Extirpation of Islam (Part 2)

UI – Part 301 – Extirpation of Islam

(Note:  This is the second of two parts.  The first was posted yesterday.)

To summarize Part 1 – Consider a world without Islam.  An ideological body with a heritage of war and hatred, isolationists, would be eliminated. Those with a learned attitude of superiority tend to closet themselves, deny modernity, avoid other cultures (especially of another faith), and become as islands of contempt.  An analogy is made to battleships, destroyers for the Muslim, due to a selfish and hateful nature through cultural upbringing and the dictates of scholars erecting boundaries of independence. God (if Allah is also) created ALL people, thus we are all his children. Humans must all work together to ‘subdue’ this earth, making it an Eden that can sustain everyone equally, even those who disagree.

Part 2


A given battleship is not Eden.


The fleet that has a common cause, a common belief, is not Paradise. It takes a union of differing thoughts and philosophies that are allowed to express themselves and share without condemnation. When reduced to personal attacks, verbal or with weapons, the aggressor is usually without a cogent defense for the concepts presented. They feel persecuted and must resist using irrational tools. The enmity they feel toward the persecution, the persecutor, they perceive, is a lack of objectivity concealed by an abundance of selfishness. For the Muslim, the Islamist, the one ingrained with the hatred espoused by the life of Muhammad, the sayings of Muhammad, the words of Allah as reduced to paper in the Quran, and a myriad of writing by experts on the history of Muhammad and Islam, taught by the scholars of Islam, the ulema, who were raised and instructed by their masters to build upon the practices and methods of the terrorist Muhammad, their battleship is more warrior driven, greed propelled and fueled by hatred. Can such a ship of the State of Mind of Islam be stopped?

The armada that must be floating can unite to defeat the vilest corner of the venom infused Islamist slithering asps that fill their fangs with only putrefied bile and repeated doctrines of satanic objectives. They raise a sword against those who attack only with a pen. They have been invaded, their fleet corrupted, by the Eden invader. As ants invading a peaceful picnic they can be stopped, sprayed, killed in their tracks, but they still have a haven from which they can emerge in the future to repeat their raids to gather food and supplies to satisfy their need. With God on our side we can succeed in defanging this boiling caldron of enmity, but it takes those living in the weeds, the moderates who do not agree with the Islamists, to rise-up and separate themselves so their wheat can be harvested to make for even better future crops. Will they remain Muslim? They may believe in Allah, but as God, as a loving God, but will their direction and example remain Muhammad? Something must change.


Do the Ahmadi’s[ii] have the answer? Are they really Muslim? Many Islamists see them as not Muslim enough. They are not Muslim enough to be called infidels.

It is an interesting concept, that of the Ahmadi’s, that Islam has been corrupted by the successors after Muhammad. In its “true essence and pristine form” it is a religion of peace. They believe that God sent Ahmad, in the likeness of Jesus, to end religious wars, condemn bloodshed and reinstitute morality, justice and peace.”[iii] How refreshing. The Ahmadi’s reject terrorism and to the extent they seek rebuttal, it is through persuasion, the use of the pen and not with military might. Opposition today, as me, deals with differences towards Islam using the pen, by writing, by drawing and by video debates. Let’s have diplomatic discourse with respect and openness, expressing our views, thoughts, knowledge and opinions. We must also maintain an ear listening carefully to those that disagree. We might all learn something.

Islam Needs a Rebirth

Modernity is a problem for the Islamists. Pluralism is a problem for the Islamists. Terrorism is a problem for those who are not fundamentalist Islamists. From within the culture of Islam, as the Ahmadi’s have recognized, the spirit of Jesus entered their domain. The flow of hatred as lava from a volcano of historical transgressions against God by the Islamists can be stopped with a rebirth of understanding. Maybe it is Satan who corrupted Islam and thru the Ahmadi’s his devious acts have surfaced for all Muslims to see. The truth was made known to them by Isa. It will take courage and resistance from within the insular island of Islam. It must restore and make equal God and Allah, to the extent humanly possible. It must allow for a blend of cultures and beliefs to exist side-by-side, separating mosque and government as the church is separate. It must allow for governments to decide on the common good of all. Humans cannot act according to what they believe God has told them and form their own ideological island. They must embrace outsiders. The ships that embark must be able to cover the entire sea and visit many islands that exist in the sea of life. Earth is not a place just for the Biblical God, but for all of humanity.

Islam must allow its island to have many harbors open to boats of all kinds to dock and to feel safe and secure. They need to open their arms in a welcoming embrace to everyone. Muslims must discover for themselves they are not truly Muslim enough and change their allegiance or work to modernize their ideology to adapt to a peaceful pluralistic world that will never change. The part of Islam that must be exterminated are the rabid demonic rats that enjoy the killing, the spoils and inflicting pain on the unsuspecting by hiding in a harbor composed of what appears to be the black ink of the octopus but in fact is a self-anointed Allah of their choosing with many tentacles, not of God’s choosing, more of Satan’s. The supernatural god of the Islamist terrorist is not God, but the fallen angel that opposes the Creator. His claim at correction is but a deception. The world cannot eradicate Islam and Islam cannot eradicate those who oppose the ideology most demonstrated in its current form.

Islam needs a rebirth into the current age, to become modern, multicultural and not theocratic. Kill the rats, but encourage a new breed of objective Muslims to emerge and join the rest of the world.  The world would be a better place without radical Islam, might be a more politically correct statement.  So too,  the world would also be a better place without Ebola.  The problem is eradicating an ideology of hatred. It will be easier to eliminate Ebola.  But there must be a beginning and a battle fought to rid the world of both.  Should the Islam characterized by violence, terror, jihad, a warlike nature, a lack of human rights and proper respect for women (equality) be changed it would no longer be Islam.  It might be monotheistic, but it must take the black flag of a satanic black heart and expose it to the light of Grace.  The Lord will forgive and welcome the sinner that believes in Allah the Deceiver or Muhammad the Self-proclaimed Prophet (with his own personal rules), but those that follow must repent, as salvation has been provided, and walk in the light of hope and joy.  The days will be brighter and the guns will be quieter.


Grace and Peace


[i] A reference from the book, The Wonder of Terra, Tate Publishing, to be available early 2015, author: Thomas W. Balderston

[ii] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahmadiyya

[iii] Ibid.

2 thoughts on “Extirpation of Islam (Part 2)

  1. November 4, 2014
    Dear Sun Lady:
    Thank you for your comments. Your passion for peace and tolerance is welcomed. I agree with some of what you wrote; and disagree with some as well. Please let me respond.

    History has proven there are those who are violent and hateful, religious as well as not (atheist). But history also tells us such groups modernize and evolve. Autocrats, if allowed, and successful at quelling dissent and resistance (by any means), selfishly maintain power at the expense of the people. Usually there is a leader, charismatic or diabolic, that can be identified with the movement, from Pharisees/Sadducees, priests/Popes, to military, to monarchs, to Imams and more. But they are generally individuals, evil (most selfish) at heart, that are the overlords; they control the military as well as personal guards; they have well paid advisers to consult on matters relative to maintaining their superiority and control. Human rights are not equal as the intent is only to have a unified voice in accord with the dictates of the commander in chief. Suspicion is rampant with ready triggers to expel those who disagree or might attempt a revolution, or change of government, by other than a political open voting process. And open voting, when permitted, may be a myth, a tool to make the constituency believe there is a democratic process when it is but a sham.

    Islam is not a religion of peace. There exists no love of neighbor in the Quran; the god of Islam only loves if loved. A Muslim cannot be a friend of a non-Muslim; but allowed to be cordial. Objectivity, pluralism, freedom and common law are inconsistent with the commands of Allah and the Messenger. By their own Scripture, the transition from the early years of Muhammad’s ideological monotheistic epiphany and preaching, to the later years changes. When in a minority they remain peaceful and do what is needed to gain acceptance. Once in a majority, even as their numbers as a percentage of the population as a whole grows, their proclamation of superiority is made known and cries for Sharia Law to apply to all are heard loudly, often and clearly. It is evident in much of Europe, the United Kingdom and even in America where concentrations of Muslims are significant. This is exemplified by Muhammad’s own transition. Blasphemy becomes anything said, written or characterized that questions, doubts or is considered a negative towards Islam (persecution), Allah, the Messenger or the Quran; even a disparaging word. Those that attempt to defend those accused of blasphemy are similarly accused, criminally charged. Laws to that effect have been passed in Pakistan.

    The jihad, the holy war, not just a personal endeavor, but a militant vigorous imperialistic approach All for Allah, has been ongoing since Muhammad moved to Medina (then Yatrib). There, when he established a sufficient cadre of men (by raiding caravans, killing the men, taking the possessions, enslaving the women and children, sharing the spoils, and demanding complete loyalty) he used them militarily to force conversion to his ideology at the sharp edge of the sword. This has been the Islamist Crusade for over 1400 years. The Crusades of history (begun by Pope Urban II), mounted to resist the spread of Islam, lasted but 200 years, ending in failure.

    Islam has little regard for life. History needs to be examined. The tribes or sects or groups as Muslims will do little to defend their own and more to take the offensive. If you believe in peace you seek to establish a proper defense of those, all among you, for whom you are responsible. That is not the case for Islam – observe the acts of Hamas, Assad, ISIS, Hezbollah, Shiites, Sunni and factions of the Muslim Brotherhood when in power (Al Qaeda, Taliban, al Shabbab, Boko Haram, etc.).

    As humans, created by God in his image, we rationalize that we care for each other and seek peace. You present the case of a billion Muslims who ‘don’t apply violence to the religion.” I prefer to agree with you, but sense uncertainly given events in the world, the history of Islam, and the commands of the Messenger, the god – Allah, and as ordered in the Scripture (which few can read and many interpret) – the Quran. You are now a Muslim and seek peace, as do the Ahmadi’s, yet they are considered Infidels in many areas, and non-Muslim in Pakistan. So tell me what is “true” Islam? Please take time to review the following verses from the Quran and tell me if you see this ideological truth any differently?

    • 2.2 – No doubt as to the Quran. (10.94 too)
    • 2.89 – Curse on disbelievers
    • 2.98 – Allah is an enemy to those who are opposed (as an enemy) to Allah.
    • 2.99 – Messages of the Quran are clear. (then why is it so difficult to interpret and agree as to ‘true Islam.’)
    • 2.120 – no friends (also 4.139, 4.144)(60.9)
    • 2.121 – Infidels = losers; Muslims superiority (no humility)
    • 2.190 – Fight (4.74 says fight, die, and find paradise)(4.104 – pursue the enemy in strength)(2.190-2.195)
    • 2.191 –kill them (infidels) wherever you find them. (8.39 – fight until there is no more persecution – All for Allah)(also 24.52)
    • 2.193 – fight until there is no persecution (as defined by Muslims) until All for Allah
    • 2.223 – women are possessions of men.
    • 2.256 – no compulsion in religion – if that religion is Islam.
    • 3.12 – vanquish all opponents of the messages of Allah
    • 3.28 – make no friends of Infidels (4.44 also)
    • 3.30 – Allah’s love is conditional (also 22.38)
    • 3.54 – Allah is the best deceiver (also 8.30)
    • 3.164 – Your misfortune in your fault.
    • 4.36 – Be good to your neighbor – no love – out of convenience
    • 4.59 – No doubt as to the message allowed. If they exist loyalty to Muhammad and Allah are questioned. (as to doubting Islam, also 7.40 & 7.41, to those who reject the message)
    • 4.137 – Apostasy a no, no.
    • 4.140 – Do not listen or read opposing views – objectivity not allowed.
    • 6.21 – Who decides on interpreting the Quran – the scholars or the individual?
    • 8.12 – Cast terror into the hearts of disbelievers. Terrorize! Behead them. Remove fingers.
    • 8.13 – Allah will have his revenge – oft carried out by believers.
    • 8.22 – disbelievers called vilest of beasts – where is the tolerance?
    • 8.69 – Enjoy the spoils of war.
    • 8.71 – Be the master – capture, enslave
    • 9.1 – Muslims immune from oaths to non-believers – they can be ignored.
    • 9.19 – non-Muslims are not equal.
    • 9.29 – Muslims are superior. The dhimmi’s bow down to the Muslim master, often slapped, when they pay the tax. Where is the freedom n religion? (10.27 – if infidels do not see Muslims as superior, they are liars. Where is the humility?)
    • 9.36 – fight the polytheists (but what of Islam with Allah, the Messenger and the Quran – are they not treated as multiple idols?)
    • 10.21 – make plans against the disbelievers.
    • 14.13 – non-believers to be driven out of Muslim lands. (Why no churches in Muslim areas, take Saudi Arabia as an example.)
    • 14.14 – Encourages imperialism
    • 41.26 – Disbelievers say “listen not to the Quran.’ (I say read the Quran carefully, as an individual know what it says and what it commands Muslims to do.)
    • 48.29 – Followers of Muhammad can be ruthless towards non-believers.
    • 59.4 – man provided the authority of Allah – Muhammad the example.
    • 60.4 – hatred forever – personified, especially towards Christians and Jews.

    There is a lot of reading here, and there could be even more saying much the same, especially as to fighting (war towards) non-believers, and hatred towards non-believers. The Quran is not a peaceful book. Read carefully it is a book of hatred to any who might criticize Islam in any way. You can only believe what Islam wants you to believe; all else is false, an affront to Islam and subject to severe punishment (at the hands of Muslims). The Quran is not a Scripture for the weak.

    The Biblical God, as you know, reserves final judgment until Judgment Day. In the meanwhile he loves everyone and makes salvation available. He forgave all sins by way of the ultimate sacrifice. What did Muhammad or Allah sacrifice for the people of Islam? For you?

    In the New Testament there is no call to fight the enemy, the non-believer in the Risen Lord. Persecution comes with being a believer in the Risen Lord (Christian), the saving Grace of God, salvation provided with the sacrifice, the punishment born by Jesus for the sins of mankind, making those who accept this sacrifice and understand right with God.

    For those like you Islam needs a new chapter, one that embraces modernity, one that shows tolerance and humility, as you would like. The problem, as stated by Turkey’s current President Erdogan, as to a moderate Islam, there is no such thing. Islam is Islam. So consider that as a tolerant Muslim you may be viewed and treated as an infidel, just like any other non-believer. Just as me. Your open and welcoming stance makes you a blasphemer by accepting plurality.

    Most followers of their faith suffer, but few take persecution to the extreme of killing those who disagree. Is there today an army (or more than one) of Christians, Jews, Catholics fighting infidels? The violence and mass murder demonstrated (and seldom condemned) by the likes of Al Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS, and other sects/factions of Islam in the name of Allah is disturbing. Where in Islam is independent thought permitted? If you had been a Muslim before your conversion you and your actions would have been viewed with disdain; you would have been labeled an infidel and an apostate subject to severe chastisement. But there are no Catholics now hunting you down. God still loves you and his door remains open to your return. But what would your Muslim friends now become if you decided to return to your previous belief. Would they become enemies armed with a death threat? Would you be subject to a smiting?

    Who knows what ‘true Islam’ is other than a confused, constantly warring nature of differing interpretations of Islam using references (Hadiths) written hundreds of years after the death of the prophet, relied upon by some and not all, and with multiple schools having expertise defining the ideology in their own fashion. Even within the walls of Islam there is war. It is neither godly, nor loving, nor peaceful and offers little, if any, joy or hope. The Khomeini states with authority there is no fun in Islam. We now realize also there is no freedom; as with freedom comes tolerance and of necessity living in a multicultural society with non-Muslims. Muslims tend towards isolationism.

    Where are the ‘regular’ people you refer to as Muslims? Explain also why neither the Shahadah nor the 5 Pillars are in the Quran. Are these conditions/requirements, as are so many, established by mortals and not Allah? Sharia Law has been dictated by autocrats and military commanders of Islam after the Prophet died. The Law(s) vary in structure and application contingent upon interpretation. Thus another cloud on ‘true Islam’ is floated. Islamic law is derived by despots to maintain their strongholds, old and newly acquired (by force). Islamic Law is designed also to keep other religions or ideologies away from the ears of Muslims. Is that out of fear and insecurity that the truth may indeed not be Islam? Muslims can proselytize, but others are forbidden in the presence of Muslims – why the double standard if there is to be peace?

    May I apologize for being contentious or creating such doubt, but it is hard for me to accept the scholars of Islam who try to avoid rational answers to concerns raised by asking another question (‘Kitman’), “Do you believe in the Messenger and in Allah?”, to which a Muslim believer must answer ‘yes’ or be an infidel. The scholar/teacher/Imam then responds, “Then you know the answer.”

    I appreciate you reading this blog. There are many topics that have been discussed over the past few years. There is an index if you scroll down any page on the lower right. Future comments are welcomed and appreciated. Blessings.


  2. If Islam didn’t exist, hatred and violence and all other forms of aggressive human domination would. Why people cannot see that the issue is one of humanity is perplexing. Many people are locked into misguided ways and the dark side of the human nature and will latch onto anything to use as an excuse to act out. It is no different than the Christian man who assassinated the physician who performed abortions, and said he knew “God would be proud.” It’s no different than the psychologically disturbed and emotionally blunted teenagers who have shot peers to death in schools and blamed it on the cruel treatment by others, missing the point that their killing of innocent others with no connection to the bullying is that same cruel, hateful mentality and senseless. Every religious and spiritual system on the planet has been responsible for wars and killings–religion is manmade, and that is the problem.

    It is unfortunate that there are so many extremists desecrating true Islam. I do take this issue personally, in a peaceful way, because I have had the unfortunate experiences of being judged and even harassed due to others’ perceptions of Islam. I have seen my friends and family go through the same. How would you feel seeing your own family suffer? What if it were you? Good things to ask ourselves before we judge.

    I often say that I am fortunate because I grew up in an amazingly diverse family of many cultures and religions. We are a predominantly white and Catholic family, but there is room for everyone in our lives: not once have we turned away from a new member of the family for their background, not once have we judged anyone who has changed from one religion to another. I wish the world could be as accepting. God made humanity to interconnect, He made the planet to fit everyone. I myself converted to Islam a number of years ago. I studied it first academically for years, along with the Catholic faith I was raised in and with all other world religions. My passion is peacekeeping and improved international and interfaith relations. As I don’t judge or cause harm to others for simply following their beliefs peacefully, I don’t wish for myself and others in the general Muslim community to be harshly judged.

    Islam is very modern among the majority of Muslims, in that the GREAT MAJORITY of the over 1 billion Muslims don’t apply violence to the religion. They follow the charity and peace that the Quran teaches. We unfortunately now have to contend with constant media misrepresentations, including those by Pamela Geller, who has earned her spot on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s hate list with good reason. Visit Pamela’s Facebook page and read the numerous comments that align right with extremist mentality: calling all Muslims evil, Satanic, savage, and some people even writing that we should murder all Muslims. Isn’t this violence and aggression exactly what we are trying to stop from extremists? That Pamela won’t delete such comments or place rules against demeaning language only shows her support for further hatred which only further destabilizes society. I respect that you are not portraying such hate and are at least focusing on what is true, that anyone practicing Islam and believing it to be a system that supports violence, they need to remove the killing and violence from their beliefs and let Islam exist peacefully in society.

    Consider the times that the three sacred books of the Abrahamic religions were written in, those intensely warring and patriarchal times that reflect in the writing of the books and don’t make sense in modern times. Each book has them, I have worked with domestic violence victims from Christian families whose husbands state that the Bible makes them “lord of the home.” These men translate that to permission to control and abuse their families. It is their fault, not that of ancient scripture. I too am disappointed in the many who abuse Islam by making it a violent system; however, I have enough personal and academic knowledge to understand that these people are still a great minority of the general and true Muslim population.

    I only speak up because I want Muslims to be seen for the regular people they are, and Islam for the true religion it is, and for all to have the opportunity to live a life that is secure, meaningful, and happy. We all need each other in our short existence on this earth. Thank you and many blessings.

    I would also like to include poet Naomi Shihab Nye’s Open Letter to Any Would Be Terrorist. She has an American mother and Palestinian father, and following 9/11 wrote a beautiful and eloquent call for peace. She is a perfect representation for true Muslims and Middle Eastern culture.


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