Extirpation of Islam (Part 1)

UI – Part 301 – Extirpation of Islam

(Note:  This is a lengthy article.  It will be presented in two parts – the second tomorrow.)

Part 1

A World without Islam

I must confess I believe the world would be a better placed without Islam.  Yes I am a Christian, but that is not the reason why. I can live with Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Mormons, Wiccans and many other religious sects, either God oriented or not. What I cannot live with are those that are in a faction that are taught (repeatedly) to hate and to fight and kill any who are not in the same belief camp. How do you feel when a neighbor or individual in a crowd, known or unknown to you, acts irrationally? They throw a tantrum or commit violence to make their position obvious. It can be disturbing. You step back. You turn away. Such antics are viewed negatively. But take it to another level. A body of similar persons are taught, trained, encouraged, and supported to resist any who would oppose their view even if it is different from what a rational mind would consider a societal norm. A societal norm would be that which is conducted with the common good in view, treating all people equally, with dignity and respect. Each human is a person born in the image of god, or just as another human. The day they emerge from their mother’s womb they are without corruption (although Christians believe in original sin, Jews and Muslims do not), without attitudes, and without instruction. That follows.


Reason is a word that opens pathways to understanding. It allows the intellect of humans to be engaged and to determine their direction. Certainly influences enter the dynamic of the path that an individual may follow. When young we are susceptible, because of the love of our parents, to the environment in which we develop. We are dependent and must rely on the instructions provided by our parents or those in whose hands we are placed to grow and become independent in our own right. The independence I refer to at this juncture is an ability to live and survive without a connection to a home base, if required. It would be my prayer that every parent would want a life for their offspring lived secure and in safety. The operative term would be to live in ‘peace.’

Who wants a child to be raised in a culture of despair?

Poverty in ME2 Yemen

We want our offspring to have every opportunity to be happy. Is this a utopian thought? Or is this the life we strive for as a believer in the true God who can provide a life eternal? Is this just not achievable on earth? Questions. Questions. Questions. But there is an answer. It is possible for there to be peace on earth. It takes strength from a family base, a community, a village, to instill in its young, its leaders, and its constituents an appreciation for each other, a love for each other (love of neighbor), and a good Samaritan mind-set that wants for each other what they want for themselves, an ordered society, pluralistic by default, that treats others properly, with respect and with common courtesies. What has to happen to attain this objective?

We cannot isolate ourselves or our loved ones on islands of our own making. We must come face to face with others. It is said under the skin we are all alike. But it can be said also our hearts beat the same per minute and our minds contain the mechanism for independent rational thinking.

The Sea of Animus

First think of self, and then think about being selfish. In and of itself, selfishness is a great destroyer. It is the battleship of humans that ignores the rights of others to be different, as if per person they are also battleships equipped to sink another to gain an upper hand, to become successful or to achieve happiness. The only justification for a battleship is the contemplation of ‘war.’ The current sea of life is filled with battleships, but not all are the same. The gravity of similar thinking draws together a fleet. There are more than battleships. There are carriers, supply vessels, hospital ships, submarines, cruisers, and so on. From the one boat to an entire armada a force of the human-fleet is created by humans to engage another fleet, aligned in their own selfishness, to counter those so labeled as opponents. Who has the best fleet is not the answer, although that can achieve great results. It is the fleet that is aware, alert, understanding, caring and humble towards the weaknesses of the others and can treat fairly those it encounters. The fleet of objective thinking and godly directives can become the lead for all other vessels to follow to reach a peaceful harbor. If there was not potential for conflict no fleets would be necessary. There would be peace. The fleet of humility and human kindness is only formed to protect its people from those whose character suggests they are and can be superior by force.

There are fleets that no matter how much of an effort is made to appease them, they just laugh and continue to aim and fire their armaments at others. They may curtail their field activity for a spell, their cache of ammo depleted, but only to rearm, to repair, and to adjust their methods to be more of an enemy than they were prior. Some fleets are formed only for defense. This is because they have been shelled in the past and want to protect their people. Those formed for offense care little about protection. They just want to press ahead and conquer more of the sea for their benefit. They attack ill-defended harbors where few ships are stationed for the gains possible, the lust for destruction, and the need to satisfy the appetite of those in their command trained as killers. A little blood now and then satisfies the hatred instilled in their development so they can press on regardless of the consequences.

The sea is turbulent, filled with the animus of poorly developed creations of god. God gave the responsibility for development of his people to his people. Humans were charged to ‘subdue’ the earth. It was God’s gift to them, along with their intellect, and he wanted them to be sensible and caring of the delicate planet upon which they landed. He provided a view of the peace possible; to be understood and known, in a place called Eden. But the fallen seraph of the Dimension Eternal[i] intervened, deceived the inhabitants, and caused their DNA to be stained with an appetite for temptation. God cast out those made perfect to live in an environment filled with evil spirits, the jinn of society. The error committed can be rectified and God made that possible also. Doing what only God can do, and did, he placed himself in the evil environment to demonstrate what a human can and must do to find peace. Peace on earth or peace in the Celestial City is still peace. It requires compassion, tolerance, resistance to sin, a heart for God, and a heart for your fellow travelers during what is but a brief period in time to be made right anew with God – less than the dash on a tombstone between date of birth and death.

Part 2 Tomorrow.

Grace and Peace



[i] A reference from the book, The Wonder of Terra, Tate Publishing, to be available early 2015, author: Thomas W. Balderston


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