The Insulated Muslim

UI – Part 271 – The Insulated Muslim

No to Multiculturalism

Are you as fascinated as I am how the Muslim, or Islamic culture, seeks to be insulated from others. Multiculturalism is not a preference; melding into a non-Islamic society is not recommended. It is as if they are called to live within the walls of their Mosque. They extend the walls to imaginary boundaries and dwell inside, shutting the doors to the non-believer, the non-Muslim. Mecca is an example where road signs leading to that city are clearly marked “for Muslims ONLY.” What about the real world?

Road Sign_For Muslims Only

Within the walls of Islam resistance towards any other viewpoints has been legislated to require removal and/or punishment of those who attempt to proselytize another faith. Then again I ask, what about the real world?

Tabletalk, a magazine from Ligonier Ministries, recently (Jan 2014 issue), had an article, Into The World (pgs 4-5), written by R.C. Sproul, explained Christians need to live in the world, not just in the confines or among those of the faith. He noted “Martin Luther preached that the church had to move out of the heavenly temple into the world. By this he meant that Christ has relevance not just for the community of believers but for the whole world as well. Jesus is not bound to the inner courts of the Christian community, and if we think that He is, then we are being disobedient or, perhaps, have no faith at all.” Christians are called to go make disciples of all nations and of all people. Christians all called to share their faith, the hope and joy of their salvation. Filled with the Holy Spirit they are to go forth and make others aware of God’s saving Grace.


Separation is not the answer. Gathering with only those who believe makes for a close-minded, insular contingent, made safe, possibly, by society standards that restrict temptations or penalize them. It places man in charge, to control, contain, and keep them holy, not to protect the common good. Not all residents are included – as the Muslim is considered to be superior. But are they holy? Sin is still in the heart of men (and women) and even within the hallowed walls submitting to temptation occurs. One more quote, “The church (substitute mosque) is not a ghetto or a reservation.” It cannot escape from the world. Just as those in Edgar Allen Poe’s the Mask of the Red Death feeling safe partied in costume separated from the plague. It was to their surprise that a dramatic costumed attendee entered the gathering only to discover it was not a disguise but the physical flesh attacking effects of the disease they were avoiding. Thus proving you cannot keep the world, the non-believers, the infected or the infidel out. They dwell among us all

.    Red Death03

Infected by Sin

We are all infected by sin. It is the disease that causes our physical death. Spiritual death separates us from God. Jesus came to earth so mankind can be saved, made spiritually alive again. Only the righteous are saved. No one is righteous without the punishment Christ took in our place, cleansing those who believe in the Risen Lord of sins past, present and future. Thus filled with the Holy Spirit we are conditioned to share the knowledge we have of an eternal life with Him. It is possible for everyone to be saved.

The Fallacy of a Theocracy

Theocracies are a fallacy when it comes to faith. They use God (or Allah) as a club to strike their people over the head to succumb to the dictates of authority. Authority claims Allah is on their side and their proclamations enable Allah to be on the side of the people too. That may be a Religion, but it is not faith. It is more an ideology covered by the veil of Allah. Picture a person who name is ‘Ideology’, then cover that person completely in a Burka. What is being hidden? Is it truth or denial? Is it a form of closure to what is the world that surrounds?

Believing in God does not call for governments to be structured according to Scripture. Faith is an individual matter. Your neighbor may not be of the same thinking as you. Governments are for society as a whole, the common good of all the citizens, regardless of their faith. People of all faiths are welcomed. Diversity is embraced. A melting pot of ideas makes for a progressive, modern, and adaptive society. People of faith cannot avoid being engaged with the rest of the world no matter how much they try otherwise.

Insulation is Impossible.

One Atheist organization at Christmas paid for a billboard in Time Square, New York that displayed Christmas and then in an active format crossed out the name Christ, thus taking Christ out of Christmas. Why do they need to condemn another’s belief? Certainly they do not need to believe in Christ, in God, in Allah, the Sun or anything at all. That is their choice. What they display by attacking another is insecurity, a problem with their denial of a neighbor that does not see the world as they do. They say there is no God, so how can they hate God so much when in their mind he does not exist. How do you hate nothing?  They are demonstrating their uncertainty in not believing, or having a no God religion. This is reflected in attacking other religions. Islam does the same. Maybe I do too. My commentary on Islam is a want to open the eyes of those who deny Christ, but more so for Muslims to awaken to the closure of their cultures thus limiting their choice, insulating them from the ability God gave anyone to be independent and free.

I seek a plural tolerant loving society, a world where loving your neighbor is as important as loving God (or Allah, or not).

Say Hi to your neighbor today.

Grace and Peace.

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