Islam – An UnHoly War

UI – Holy War/UnHoly – Islam

You are comfortable with your feelings. Sitting back, relaxed, you watch the World Soccer matches. Your TV is modern but the connections crude as wires stream down the wall to outlets. It is hot, windows are open and a fan is also plugged into the same outlet. Your sofa has been used for years and sits low to the floor.  Her green eyes sparkling and focused on the TV, a daughter sits on a chair to the right; a Bible rests on the stand on the opposite arm.

Suddenly your door breaks open in a loud ear piecing manner. Rushing in are four armed men in mock military uniforms and scarfs, their faces hidden, a bandoleer with munitions in parallel carried by each along with an automatic rifle. The black flag of ISIS with Islamic writing in white tells just who the perpetrators are.

“You are Christian, an infidel,” a gruff voice announces. “You need to pay jizya.”

The father stands and one of the intruders comes very close. Face to face, “We have no money to pay you.” He says.

“You must pay now. The poll tax is required for our protection,” is heard as the father sees his daughter grabbed by her arm, a scared look on her face. “We are the warriors for Allah. You pay.” The father is pushed down into the sofa.

“I cannot,” the father is truthful. “What are you doing to my daughter? No…No…”

The father watches as the daughter is stripped naked, her body exposed to the father and the men. She is then forced to bend over the back of her chair. Screaming.

“This is because you are an infidel and will not adhere to Sharia.”

“But I have nothing. Take what you want, let her be. Please,” the father in tears, struggling, forced to see what was happening.

A soldier opened his trousers, stood behind the young girl and penetrated her as she cried out, a scream as unholy as the act itself. He was brutal. When finished, another, already exposed and hard showing off his parts to the entrapped girl, then took his turn. The others searched the small house looking for anything they could take. The spoils were theirs – it is as Muhammad had commanded and he himself had done. A hand was firmly placed over her mouth as the process continued and all the intruders took their place. The men groaned, looking back at the father, as the young lady’s tears fell into a puddle. It was a horror. It was inhumane. The words, “Allahu Akbar” were repeated.

She lay on the floor limp, still exposed. Her father leaped to her grabbing anything he could use to cover her blood stained body. He too was in tears. He prayed.

The men had left, the door still open, the chair now cast to the floor. Once outside their weapons fired into the sky. They continued their door to door marauding, doing so in the name of Allah and the Messenger.

(Read about such an event – the father committed suicide)

This is Islamic Holy War. It is not holy in any way. It is an Unholy War that free people must understand. Governments that embrace democracy and freedom cannot allow this spread of insane ideological trauma and terrorism to continue without a mighty response. What is the purpose of an Islamic State but to impose the will of the men, as the raiders herein described, to make subjects at their will, not God’s, for their deviant purposes. They refer to it as Sharia Law. Their scripture is the Quran. Their guide is Muhammad. They are the enforcers. How demented these minds must be, brainwashed, evil, and blind to the reality of the satanic strength that is behind them. This is jihad.

Understand Islam.  A note to peace loving moderate Muslims.  You too are infidels in the eyes of Al Qaeda and the ISIS Islamists.  Their goal for an Islamic State would find fault with your tolerance and subject you to their wrath and Sharia punishment.  There are more than 300 million extremists, as many as the population of the United States.  They are all for Allah, but as their imperialistic and killing ways dictate.

Understand that Islam is not a religion, but an ideology of imperialistic desires to have a borderless world as the playground for the terrorists that have already been seen in action. No matter how you might define Islam, especially as a moderate, the Islamists will revert back to the ways of Muhammad and violent, maurading, and insensitive militant actions. They see the non-Muslim (infidel) world as  potential for conquest.  It is their opportunity for enrichment.  They suggest it is all for Allah, but a rational human being knows better.    The acts will continue, in the name of Allah, unless the actors are stopped. In Islam the ceremonies and worship services are but as the mask the terrorists insurgents hide behind, the Kaaba but a rock as a symbol of their hatred and hardened objective, and Allah but an excuse, a cover-up, for the evil that is in their hearts. There is no unity, no peace, no love, no joy and no hope in Islam. There is not even one common face of Islam. Muhammad is their guide; he too was a terrorist.

Grace and Peace,


Blessings to those who love freedom enough to fight for it. If we do not, we will lose it.


3 thoughts on “Islam – An UnHoly War

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  2. Your just disbelievers whether you warned or not.. take my word INSHAALLAH soon or later you will pay jizya or you will face gun mouth.. MAY ALLAH GIVE US STRENGTH..


    1. Your hatred exemplifies your ideology. No love, no joy in Islam. Just a gun aimed at others. Why is your heart so black? I will pray for you.


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