Age of Ignorance

UI – Part 305 – Age of Ignorance

Age of Ignorance

Islam has been in existence since the days of Muhammad.  The last 20 years of his life covered the period of his acceptance and promotion of his one god – Allah.  The earliest years he was in Mecca.  There he was subjected to requests to stop his constant proselytizing as it was disruptive to the tolerance and acceptance of pluralism at that time.  If he was open minded he would have continued to worship as he preferred, even encourage others, however his want was the monotheistic religion of his choice as he deemed appropriate for everyone. He referred to the nature of the mix of religions, with a significant pagan population, as the Age of Ignorance.

From Peace to Aggression

Feeling persecuted and wanting to cleanse the Arab Peninsula of this perceived plague of wanton desires for anything but Allah he departed Mecca for another city (Many scholars question Mecca as the proper geographic home of the birth of Islam).  Ending up in Yatrib (Medina) he found a location where he could launch his religion of submission.  In Mecca he had only a small following; he was thus reserved and more peaceful.  When in Medina he was able to grow a body of companions. Needing money he choose to raid caravans and grow his treasury.  Raiding was a common practice, a sport, a game, among the Arab tribes.  It was their method to escape boredom and to enjoy pleasures, to include satisfaction of their sexual needs, as well as the possessions of others.  Being part of a raiding party, a new tribe established by Muhammad, enabled the sharing of the spoils.  Muhammad took 1/5, claiming it was not just for him but for Allah also. Emboldened by a growing army and tribe designated as followers of Allah, Muhammad became more aggressive.  His position was becoming one of strength and not weakness (as was the case in Mecca).

With a developing army and Muhammad’s insistence on loyalty, his sword wielded at the throat of any who choose not to continue to follow, peace among a gathering of ignorant pagans and idol worshippers was about to end.  Muhammad would strike out, vengeance on his mind for the treatment he received in his home town.  Recorded in the Quran (Sura 9:29) is the benefit to those who are superior. The weak will suffer.  Muhammad was intent on having the upper hand and taking down Mecca, making the entire populace convert or be killed. His army would be the superior force with Allah (god) on their side.

1400 Years of the Islamic Crusade

For 1400 years much of the world has experienced the ‘perfect example’ of Muhammad as the ultimate terrorist. Untold numbers have fallen at the sword, knife or modern weapon in the hands of terrorizing Islamists.  Muhammad made provisions for the way he led his life, recorded as they are in the Quran, to allow for many wives, his choice of women, his breaking of oaths, his pedophilia, deception permitted to achieve his goals, and more.  Allah gave Muhammad greater latitude in how he conducted himself than his followers.  This is true today for authorities in Muslim countries.  The Ignorance he condemned became nothing but his ignorance towards human rights, tolerance and respect for others.  From a male dominated society he exploited the selfish desires of men and grew an ideology with a god so as to cloak his beliefs as a religion; today it is Islam. It remains in the trenches of the days of Muhammad.  But it is not a faith.  Religion is defined by Alan West in a recent Counter Jihad Report (read more), “Religion is a manmade dogma, not a faith.”

The world has allowed this Islam dogma to expand.  The Crusades were condemned (failed after less than 200 years), yet Islam is but an on-going crusade of ruthless, barbaric practices that have 7th century roots and make blasphemous claims using Allah as god.  It is more Satanic than godlike. The Jinn of Islam is as a black covering of locusts’ intent on destroying the earth and covering it in ruin, economic disaster and the blood of the resistance. The Jinn is the army of Muhammad that continues to exploit the venom of vengeance against anything tolerant and peaceful – all in the name of Allah and Muhammad.

Ignorance of Muslims

Note that the expression of loyalty to this ideology, the Shahadah, is not in the Quran.  Also the call for prayer 5 times a day is not in the Quran.  The source of these acts of worship of the dogma of the Islam is a device of man wanting the army of ignorance to continue.  Are Muslims precluded from knowing these facts or do they also remain ignorant to the truth of what they call their religion?  If not for the violence and terror inherent in Islam would Muslims remain loyal?  Islamists are encouraged to proselytize while condemning such acts by non-believers. They instill fear and claims of persecution (aimed at Islam) towards those who profess a true faith (not in Islam). Are they concerned they may lose their edge having others realize the devious character of their religion is more that of the devil than the Lord. There is no hope and joy in Islam.  Why is that?

Moderates less Ignorant?

Are moderate Muslims less ignorant and more tolerant?  Possibly some.  There is a contingent that uses only the Quran as their guide.  Does that imply no Shahadah; no prayer 5 times/day.  Many purists see this contingent as non-Muslim; an infidel just as any other called Infidel.  Hadiths, which have framed the history of Islam and the life and sayings of Muhammad arrived on the world scene more than 200 years after the death of the prophet of Islam. A biography of Muhammad was written by a man born 75 years or so after the death of Muhammad. His name: Ibn Ishaq (704-761).  How would he know the life of Muhammad? These documents, not all intact, are the basis for the religion with many interpretations and a Scripture few can read and inconsistent as to the actual (pure Arabic supposedly) language used.

Heirs of Islam

Who are the rightful heirs to the dogma of Islam.  Are they intelligent or ignorant?  You decide.  The Age of Ignorance may be defined as the 1400 years of Islam when coupled with the teachings it imposes, the culture that has evolved and the vast numbers who follow, more victims  of an oppressed society than independent thinkers. Muhammad has taken advantage of the ignorant and led them to believe, as well as those who continue to teach and follow.

Grace and Peace.


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