Islam – Killing Economies

UI – Part 297 – Islam – Killing Economies

Islam – Making Productive Societies Non-Productive

“Give them Paradise and they will turn it to a garbage bin.”

Since Muhammad appointed himself the one to lead mankind his religion of peace has never been peaceful and the ideology named Islam has been openly hostile to world progress. His recitations after his move to Medina (Yatrib) erased (abrogated) those prior if not in agreement, this includes any reference to a ‘religion of peace.’ “The post-Meccan Muhammad is a warrior, raider, conqueror, and subjugator of the non-Islamic world (in other words – a Terrorist). The mission of all good Muslims is, correspondingly, the spread of Islam by any means possible,” from a posting in American Thinker, by Richard Butrick, August 31, 2014. (read more)

The centuries following his death found armies deployed to massacre and enslave Christians and Jews, and others among the populations, dividing their property among the militia. For anyone defined as an infidel their freedom was constantly at risk. Quoting Andrew G. Bostom[i], “(Areas) which once throbbed with Christian vitality became vacant and ecclesiastical buildings fell into ruins….Impenetrable thickets sprang up in places where once there had been luxuriant fields and pastures.” Populations were exterminated, their fields burned, and agriculture destroyed. The destruction engendered great despair causing economic chaos to once prosperous developing areas. Bostom, referring to the Turks (15th century), but applicable through Islam’s history (to the current), “caused incalculable ruin of material goods, countless massacres, the enslavement and exile of a great part of the population – in a word, a general and protracted decline of productivity….”[ii] During their progress and invasions they forcibly imposed on those overtaken and overwhelmed, if they lived, Islam. Thus the idea of peace in Islam can be dismissed. Convert or be taxed and be subservient to the Muslim overseer. In 1064 Ibn Hazm of Cordoba (Spain) said, “Allah has established the infidels’ ownership of their property merely to provide booty for Muslims.”

What the Muslim invaders do is done as their only source of revenue, as they are not themselves productive in any way – they have proven that to the world for over 1400 years. Islam is equal to evil.

History Lesson

Since the time of Muhammad, the focus of the Muhammadians was to build an army to create a world all for Allah. Muhammad began as a believer in one god, calling that god Allah, using the name his family (the Quraysh) applied to their favored moon-god. Muhammad had an epiphany when living in Mecca. Many gathered each year in his birth city to honor the god of their choice (360 idols represented in the Kaaba), at the same time setting up booths to trade in the goods made by their tribes or gathered in their travels. The Quraysh conducted the bazaar as well as maintained the Kaaba. Muhammad, not alone from a historical perspective, came to a realization that there is but one god, not many. The Egyptian pharaoh once proclaimed Ra as the only god. Each of the many who visited Mecca believed their chosen god was the only god. From the animate to the inanimate to the supernatural, even all that makes up the earth (pantheism), there were chosen gods. But Muhammad proclaimed his choice, Allah, a supernatural god, was the only, only god and that anyone who proclaimed otherwise needed to change his thinking. He began to preach and proclaim only Allah. There was resistance, as you can imagine, to the ordered way of life at the time. His family had no problem with Muhammad believing as he did, only with the disturbance he caused and continued to cause and the disruptions to their business.

Male Dominance Influenced

Some have suggested sex was on the mind of many who visited the City of the Quraysh. The Kaaba contained a black rock surrounded and protected as the bud of a flower by petals that gave the appearance of a vulva. It was a reflection of the nature of the males who visited, inspired to worship and enjoy personal pleasures.


Muhammad embraced many of the practices of his society, but felt he was being persecuted by his singular choice as god. Maybe so, but that is not uncommon when one individual decides he is right and everyone else is wrong and goes about telling everyone in a manner less than persuasive. Feeling abused Muhammad left town, for safety reasons, relocating to Medina (Yatrib). He swore at that moment to return and take revenge. His attitude changed along with his way of thinking (as well as the recitations he made which he accredited to his chosen god – Allah)

Nexus of Terrorist Practices of Islam

He had few resources. Knowing the trade routes (Syria to the Peninsula) he decided to build a treasury by raiding the caravans. Those that assisted were rewarded with a portion of the items, the wealth, and even the women and children that were attacked. The men killed. Thus the terrorist practices of Muhammad began. It was demanded of those that assisted Muhammad their loyalty be total, or they be killed. Apostasy – turning against Muhammad – resulted in death. Those that joined in the raiding parties became the army for Muhammad. He was to use that army to avenge the persecution he received in Mecca.

Occupying Yatrib before Muhammad were Jewish tribes. They were farmers. They were productive. They welcomed Muhammad but then disagreements arose over Muhammad’s ways. They ended in war, the destruction of the fields and confiscation of property, the Jews massacred and the enslavement of wives and daughters of the Jews. Muhammad became the example, his life and his warlike demeanor, for the future generations of Muslims.

As the army for Muhammad grew and more raids were conducted it was the earnings received that kept the forces together. In addition there were pleasures to be gotten from heinous acts of torture, maiming and killing, as well as rape and pedophilia. Muhammad preached his god, Allah, had anointed them in their success. He did not discourage the need for sex by his male warriors. They never needed to till the soil, or open a store, or conduct any form of commercial enterprise; they only needed to add to their wallets by taking, stealing, from those who were not Muhammad’s followers or thought to be at the time – the infidels. Even a wife could be gained from their thievery – love not a condition necessary. Control by the men, the authority the men, and thus the society to evolve and the laws imposed (Sharia) by men to justify and continue their activities. They became as animals who first taste human blood then have an appetite for more.

After Muhammad’s death the army that was created needed to continue to fill their pockets and their desires. They only thing they knew, which worked, was raiding, killing the men in the areas occupied, adding to their army through conversion, enslaving women and children, and exploiting the possessions of those they invaded for their own purposes and use. No Islamic society ever became a productive society or thrived through agriculture or commerce. The advent of oil gave them wealth without effort, at least not their own. The Islamists existed on camels, goats, cattle and sheep and whatever they could take for themselves from those they called infidels, non-Muslims, or not-Muslim-enough for them.

In Iran the British developed the oil discovered at the start of the 1900’s. In Saudi Arabia the Americans aided the Saudi’s in uncovering this vast resource under the Peninsula. Where oil is produced in the Middle East those working the fields tend to be foreigners as the autocrats of the Nations sit-back and enjoy their Allah given largesse. But where there is little oil, or opportunity to gain from the black gold, the Islamists, the likes of ISIS, will do as Muhammad did, take from the weak, the poorer, or the infidel (by their definition). They do not plant crops. They do this in the name of Allah – Allahu Akbar. Recently the insurgency of ISIS captured oil fields, selling oil on the black market, to add to their revenue.

Islamic Destruction

Jihad Strategy – Massacre or Enslave the Conquered and Divide their Property

The Caliphs that succeeded Muhammad, after he unexpectedly died, expanded the territory of their exploits beyond the Peninsula. They imposed their rule of law, making up the law as they proceeded to insure control, no dissent, loyalty, only one god, that of Allah to be honored (or pay a tax and conduct oneself as an admitted inferior – dhimmi – to those who captured their lands). But to manufacture, to produce, or to harvest was not in their make-up. They made their money looting the possessions, and the saved earnings of those upon whom they imposed their vengeance. It continued from the time of Muhammad. Call it the legacy of Jihad! – Holy War in name only to do as they did for their personal gains. It became all that they knew. Barbaric, violent, with no regard for human life, selfish, imperialistic, and with the objective of having the entire world suffer the wrath of Islam – the rule of Allah as interpreted by those who only know how to kill and to steal.

To add to the treasury of the modern-day Islamist is kidnapping. Taking innocent humans and requesting money for their release. Millions of dollars have been exchanged by families and countries to release those captured, often tortured, for profit. The revenue of the Islamists consists of the value of property taken, currency stolen, and lives exchanged for ransom. One
Islamic sect may even offer a captured party to another sect, in exchange for money, who then seeks even more. Oil revenue is included in the revenues when it exists and is extracted from lands under the terrorist’s feet. The income statement rarely contains manufactured goods, services provided, agriculture products and the like. Read more on kidnapping for profit. Read. Read more. And more – How will ISIS keep funding terror.

Pray to the Prophet – Kill to Live

Pray to Muhammad and not to Christ. Such was a requirement of the Islamist – and remains so. Convert and not be required to pay the tax and be subservient – yet pay the Zakat. Intolerant and intent on their militancy the Muhammadians, or the Islamists, have continued their exploits for the past 1400 years. From Spain (Iberian Peninsula, to include Portugal to Morocco, to Egypt and Africa, to Syria, the Byzantine Empire (ended by the capture of Constantinople in 1453), the Persian Empire, Mesopotamia, France, Greece and Turkey, Armenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, India and Asia Minor the methods were the same, the conquerors as blood-thirsty, the excuse the same – in the name of Allah.

These are not good or godly people. They are demons; they steal from the good and share not (or minimally) with the poor. They deny Christ, the divine and thus God. They are not taking from the rich and giving to the poor, except to keep dissent at bay and their subordinates, the population they oversee, in complete submission. Not one Islamist is a Robin-hood. The leaders, the authority, become wealthy at the expense of those they overcome. They are hooded savages of a culture that should be eliminated to preserve mankind. Why the hood, the face coverings? The answer is easy – to hide the shame they feel, their evil, and to hide who they really are. It is the cover of a coward, a demented, selfish, brain-controlled militant kept in the fold, encouraged, by the rewards shared for the brutality and take-overs they conduct. It is the only way they know how to earn a living. Kill and thievery to live may be their mantra. What a demonic example they follow in Muhammad.

Islamists Cause Economic Disaster

Where the Islamists have authority poverty is rampant. Since the Hijra (622) conquered people and lands found large populations eradicated, communities buried alive, groups killed at one time, rivers and streams turned blood-red, heads beheaded, scores of dissidents crucified [in addition today they are taken, as did ISIS, en masse wearing but undergarments to be slaughtered (not-Muslim-enough Syrians or opponents) with machine guns, and then put on display], fields of grain burned, thriving businesses, builders, seamstresses, and educators exterminated. Economies were thus ruined if not for decades, for centuries following.

Where there was a specter of modernity opportunities presented themselves, until that is, until the political Islamists gained a stronghold. The devastation of Egypt after the fall of Mubarak and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood is a recent example. What the future holds for Turkey under the aegis of Erdogan is and should be of concern. The inhumane acts of Hamas and ISIS, even Syria’s Assad, the Shiites towards the Sunnis, the Sunnis towards the Shiite, not to mention all Muslims towards the Christian, the Jews and those they consider pagan, as the Yazidis, the Saudi’s towards the Salafi’s, even in Pakistan and other Muslim dominated areas where the rule-of-law is Sharia, the way the Islamists go about their daily lives is horrific. They are at war against their neighbor. They covet, they steal, they kill, they consume and they do it anew. Is their Scripture, their guide to a way of life, from god, Allah, or in fact, Satan?

If You Do Not Follow the Example of Muhammad the Muslim No More

Forming friendships to then go about creating a civilized productive society to serve everyone is not part of the end game for Jihad. A world All for Allah is an illusion. Islam is a crime being committed on everyone by the marauders, the thieves, the murderers, the plunderers, the rapists, the pedophiles, the destroyers and the brainwashed engaged by Satan to do his bidding. The enemies of godly people on this earth is not an illusion, it is Islam. Those that have perpetrated the crimes on humanity as the followers of Muhammad are evil.

Those Muslims that say they are tolerant, they accept pluralism, and call themselves moderates are fooling themselves as well as the rest of the world. If they do not accept Muhammad for what he is, the example he provided, then they should not call themselves Muslim. The likes of ISIS, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, even the Saudi’s, are out to eliminate them too.

Islam is intent on making a wasteland of the world, destroying economies, destroying neighborhoods, destroying civil societies and destroying whatever is productive wherever they can take hold. They are intent on destroying God, the Biblical God. That is what Satan wanted to do as well. It is a Holy War. They must be stopped. This 1400 year progression they have enjoyed must come to an end. Their struggle must end with a revolution from within.

The revolution may entail all who are not Islamists, and those who are not adherents or followers of Muhammad’s example. A look back in the time before Muhammad those who do not accept Muhammad’s methods were Christian, Jew or Pagan. That is their true heritage, not Islam. A return to their cultural foundation and the freedom and tolerance enjoyed before the demonic Muhammad entered this world must be considered

Peace can only be achieved when hearts are changed for the loving God. That is not Allah.

Grace and Peace

[i] The Legacy of Jihad – Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims, Edited by Andrew G. Bostom, MD, 2008, Prometheus Books, Amherst , NY, pg. 62.

[ii] EBID. Pg. 64

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