Organization of Non-Islamic Cooperation (ONIC)

UI – Part 337 – Organization of Non-Islamic Cooperation

The Organization of Non-Islamic Cooperation (ONIC) does not exist, but maybe it should.  What does exist is the OIC, or the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.  We have written about this in the past.  That posting was on February 18, 2015. (Read the article)


In summary the OIC, representing and funded by 56-57 Islamic Countries, seeks to establish an Islamic presence, with all the accompanying ideological facets of Islam in play, in non-Muslim areas.  Free Countries are under attack in a subversive holy jihad fashion.  Quoting the aforementioned 2/28 blog, The OIC’s goal: “To protect those of their ideology they strive (part of their holy jihad) to ensure these Muslims remain true to their culture and that the countries in which they reside cause no harm or impact the self-esteem of the followers of Allah and Muhammad.”  Consider ‘harm’ in terms of ‘persecution’ which then is labeled ‘Islamophobia.’  They encourage residents to ignore the Constitution of their new homeland in favor of Sharia Law.  They want their kind to avoid assimilation as not to be subjected to the environment of a free land that could cause an aversion to the dictates of Islam, making their subjects less Islamic, or even cause them to convert to another less restrictive and oppressive ideology or religion.  Secularism and Christianity are the worst as they allow freedom, even, as in the case for Christianity, the foundations of that faith are similar and quoted in the Scripture of Islam.

Evidence of the influence of the OIC is present in the leaders of the European Union and Washington, DC.  The OIC favors negative attitudes towards Israel, anti-semitism, and supports causes that promote continued hatred of Jews and the occupying presence of Israel in the Middle East. They have been effective and objective minds have been attacked as a resistance to the progress and intent of Islam.  Those that resist the movement of Islam into new areas are considered the guilty party causing terrorist actions to be taken, even war by the Islamists, to defend their right to satisfy Allah’s command, spoken by Muhammad, to arrive to achieve a world All-for-Allah.

Allah – A Mystery

Never seen, a mystery, Allah had to share his directives through a third party, Gabriel, to a mortal meditating in caves. The directives became more militant, interestingly enough, as Muhammad’s army of marauding followers, rewarded with spoils from raids on commercial caravans, grew as well as their numbers in society.  As a minority the posture of the Muhammad followers was to be compliant and nice to their neighbors, to include the non-followers (Christians, Jews, Pagans as secularists, etc.), but as they approached a majority, and more so once in the majority, the posture became more insistent that the practices as prescribed by Allah’s mouthpiece (and I suggest peppered with his own wants and desires) be fully engaged.  Convert or die.  Convert or pay a tax to be protected.  Dissent and die.  Leave the army of Muhammad and die.

Caliphs After Muhammad

The Caliphate that evolved after the death of Muhammad, as well as the Scripture that was prepared for the followers, became the means by which Islam’s occupying nature was established.  The Caliphate became the control mechanism, the overlords and overseers of the demands of Muhammad, an ideology presented in the form of a religion with their god Allah. The Scripture was necessary as the Bible was the Book of the People, a substitute was sought, thus the Quran.  It was to be the Book of the People of Islam.  It was a guide, a military manual, a warning to non-followers and a justification by god, to conduct business as Muhammad would have it.  From a Religion of Peace when in a minority in Mecca, to an ideology of war as occupiers of Medina, Islam was founded.

The Voice of Islam

The OIC wants to restore the Caliphate.  Not to be viewed as militant as ISIS or Al Qaeda, the OIC wants the same, however, a single voice for all of Islam.  The OIC is the vocal chords of the Islamic world powers with the money and influence to advance Islam.

An Opposing Voice

The ONIC would then be the opposing entity.  It only makes sense to have two sides to a debate.  Certainly the OIC sees all opposites as Islamophobic, but that is their nature – any dissent is wrong and needs to be resisted, countered, or exterminated.  But that is not free world thinking.  The United States, Great Britain, France, Latin American Countries, Italy, Canada, South Africa, Mexico, Japan, and many more can and should join the cause of the ONIC.  Let them become, more that the UN who has been greatly tainted by the OIC, the platform for freedom and resistance to the progression of Islam and its desire for cultural equalization.

Cultural Equality a Myth

Cultural Equalization is in truth a falsehood.  It is aimed at subverting free speech.  Established Constitutions, freedom of religion, national pride and patriotism are being attacked under the guise of multiculturalism.  Multiculturalism favors establishing strong pockets of Islamists that can then grow in numbers, becoming ever stronger.  As they grow they seek positions in local and national governments to have their voice heard, their objections to freedom aired, and their suppressive policies enacted.  The ONIC would become the other end of the see-saw to balance the programs of the seditious Islamists. The ONIC must function as the true weight of freedom and take Islam out of any national discussion.  It must be the force of resistance established to thwart any further progress of Islam.  It must be the force of resistance to bring a practical reality of what freedom means to all people, men, women and the poor, and the opportunities a world without Islam provides.

Grace and Peace

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