Proselytize – Just Do it – Assured Salvation

UI – Part 255 – Proselytize – Just Do it.

Share Your Faith

My first thought for this blog was “Share Your Faith.” I encourage everyone to do so, except if in sharing you need to harm others to convince or convert them. Share your faith cordially, using words, apologetics, and the truth. “Faith comes from hearing.” That would be correct, but must be accompanied by ‘listening.’ You may hear the words, but it cannot be as noise, but as a sponge absorbing the discussion, understanding was is said. No need to accept, but to understand so that an intelligent response can be formulated.

For the Christian, from the Bible (Romans 10:17), the statement continues, “Faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the Word of Christ.” The Bible contains God’s Word, so if you read, and effectively listen, as if you spoke the words you were reading, you will, allowing yourself to absorb, hear God speak. His words spoken are without question the Truth. For why would God speak other than Truth?

Political Theater

Is there any reason to fear words spoken by another? If gullible, possibly, but apply our gift of intelligence, unless you are not capable, and upon hearing false claims logical opposition can be applied. Now there may well be claims that are devious, even deceitful, such as promises made by a pathological liar. “You can keep your idol, your god, and be saved – period.” This is not true.

Rewards or benefits offered may give a reason, selfish, not logical, to accept the promises or go along with the giver to enjoy the gifts. This is political or ideological theater at its finest. Degrade the opposition, regardless of inaccuracies; do anything to be victorious. Become a member of the welfare crowd for the hand-outs. Weakness, poverty, makes people vulnerable to their needs, not necessarily what is right.   When you have a constituency and support for your position, truth aside, maintaining status becomes important. Curb dissent. Pay-off the supporters. Buy support. Enrich your cronies. Fearing the words of others that are in opposition, containing greater truths, becomes a problem. It is not the truth that is important; it is the control, the power. As with politicians they study and practice for the power and position offered, whereas for the businessman, they study and practice for the financial rewards and the success of personal achievement. The politician relies on control (the Ruling Elite); the businessman relies on the marketplace, demand for what they offer, not for what they take from society and share.

Open Ears to Greater Truth

What does this have to do with proselytizing, or sharing your ideology? What is said in the marketplace, be it of a political, ideological or religious nature needs to be heard. Pluralism is inherent in an audience with a variety of views. But somewhere in the mix there is greater truth. By opening ears, hearts, minds and souls that truth, in a forum of free expression and thought, may well spread. The result is a better world. In areas of America, but other parts of the world as well, the Middle East in particular, culture has in many instances become a lid on the pot of ideas that could steam forth from a brew of many vegetables. Thinking appears limited, stuck, or suppressed. The eyes blindfolded. But, minds may not be closed; check where you live. If constrained by the weapons of those in power, by the pens of political appointees or elected officials drafting legislation and regulations, even laws, that curb freedoms or the rights of humans, you are being denied intellectual freedom. These acts are not gracious, but for the desires of the authors to allow continued growth of their support base. The base is all too often corrupted, suppressed and oppressed to remain dependent on those in power.


Islam Stops Those who Proselytize Alternatives

Stopping others from proselytizing has been the law of Islam since the days of the earliest Caliphs. It is a one-way street. Turning onto any street that is a pathway to the Eternal Kingdom not as defined by the ulema will be met with ‘STOP’ or acts of violence against the non-Muslim adherent by the forces of Muhammad inspired vigilantes for the Quran. It is political. This is not God’s intent, nor Allah’s Will. Let others speak. If a Muslim you may be enlightened by what you hear, learn, absorb, and take to heart. When Christians or Jews, or Buddhists or Hindus are engaged by Islamists wielding the weapons that can kill, it is not to serve Allah, although that is their claim (Allahu Akbar), but to vent their instilled hatred from false teachers. The Islamists are as bathhouse servants prepared to cleanse the brains of visitors to their mosques of objectivity. It may well be hypocrisy – taking the name of God in vain. They are then sinners subject to the wrath of God they deserve.

Exit the Dark

Have the strength to emerge from the shadow of repression when around the corner you know the light of truth shines. Basking in that light may not be easy. It often takes resistance, in some cases revolution, the ‘Arab Spring’ of a nation, to make others aware they are not alone in being prevented from hearing the truth and thus knowing the truth. A ground-swell may emerge of the faithful willing to be true to themselves, knowing God is their champion. Be guided by the Creator and the Scripture that is the Word of God. Let not the created, using laws designed for their purposes, instill fear in you for failing to follow the god of their lexicon. The light exposes the one upon whom the beam falls. Hold your head high. You will see the path to safety. It is not without obstacles, but it is knowable. In darkness you can hide or be hidden, but you can fall into the sewer of lies, deceit and corruption and be covered by the excrement of the contempt of the unworthy. The ordure of their hold over the minds of constrained constituents is often masked by an order to believe, to have faith, in a false god.


Ask yourself. Do I know where I will spend eternity if I die tonight? How can I be certain I will be Saved?

Then consider this. If you were to stand before God and asked why He should let you into his eternal kingdom, how would you answer?

The answers, the truth is available. If you do not know them, seek them. Assured Salvation is possible.

Thanks Be to God.

Grace and Peace


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