War with Iran – Yes or No?

UI – Part 346 – War with Iran – Yes or No?

Obama claims without saying ‘yes’ to the Agreement with Iran, despite concerns for inspections and trustworthiness, there will be war with Iran.

When Carter was President the threat of a military response if the American hostages were harmed kept them safe. The Khomeini listened then. Mentioning Carter memories of 1979 arise – the Iranian Revolution and the taking of American hostages in Tehran.  Since that time Iran has effectively been at war with America, wary however of our might.

Consider the outcomes – No versus Yes

NO – If Congress says ‘no’, it’s upheld, will there be war?  Obama is more prone to rhetoric than conflict (a dove). The economic sanctions remain. Iran’s role in Syria will continue. A renewed arms race will be checked at the door. Iran’s strength in the Middle East will not be automatically enhanced. Israel and Saudi Arabia will be pleased and feel less threatened by Iran.  It is assumed Iran will continue to develop a nuclear weapon.  Yet all along Iran has said their activities have been for peaceful purposes, energy uses, not military uses.  Did we trust Iran on that statement?  Then how can we trust Iran under the conditions of a nuclear Agreement?  And if they are successful in their pursuit, proof of their lies confirmed, who will stand ready to stop them?  Israel? America? Saudi Arabia?  An Iranian nuke has potential to do more harm in the Middle East, Israel, Europe and Russia, than in America. The objective of a world All for Allah will continue with imperialism focused on building a theocracy, a Caliphate, and for Iran that would be a Shiite Caliphate.  We will not be surrendering our freedom to a Country that hates us.  Know this, though, negotiations can continue with the prospect of a less dovish President on the horizon which may be a concern to Iran. And maybe we will get the 4 hostages, whom Obama seems reluctant to mention, back home.

YES – Congress says ‘no’, as expected, Obama vetoes and sufficient Democrats enable the veto to stand.  Iran receives billions of dollars.  How will that money be used?  There is the possibility (expectation) what would otherwise be for their economy will be diverted to the terrorist extension of Iran, Hezbollah or Hamas, even al Qaeda. Money will go to increasing their military weapons arsenal. The Quds Force, a well-trained army dedicated to the mission as expressed by the Khomeini, to include ‘Death to America’ and the eradication of Israel, will be emboldened, growing in size and power while our military is reduced. The commander, Soleimani (a designated terrorist), will be given a pass.  Iran becomes stronger, economically and militarily, not just within the boundaries of the Middle East.  Russia, China, Europe and even the United States will sell Iran military equipment.  A worldwide arms race will be rekindled. Iran will continue to develop a missile delivery system.  Iran may stop most of the centrifuges and discard materials already enhanced and of concern to the negotiators. Nuclear facilities inspections will be conducted by the Iranians. The IAEA will examine materials provided from sites designated. Imagine the fraternity members of Animal House allowed to grade their own Blue Books.  According to Obama the universe would avoid the possibility of a war with Iran.  But if they lie, who will admit it, prove it or how long will it be before we realize it?  Will it then be back to Vienna? Or will multiple bunker busters be needed and released upon the suspected sites of a new economic world power?

Either way war is possible. Nukes will not be needed to bring war to the doorstep of Iran.   Why is Obama’s argument palatable to Democrats?  If contemplating war with Iran, which would you prefer, a weak Iran or a strong Iran (nuclear weapons or not)?  It is the money and the conventional military arms that will increase Iran’s world stature, not the nukes.  Islam proclaims superiority over any other belief.  Shiite declares superiority over Sunni and Sunni over Shiite.  To the victor goes the ability to speak for Muhammad and Allah.  It is neither a loving God nor a Biblical God they represent.  It is Muhammad and Allah as the referenced example and force proclaiming they maintain autocracies and not democracies. Hatred towards non-Muslims will continue.

Whose War?

It may not be America’s war. But by going ahead with the Obama Agreement we will be enhancing a terrorist nation confronting the entire world.

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