Middle East Chaos – Now What?

UI – Part 284 – Middle East Chaos – Now What?

 The Islamic State

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), or by another name, is but a band of marauding militants who have discovered an excuse for their aberrant behavior, their viscous acts, their collective army of deviants and their bloodthirsty, even sex deprived, activities under the ruse they are acting for Allah. They claim their Allah is God. This cannot be believed as what they do is not believable not only from a moral stand-point, but also from a human, humane, position. It is ungodly. The terrorists are not men of God, but automatons brainwashed and infected with an evil spirit, for which there is one source. Yes, God allows evil, but that evil then is known by men of what a heart focused on elements other than God can achieve.

Wanting a world theocratic order they have announced the formation of a Caliphate, making them the supreme leader of Islam, and referring to them as The Islamic State. No longer ISIS or ISIL they represent the true government and overseer of a world All for Allah. You must note that they also will rape infidels if they do not obey, harm Muslim woman who do not adhere to their form of Sharia, crucify dissenters, those that disagree, even if they are Muslim, and construct Laws as they determine Allah and the Messenger intended.

There is the political side of the Islamist’s culture. They are a structure, of which there are many, that take advantage of the warriors, their wants and desires satisfied in the arena of mankind, by seeking positions of bureaucratic power. The objective is to become leaders of these men (the army of Allah), encouraging their actions to garner support so they may assume governmental positions to enable the hatred, corruption (theft) and lust to continue. Any dissent is suppressed, culling out the resistance, complimenting the killing fields with prison graves kept from public view, the verdict never heard, the executioner’s sword never seen, and the families of those arrested left to wonder. On the political side are entities such as the Muslim Brotherhood, C.A.I.R., the Ayatollah (Iran), the Taliban and Al Qaeda, the Saud family, and factions in the Maghreb, the Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and other parts of Asia. And now we have the Islamic State – the ISIS derived foretaste of the Islamic world order.

Politically Correct Mindset

In the realm of the Politically Correct the incredulous nature of their thinking as to the reality of the Islamic Holy War continues to mask the blood spilled historically. Among those is the Christian multitude, those who embrace Spirituality, a bond of peace and tolerance in a pluralistic society, atheists, and government elected and appointed officials (mostly considered the West). They love freedom assuming all the people of the world love freedom, and cannot comprehend the insanity of those bent on a world, as they define it, all for Allah. Are they ignorant or so unwilling to accept truth as to just hide or set aside the facts? History has been distorted and the Saladin’s glamorized. Why?   More Muslims have been killed in the name of Muslims (so far) to eliminate any that might lead towards tolerance, plurality, even acceptance of another religion. The body of Islam is being reduced each day so it contains only a black heart for Allah and his Messenger alone.


Separatism is a component of Islam. It is clear when Muslims are in a minority, such as in Europe, the UK or America, they do not as a whole embrace multiculturalism. The scholars, the ulema, and the imams, dressed as they may be in the garb of their purported religious piety, call for being insular. They do not want the Muslims to assimilate. Even in a Muslim dominated country, as in the Middle East, there is separation between Islamic sects. In Iraq we have learned of Sunni, Kurds and Shiite, but there are many others – the Druids, the Alawites, the Salafis, and the Sufi’s and so on. Even among the Sunni, there are groupings that adhere to different schools of thought; same with the Shiites. The applicable word for Islam besides being but an ideology of hatred is chaos and discord. There is no peace; there is no harmony in Islam.

Taking Sides

As to America, whose side are we on? Whose side should we be on? Should we take sides? The irony of it all is reflected in history.   We embargoed Iran during Carter (US President #39) after the Iran ‘79 Revolution and the taking of US Embassy personnel (66 for 444 days). The embargo continues with concern over Iran having nuclear weapons. We have concern too for Iran harboring and financially supporting terrorists – to include Al Qaeda. We supported the Kurds over Hussein before the Iran-Iraq war. (Iraq invaded Iran in 1980) Reagan (#40) and Bush #41 USA supported Hussein, Iraq, over Iran in the Iran-Iraq war. Then Hussein killed thousands of Kurds – we stopped supporting the Kurds. Then we attacked Hussein in the Gulf Bush #43 War. 911 was the catalyst. Osama was in Afghanistan. Why Iraq? We were concerned Hussein had nukes. Iran is Shiite. Iraq’s Maliki is Shiite. Obama (#44) cared only to exit Afghanistan and Iraq, leaving Iraq in December 2012. What good was done to unify a divided nation, to initiate the start of a democracy and create the idea of national pride to be an Iraqi, was lost. Then on the scene was a civil war in Syria. Now we send 300 advisers in to assist Maliki, who is also being aided by Iran and Assad of Syria, against the ISIS incursion. We were in support of the rebels in Syria against Assad – who were the rebels? Were they a component of ISIS? What side of the Islamic divide are we on? What is the West to do?

We need to know what Islamic Holy War means and that we are in it, whether we accept that fact or not. The question is – are we in it to win it? If so, how do we go about it? Where and when do we begin?

Many in the West are reluctant to engage in further conflicts in the Middle East. Obama has set as a goal, a political goal, having no more troops on the ground in the Middle
East and avoiding a role as a policeman to the world. Tony Blair, past PM of the UK, in Aspen, CO at the Ideas Festival, on June 30, 2014, made an important point, saying, “We may be weary of war (against the terrorists and the Islamists), but they (the political Islamists/terrorists) are not!” What then must be done?

Understand Islam – that would be a good start. Know the history of Islam. Know the history of America’s presence in the Middle East. With each President attitudes changed, steps taken changed, and relations changed. Go back to the discovery of oil and the role of the British (Iran). Then the role of oil during WWI and WWII. The battle over ownership of oil in Iran, the overthrow of Mossadegh, the tyranny of the Shah, the rise of Sunni Saudi Arabia and how our government acted. It all has meaning. Why is the West the Great Satan and Israel the Little Satan? Iran today is a theocracy led by a Shiite cleric and sponsors terrorism at home, in areas nearby and abroad. With all that the modern world, the West, is but a distraction, as the true target of Islam is the world. They will take and take and take, a bite at a time, spreading their venom, raping and pillaging the infidel (to include the Muslim infidel) until – until – What End?

Never Ending

There will be no end to this Islamic Holy War without an active resistance.   As there has occurred revolution within a country to overthrow its leaders and change the culture, there can be, without invading sovereign nations, a revolution in the compound that is growing to be Islam. Wherever this ideology begins to practice Sharia, the ugly head of tyranny and terrorism is exposed. It must be cut off. It is the snake of the devil that once exposed needs to be poisoned; its rattlers dismembered. Who will do it? They know those who fear them the most will not.

It has been suggested by some bright world figures and political minds that an alliance between democracies, modern nations that believe in pluralism, tolerance and freedom, and partners in the Middle East who are tolerant and respectful of different religions and embrace modernity is needed to change what is happening. Common ideas from diverse cultures, multiple religions and different lifestyles are necessary to create a balance in the world that will stabilize and make more secure homes in all nations. Can and will that ever happen? It is a worthy topic for discussion. Can moderate Muslims be found that are willing to speak out in their dominant cultures, risking their lives, and bucking the Islamist’s ideal of what is Islam.

Try we must, but conditions today make skeptics of far too many. While we try, resistance to the scourge of the fundamentalist Muslims is absolutely necessary.

Understand Islam.

Grace and Peace.

2 thoughts on “Middle East Chaos – Now What?

  1. The Muslims killed the Armenians over a 100 years ago because the were Christians. Same barbaric tactics just a different generation. Wake up and face who we are dealing with! Politics will not fix this


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