(Almost) Every Muslim an Apostate

UI- Part 298 – Every Muslim an Apostate

ISIS and the Muslim Infidel

To ISIS many Muslims are infidels, or I guess you can call them Apostates. Those Muslim apostates do not agree with the practice of Islam as carried out by ISIS. This self conversion of a radical group to The Islamic State with the restoration of the Caliphate under their leader Baghdadi or as renamed, Caliph Ibrahim, places them in charge of all Islam. Their views and barbaric practices, to include crucifixions, beheading (American photo-journalist Foley), mass killings of non-Muslims, rape and securing the possessions and wealth of others for their own gain – to include bank deposits and personal items, in the name of god – or their demonic (my label) Allah has stirred the ire of many. But this practice has been on-going since Muhammad. Is he not the example Muslims are to follow? So for a Muslim to disagree with The Islamic State’s Islamic Law (Sharia) is be an Apostate.

Clearly a Jew or Christian is not an apostate. They are simply infidels. They appear with a cross or a mezuzah before a member of ISIS and it is ‘off with their heads’; the cry of Allahu Akbar and an excited blood-thirsty Islamist wanting to wield his weapon and kill.

To all those Muslims who do not agree with Caliph Ibrahim know you are an apostate in his eyes. You are not worthy to be called a Muslim. Your disregard for passages of the Quran calling for ‘fighting’ and ‘killing’ those who do not properly honor Allah and being tolerant of others is not Islamic enough. Even when beheadings, or other forms of extirpation, by killing an infidel or apostate, are suggested with the opportunity as a warrior for Allah to gain access to the eternal City of Allah, is not considered normal for any human, a Muslim thinking that way is no longer considered a good and properly serving individual. They too if met up with and captured by ISIS will be taken to the head-chopping block, or face the muzzle of a gun carried by one sick individual after another calling themselves men of Allah. Barbarians under the black banner of ISIS are at the gate, and throats, of all who are infidels or not sufficiently Muslim.


So why if you do not agree with ISIS, or even other Islamic thinkers or factions, why be a Muslim? If they do not agree with you then they too are apostates in your eyes. So many Muslims look at each other as an apostate. It is a no win, you lose, off with your head, situation. There is no love in Islam. Every Muslim is an apostate to another Muslim somewhere. This is bizarre, but true.

Where is the Love?

The Ahmadi’s, a religious Muslim sect, consider themselves tolerant. They may be the most tolerant of Islamists. But they have been driven out of Pakistan as apostates. They remain Muslims? Why? They are criticized by other Muslims; you see it in their communities and even on Twitter. Do they not see the God of the Bible as tolerant, loving and caring, willing to accept them as well as others to be saved? God told the People of the Book they would be persecuted for what they believe, the Christ followers especially, but they were not called to kill those that did not agree.   They were called to love, as God loves, welcoming and open in their belief so others may also have the opportunity to be Saved, to be right in God’s eyes, to change their lives, their hearts and become servants of the Lord.

Understand Islam. It is not loving. It is not tolerant. It is not a religion of peace. It is barbaric by the terms of its own Scripture. It is hateful towards many, the infidels, persons not of like minds. It is hateful and vengeful to Muslims too, those who disagree. Who is the head of all Islam? If it is to be the Caliph Ibrahim then beware. If this is the thinking of Islam, the world must resist as it is a defiant, belligerent, intolerant, barbaric, and offensive ideology and organization intent on making the world red in the blood of each other, claiming the blood on their hands is the anointing oil of Allah. This is the red of the Hades of Satan.

Each worship center called a mosque houses Muslims who may not all agree. They are a gathering of ideologues whose Imams, the scholars, teach from their Scripture to hate. Hate all that is not Islam, is not acceptable to Islam, and is not Islamic enough. Then hate some more.

So is every Muslim an Apostate or even an infidel? If there is love in the heart of a Muslim, that person is not Muslim. They need to think about this. They need to seek the god of Truth – that is not Allah. Allah believes in deception and claims to be the best of deceivers. That is not how God thinks. The good news comes from Christ who sacrificed for the sins of mankind. He took the punishment we deserve for committing crimes against God for all times. Just believe and love. Be thankful for the gift of God – it is your Salvation.

Last Point

May I preface my comments with praise for our military that on Monday (9/22/2014) began airstrikes against the ISIS forces, as well as AQ remnants (Khorasan) in Syria.  Having as collaborators 5 Muslim Nations is a union of fellowships that often have disdain for each other.  Are they involved to protect their turf? their areas of influence and command?  We must respect this coalition but remain skeptical.  Saudi Arabia practices the form of Islam promoted by ISIS, but have been threatened, their monarchy and governance potentially under attack in the future, by a growing ISIS threat.  However I believe this Islamic State must be destroyed and we can then deal with the enemies we know.

Turkey is not part of the alliance as yet.  President Erdogan is an Islamist. Quoting him: Speaking at Kanal D TV”s Arena program (Source: Milliyet, Turkey, August 21, 2007), PM (since elected President) Erdogan commented on the term “moderate Islam”, often used in the West to describe AKP (political party) and said, “˜These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”  This goes to the point of this blog posting.  Is he suggesting, and refocusing his Country (Turkey) on more fundamentalist practices of Islam, believing even his people are not Muslim enough. Will he instill practices to increase the indoctrination of the population to the doctrines of Islam as he sees them – his interpretation, wanting to mitigate any large contingent of the tolerant secularist culture Muslims.  Turkey is the Country that ended the Caliphate (Ottoman Empire) after WWI and became a more modern developing nation.  Does he want this positive trend to end? Will he make apostates of those in his nation that do not agree with his fundamentalist thinking?  Is he reluctant to joining the coalition as he adheres more closely to the IS model?

Grace and Peace. 

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