Immigration – Europe’s Problem and Potentially Ours

UI – Part 347 – Immigration – Europe’s Problem and Potentially Ours

Having recently traveled to Europe I was faced with an immigration problem greater than America’s.  Flowing from the Middle East and other war ravaged areas a predominance of Muslims are traveling across the Mediterranean and from the East into European countries.  Hungary is faced with emigrants from Serbia (Kosovars).  African emigrants are arriving in Italy and France.  As water flows to areas more welcoming, downstream versus upstream, migrants seek locations where they are comfortable with the language and receive the most immediate financial benefits.

Open Borders

Open borders is considered a progressive, compassionate and welcoming action for those disenfranchised in their own countries, or seeking gainful employment not available in their homeland. Much has changed over the years, to the extent that one of the more receptive and generous Countries, Sweden, is experiencing the growth of a political party seeking greater self-identification, a statement of National Pride and closing or restricting their border to illegals.  Hungary is constructing a barbed wire fence on its border with Serbia.  At the entrance to the Eurotunnel in Calais, France many immigrants have gathered in a make-shift tent complex seeking transport into the United Kingdom.  The UK offers immediate benefits, including generous health care provisions, and is a desired end point for the displaced.  However it has become a problem and the ease of entry is being thwarted.

Europe’s indigenous population is being impacted by the ease of movement across borders.  The flow from outside the European Union has reached crisis proportions.  There is insufficient employment and job displacement.  Welfare systems are being burdened.  The impact is greatest on the locals whose tax dollars are being stretched thin as the percentage of government expenditures to cope with growing numbers of non-citizens increases unexpectedly.  Tempers are flaring.  National pride is rising and the concern becomes one of identity.

Host Countries

The welcoming Countries, the Host Countries, are having a change of heart.  Are they losing their position in the world and morphing into a ploy seeking a totally balanced arena where everyone is to be the same.  Is there evolving a Stepford World engendered by political correctness gone amok.  For the Islamists this is a favorable step towards a world all for Allah, as it is their desire that all earthly territory be under Allah and Sharia Law.  Recognizing that Muslims have a tendency to not assimilate, creating compounds and pockets of their culture within the boundaries of their new Host, the fabric of the Host is being altered.  It would be assumed that seeking asylum would mean wanting to adopt a new homeland and all of its history, language and culture. Instead pressure is bring brought to bear to nullify any negativity towards the ideology of Islam, to adopt its culture and recognize their separation from the constitutional elements of the Host.  The success is evident in modifications to public school curriculums, and the growth of Islamic education, worship and cultural centers that strongly emphasize maintaining an ever increasing base to change the Host to be more like the immigrant.

Islam’s Crusade

The 1400 year crusade of Islam, curtailed at the Battle of Tours (732) and the Battle of Vienna (1683), is now finding the territory of Europe open.  The conquest desired is now at hand.  The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has offices nearby the EU headquarters, in Washington, and elsewhere to counter attempts promoting National identities in favor of Multiculturalism, Cultural Identification and Global Equalization.  They are well funded. Oil was a gift from Allah giving Islam a resource needed for the conquests for their faith. They seek a unified world order under the banner of Islam.  Unify first, make it all look the same, and then allow Islam to grow displacing unbelievers as called for in their Scripture.  Those resisting their progress are seen as the aggressors who are attempting to thwart Allah’s Will.  Islamists are  justified in their methods, be they devious, surreptitious or overt, peaceful or violent.

There is change afoot.  Some say it’s too late. Host Countries must become more insistent that those living within their borders speak their language, learn their history, obey their laws, and come to realize if they are Muslims, either they become moderate (which many Islamists insist is heretical) or find a way to be a citizen of their new country and not the world.

A Warning

What is happening across the pond should be a warning to America.

Grace and Peace

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