you and me.  What then was the need for Muhammad?  Certainly God had no need, as his informing the people through the Biblical prophets was to provide an evidentiary path to the Savior. Our Salvation was made possible.  Put your trust in the Lord.  Muhammad adds nothing to the forecast. But it was made clear that there would be false prophets – their claims would not be true.

Muhammad makes claims adverse to those of the God of the Bible through the true prophets.  He is not a new Moses. The Bible never forecast Muhammad’s presence; taken out of context Muhammad took on this mantel for himself.  But it was Christ of whom Moses spoke in Deuteronomy.  Muhammad is not the Counselor that would come after Christ died as written in the book of John.  That was the Holy Spirit.  Such claims are not the fulfillment of prophesy, but adopting for a selfish nature a grand posture that can only stand firm when those who may disagree or doubt are faced with the prospect of beheadings.  Thus the sword of Muhammad.

Web of Deceit

Those today who follow Muhammad’s example are caught in a web of deceit. A read of their own Scripture, the Quran, makes clear their god Allah is the best at deception. Certainly that is a fact as there are over a billion followers covered by the black flag of their motto, or proclamation to be a member of the black guard for Allah and Muhammad, a god and a mortal respectively, enabling them to murder with abandon and be justified.  They cover their faces to hide their part in the deception. They are deluded and also deceived. They fear for their lives as they fight for their prophet.

Whereas the Bible speaks of love and peace the Quran speaks of hatred and fighting.  If their eyes be open they may see the light, yet continue to fear the sword and the darkness.


Place your hope in the Lord, our God. He is the one that has done much for us, most importantly provided for our salvation. Christ died for the sins of mankind, all men. We are all sinners.  As a result we must be punished and made right in God’s eyes, but, only by God. That is his arena alone in which to prevail.  Omnipotent God assumed the sins of everyone on himself, as presented to the people in the form of Christ.  Jesus made us aware. He was pure, perfect, yet he accepted our punishment. He was our substitute.  Only God could do this for you and me – God incarnate.  Why, because he can be reborn, as made known, and as those who now believe are saved and have a future in the eternal kingdom, to be reborn themselves. Such is the good news. He forgave those who are predestined to know him of sins past, present and future. You will know if you know him.  He died from his wounds, was buried only to rise as proof to fulfill God’s claim that death can be overcome, humans restored and their spiritual nature resurrected.  The devil will eventually be marginalized, along with his subscribers, relegated to a place of horrific consequences.  Peace will be restored.  Christ will come again.

The New Adam

The world was formed in perfect harmony only to have Satan enter and change the hearts of humans.  Temptations too great darkened the soul and allowed impurities to flow.  God was not defeated and has made the restoration of man, like an old automobile, possible.  A heart for God, a goal of obedience, an effort to deal with an inherent sinful nature, and a quest to live a life for him who died for you, is all that is asked.  God’s will is not to be imposed using a sword.  This is the error, the evil, the misdirection, and the demonic influence that has stolen Muhammad’s heart and those who follow him for his purposes, not God’s.  Muhammad is as the fallen Adam still struggling with his identity, living in darkness, hiding in corners and creating killing fields from those who might otherwise have or discover God’s unconditional love. The Arab Middle East is as a landfill under which are bodies, the bodies of all those who opposed Muhammad and the Islamists that followed using their swords to extirpate all they could who were not in accord with their interpretations. Weapons, symbolized by the sword, are employed to reduce the dissenters and grow Satan’s army. Whereas Christ is the new Adam, who made joy and hope possible with a voluntary peaceful solution, the only sword that of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, as the means to alter the heart, mind and soul for the One who is true. Accept your sin nature, atone and see the path before you.  It will be made obvious.

Ressurection 01

Listen to God

Thru His Book, the Book of the People, the Bible, every reader can have a relationship with God.  It is God speaking to us. Listen.  Just listen.  The words, if read aloud, are His words.

Grace and Peace.

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