Jihad and the Crusades

UI – Part 300 – Jihad and the Crusades

Muslim Hatred – From the Start – Why the Crusades?

There were Islamic conquests in the name of Allah (god) well before the Crusades

Religious Zealots

There have been tragedies historically caused by the most fundamental religious zealots. Jews have killed Christians, Christians have killed Jews, and Muslims have killed all but Muslims (well Muslims too considered infidels by opposing tribes), especially Jews and Christians.

The Jews of antiquity disliked all who would not follow the dictates of the Pharisees and those that arose as self-proclaimed prophets would be eliminated. The proclamations made by them would end and their following would cease. When Peter escaped (set free by an angel after imprisoned by Herod – Acts 12), the Jews felt his claims about Jesus would die-out, just like others before him who followed a charismatic leader who opposed the practices and dictates of the Jewish hierarchy. But we now know the rest of the story as Christ became a savior whose resurrection provided proof of his divine nature and the truth of his statements.

Christians, the early factions under the headship of the Catholic Church, ruled in ways that would upset God, but for the men in charge gave them power. They preserved much of Christian history and despite human frailties succeeded in having the Word of God thrive. They became judgmental and insisted on their ways as the true interpretation of the Biblical Scripture. To preserve the faith and its foundations campaigns were mounted against those fighting Christianity. Called the Crusades, Christians have been subject to criticism for the acts of these merchants of the faith. But were they justified? Certainly the men of the army of the crusaders took liberties, even attacking fellow Christians, but their overall objective had merit.They were engaged in battles to reclaim the Holy Land – Jerusalem and surrounds. Who occupied the area? Answer – the Muslims. I agree with those historians who see the Crusades as part of a purely defensive war against Islamic conquests.


The history of the Crusades is often headlined with massacres at the hands of Christians, but should be replaced with the Conquests of the Muslims. The Islamic invaders, the terrorists, began at the time of Muhammad and during the 50-60 years after his death took areas that today represent the Arab Middle East. Muhammad died in 632 and his military commander, Umar, became the 2nd Caliph and led his militant Muhammadian forces to occupy Jerusalem in 638. It was primarily a Christian city at that time. The Byzantine Empire, as too the Persian Empire, exhausted from battling each other and depleted by the devastating disease called the Plague, were easy prey for the Muslim marauders. It was 400-450 years before the Christians were able to mount a resistance movement, the First Crusade, to defend fellow travelers. Thus for over 400 years the Conquests of the Muslims, the Muslim Crusades, were underway before the Christians could enlist a military defense or offensive to halt the spread of this demonic practice.

The Muslim crusades continue, having now been in operation for over 1400 years. The Christian Crusades lasted only 200 or so years (1095-1291). They were unsuccessful at stopping the blood-letting by the Muslims.

So often Christians are burdened with being at fault for the devastation from the battles of the Crusades, similar to Israel in their defense and resistance to Hamas and attacks from Gaza, when in fact they understood Islam and the need to resist.They also understood the need to eliminate Islam when it applies the example of Muhammad, the dictates of Allah as recorded in the Quran, and the Hadiths that emphasize the insular and inhumane practices of this ideology.

Christian villages and structures in the northern parts of the Arabian Peninsula where there were once Nabataeans and Ghassanids and other Christian factions, as well as Jewish settlements, were destroyed, the residents exterminated, and the economies bankrupted, the ruins later visited by archeologists. Similar Christian established areas in southern parts of the Arabian Peninsula, to include Yemen, were ransacked and the inhabitants either killed on converted by force. The deserts of Jordan and Syria were dotted with the destructive evil of the forces of Allah. The success of the evil was viewed by the Islamic army as the will of Allah gracing them and enabling them to continue to plough through established areas taking what they wanted. War is what the Arabs, the many tribes, knew before Muhammad and continued with a renewed zeal and banner for Allah. Raiding others was a game, a sport, something to do when resources were depleted or they were bored. It was a component of the character of the Arab who, living in the Arabian Peninsula, lived outside the civilized world and did not seek change. Jihad then and today was an outlet for the youth and their aggressions, even a training exercise, due to a lack of jobs and opportunities. Their lives were devoid of purpose or objective except to survive. Any moral foundation was exhibited by their leaders, which varied leader to leader. The term ghazu means to raid. “The ghazu is the only industry the desert knows and the only game,” a quote of Gertrude Bell, an adventurous women from Britain who explored the Middle East in the early 1900’s, from her book, The Desert and the Sown.[i] Muhammad attempted to civilize an uncivilized area, but succumbed to the habits and practices of history and life of the Arab. He was impatient and found the sword more useful at converting Arabs, semites, and others to his self-proclaimed prophet hood and ideology than persuasion alone.

Muslim Raids

Muhammad the Example

The Pope at the beginning of the Crusades was Urban II. Seeing what the Muslims did in the name of Allah, their Jihad (Holy War), and the beleaguered status of the Christians (and Europeans), he considered a Holy War too. Was it Biblical? Probably not, but the example he used was similar to that of the Islamists. He proclaimed a ‘knight’ fighting in the cause of God would be granted indulgences, favors, to include salvation (the forgiveness of sins). The knights were to be known as the ‘vassals of Christ.’

Fighting in the defense of the Christian faith, to include murdering of Muslims, was a pathway to being saved. Sound familiar. No virgins involved, just the opportunity for a place in the eternal kingdom at the decree of the Pope. Was this a right action, authorized by God? Of course not. Just as a Muslim killing an infidel is not at the authority of God. The Muslims claim otherwise, Allah’s words, through the self-proclaimed prophet Muhammad (the first Pope of Islam-dom, as it were) recorded in the Scripture of Islam (the Quran), grants benefits to those who kill anyone who resists or attacks Islam.

Having the god of Islam, Allah, permit the killing of non-Muslims, in exchange for salvation (never fully assured by the way), was a device, a most creative one, used by Muhammad to encourage his army to fight for his cause, to carry out the vengeance he had towards those who he deemed persecuted him. He told them god was on their side. Is it God, or is it Satan? Think about it? I believe he knew what he was doing. He was impatient and felt wronged for the position he took. His god, Allah, was the one and he swore revenge against those who opposed him in any fashion. Those of his cadre who came to their senses and defied his commands, which they considered evil, were subject to a neck-smoting (beheading). It was a no win situation for them. Die for Muhammad and get the virgin treatment (possibly more like sour grapes). Die resisting Muhammad and get nothing, according to the prophet. But die believing in Christ and be saved. The latter truth was never told or allowed to be discussed or spoken.


The center of Christianity was at one time Constantinople. The onslaught and demonic destructive practices of the successive Caliphs of Islam continued and in 1453 (164 years after the last Crusade ended) burned much of Constantinople to the ground. The Ottoman Turks were in charge led by Mahmud the Pillager.The “pillager’ an apt description for all who act in the name of Islam, Muhammad or Allah. Messengers were sent ahead the night before the takeover with the following announcement,”

By the name of Allah, by the name of Mohammed and the four thousand prophets, by the soul of his father, Sultan Murand, by the heads of his children, and by his scimitar, Mahmud swears that when the town has been taken by storm the troops will have unrestricted right to three days’ rapine. Everything within the walls-furniture, jewels and trinkets, gold and silver, men, women, and children-shall belong to the victorious soldiery, the Sultan himself renouncing any reward beyond the glory of having conquered this last bulwark of the Western Empire.”

Today the words may not be the same, but the intentions are, as Islamists proclaim the objective of a World All for Allah.

Written by Dr. Stephen Flick[ii], “One observer reported the horror (the conquest of Constantinople) of what ensued:

“Nothing will ever equal the horror of this harrowing and terrible spectacle. People frightened by the shouting ran out of their houses and were cut down by the sword before they knew what was happening. And some were massacred in their houses where they tried to hide, and some in churches where they sought refuge.

“The enraged Turkish soldiers . . . gave no quarter. When they had massacred and there was no longer any resistance, they were intent on pillage and roamed through the town stealing, disrobing, pillaging, killing, raping, taking captive men, women, children, old men, young men, monks, priests, people of all sorts and conditions . . . There were virgins who awoke from troubled sleep to find those brigands standing over them with bloody hands and faces full of abject fury. This medley of all nations, these frantic brutes stormed into their houses, dragged them, tore them, forced them, dishonored them, raped them at the cross-roads and made them submit to the most terrible outrages. It is even said that at the mere sight of them many girls were so stupefied that they almost gave up the ghost.”

What is Islam Known For?

Consider what Islam is known for historically. The killing, the raping, the pillaging, the taking of possessions of others, and hatred towards non-Muslims in the name of their god – Allah, and crediting Muhammad as the example of how to proceed. We see it today with the Taliban, with ISIL, with Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram, and Al Shabaab, and even in more civilized entities such as Iran and Saudi Arabia. However in the civilized countries noted oil has been their resource and thus their practices, except for forcefully imposing Sharia Law and ignoring the plight of Jews and Christians in their midst, have been curtailed.

It is important to Understand Islam. The history has been set aside and hidden in the smoke of the discomfort with such customs and the disbelief that the Islamic barbarians can succeed and have succeeded for so long. Claiming an ideology with primitive uncivilized practices being anointed by god is but a black curtain, a head-covering, and a mask of death encasing a wanting and vacant mind without purpose. This band of brotherhood joined by a destructive desire for their fellow humans is an insecure, empty-headed cabal who seek glory in the fires of Hell. They are encouraged by hatred, precluded from discovering or exploring the realities of other cultures, and pumped-up, rallied by a banal cry of Allahu Akbar.

It is intriguing that they have been credited with periods of intellectual growth, however research will prove otherwise. Any Golden Age of Muslims, any cultural glory they derive, must be credited to the minds of Christians or others captured and converted, the artifacts claimed and concepts developed by a worldly mental appreciation formed by non-Muslims. There has been no intellectual growth by the Islamists or the Imams who continue to seek a return to a 7th century debased society and the life of the first terrorist of Islam, Muhammad.

Moderate Muslims in Denial

The moderates that live among their fellow Muslims that disclaim the actions of the Islamists on the world scene today as terrorists, or not representatives of true Islam, are in denial. They themselves may not fully understand Islam or the Scripture of their culture. Their horizons need to be broadened and when they see what lies behind the shrouds between them and the rest of the world, the non-Muslim world, they will become keenly aware of the historical attempt and effort to prevent them from observing what has evolved, what is true, what is freedom and what is a modern civilization. They have grown up with lies and hatred towards others that often look, walk, talk and feel as they do, especially towards their loved ones. We are made in the image of God, not in the likes of Muhammad or Allah. Deception is common among Muslims, having Allah as the best of deceivers, however in God there is but unconditional love and truth. That is what is available behind the curtain.

Muslims have, even when they relocate, a habit of being insular. Their island is surrounded by water made of elements to be hated, to be distrusted, to remain unknown and foreign. They are not allowed to smell the beauty of the rose of a pluralistic society or drink from the fountain that will give them everlasting life. They are caged. To resist and remove the shackles that bind them to Muhammad is a psychological transition that they fear. As a result of potential peer pressure, family pressure, and perceived resistance from their society and the autocratic leaders (to include those in the pulpits of their centers of worship) they can be subject to the same beheading, most severe chastisement,and the vigilantly dismemberment of spirit, body and alternative beliefs that their ideological commandos have imposed on non-Muslims since the 7thCentury.

The Time has Come

Is it time for a new Crusade to take back the Holy Land and other territories overwhelmed by force by Islam? Only a total annihilation of the Islamist ideology will give the world a chance at peace. If even a spec of the cancer of Islam remains it will continue to invade the cells of civility, it will grow anew and the ugly tumor of this demonic ideology will continue to blacken the hearts of the weak, the spineless, and the dependent who seek a cause in which they can find a place by hating those who think independently and can survive on their own. The Arab influence is inherent in having the world remain uncivilized. Before Muhammad the Arab Peninsula was in decay and about to be extinguished. What the mindset was then is present in that of the Islamists who prefer rape to love. The Islamists seek followers through enslavement and cannot fathom freedom. For in a free environment they may not succeed as they have neither the desire, the training, the background, the will or the encouragement to find their way on their own. The paradise they seek is an illusion. We can help them all find paradise, at which time we can then have peace on earth.

The probability of eliminating Islam all together is small, and unrealistic. The question to answer is what must and can be done. A rebirth of Islam without the sword may be an answer.

This topic will be addressed in future blogs on this site.

Grace and Peace.


[i]The Desert and the Sown, by Gertrude Bell, 1907, Cooper Square Press (republished – 2001), pg 1194 of 4533 – Amazon Kindle.

[ii]http://christianheritagefellowship.com/muslims-destroy-christian-capitol/ – Muslims Destroy Christian Capital

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