The Infidel Moderate Muslim

UI – Part 247 – The Infidel Moderate Muslim

All manner of statistics have been reported as to the profile of the world of Islam. What are the percentages of Sunni, Shiite, Batthist, Druze, Kurds, Ahmadi, Arab Muslims, Non-Arab Muslims, Wahhabists, etc. In previous Blogs we have written about the Chaos in the Muslim world that may never end as the diversity of interpretation of Islam, the multitude of schools-of-thought, and the differences of opinion cause terrorism among the umma.

Within the boundaries of the world of Islam there are more, it appears, infidels that are cultural Muslims, than not. Peace doesn’t even exist in the Dar al-Islam. (The House of Islam)


Consider the fundamentalist Islamists, from which the bulk of terrorists evolve (Example: Al Qaeda, ISIS, AQAP). Consider also Iran, their history since the 1979 Revloution and the support they have provided extremists.  Another, closely affiliated with the fundamentalists would be the Political Islamist, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, who use ‘dawa’ (surreptitious invasion of non-Muslim’s cultures to then become a larger number to cause change), groups that often emerge after a successful fundamentalist Islamist insurgency. Then there are the moderate Muslims.

The moderates make up a variety of contingencies, from being more tolerant, accepting and living comfortably among a pluralistic society, separating mosque & State, having nationalistic pride and seeing the value of a government that establishes laws based on the common good.  Where moderates show their loyalties is when they cannot live in areas where the common law is not Sharia, and the mosque is not part of the government. Religion and ideology must not govern if all the people are not included.  Theocracies are not an avenue for proper oversight of a population to be governed.

Refuge for the Fundamentalist

The fundamentalist and political Islamist seek refuge in areas within the Middle-East, primarily, where the opportunity to create or live in an Ideal Islamic City/State is possible. They can practice their evil judgment on the population using squads of Islamic Police and neighborhood watch organizations, when complete control is established (Saudi Arabia is an example of a long-established Islamic State) and governed by ideological, or religious, extremists. Those that become bored find new areas in which as Imperialists they attempt to expand their boundaries, as did the Caliphs after the death of Muhammad, carrying their hatred, bomb making equipment, swords and guns with them.

Those who attain power within the states of the Muslim Middle East cause other people to suffer;  they do not have to. They blame others too, never seeing themselves at fault.

If an individual finds a preference for an Islamic State, when living in a free nation, instead of objecting to being free they can certainly move, live among their chosen idealists of Islamic Law, giving up their citizenship and passports in the process.

With about 1.5 Billion Muslims in the world, all kinds, fundamentalist to cultural only (born in a Muslim country, but with little interest or involvement with the ideology as a whole), the question often asked is how many are terrorists (the extreme of the extreme) or moderate? If as few as 10% are extreme, that leaves a whole bunch of deranged killers without boundaries (150,000,000). Brigette Gabriel of ACT believes the numbers are more like 20%, making a population of extremiests with an inclination towards terror the size of the United States population (300,000,000).  I feel there are more, many latent as well, waiting for their opportunity to emerge, not as butterflies, but as evil beasts to carry out the order of their Satan. For those who claim they are the ones who know Islam, who are the most faithful, however, know this, all others are infidels. That includes the moderates.


Muslim Population

The world population of Muslims today I contend would far exceed 2 Billion if it was not for the killing of Muslims labeled infidels. Those moderates, still thinking they too were Muslim, disagreed with interpretations (of the Quran and Sharia Laws) and made themselves targets of the fundamentalist and political Islamist. That continues to this day. They may consider themselves the ‘true’ Muslim, their tolerance more an acceptance of the portions of the Quran prior to abrogation by Muhammad, and the Caliphs, in which the words ‘religion of peace’ are often associated with Islam. But the extreme take the Scripture as a whole, knowing the ‘religion of peace’ was superseded by the use of violence to achieve their ends (Muhammad the example used repeatedly). For them the moderates are wrong, thus they are infidels, giving permission in the name of Allah to extirpate them as well as Christians, Jews, atheists, homosexuals, but not pedophiles. Convert, name Muhammad’s mother (Aminah bint Wahb. ‘Amina’ might suffice if ever asked by a dark-skinned man wearing a ski-mask, representing Allah, and carrying a semi-automatic weapon pointed directly at you), and be saved, possibly.  Collateral damage is still possible – and that is OK too as long as Allah’s Will prevails. Who determines that – the victor?

Empty Streets

The photo that folows is of an empty street.  It depicts moderate Muslims gathered to speak out against the practices of extreme Islamists, to include contingents such as ISIS here and abroad.

Empty Streets


Find Another Line of Work

Moderates should choose another line of religion to follow. A religion where tolerance, pluralism, peace, and people can go about without being covered, heads or full bodies (not just women, but those that terrorize as well, non-skiers in ski-masks, hiding the truth). What would that religion comprise? Freedom to be sure. This new order would seem more appropriate for the moderate Muslim. That, unfortunately, is not Islam. Freedom is not possible in Islam.

Unconditional Love

God is a Loving God. Unconditional love is provided by God. Allah does not offer that – so says the Quran. Relationships are important. A relationship with God is possible. Get to know him through the Word of God (the Bible) and your association with other believers (who have embraced the Grace of God through Christ). Relationships with Allah are not possible. But if considered possible, it is only one way – you love Allah; Allah does not love in return.


Salvation is possible and assured through the Grace and forgiveness of God thru Christ. Not so for the Muslim as Allah always retains the final decision no matter how much your good deeds, even when credited with good by not committing evil, far exceeds your sinful actions. After all Allah is the Best of Deceivers, so why would any Muslim feel totally comfortable with having a life eternal with Him. It could well be a life eternal with Satan.

Join the Party

Moderate Muslims have been put on notice by the fundamentalist and political Islamists that unless they join the party of the fundamentalist they are no different, their cultural heritage does not matter, than any considered an Infidel.  No dissention is allowed.  ‘Off with their heads’. Why not express your independence, freedom to use your intellect, and find the path that will lead you where you want to go. I pray if that is an eternal life with God, you choose wisely. You can sit around, think you are a Muslim, say nothing, do nothing, while the extreme continue to debase the god you think you know, but that is not what believers do. By doing so, you do not believe in Islam. Find your heart, if it is a heart for God, confess your sinful nature, your error in the judgment you made to be a coward, and stand-up for what you do believe. Accept Christ and your life will change knowing you are assured of Salvation. No uncertainty.

Thanks be to God.

Grace and Peace.

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