The Islamic State – ISIS – Caliphate


UI – Part 285 – The Islamic State

ISIS – Caliphate

ISIS has declared itself the Islamic State. The Caliphate. It is ironic too that the named Caliph (or King) is Abu Bakr (Baghdadi). Abu Bakr was the 1st Caliph after the death of Muhammad. Abu Bakr was the father of Muhammad’s 7 year old bride. This new caliph has changed his name, or appellation, to Caliph Ibrahim.

What does this all mean? To those of ISIS they proclaim they are in charge of all Muslims. Their ways are the ways of Islam. If you want to know the true Islam, ask the Caliph. They will proclaim the Law and become the policeman of the world all for Allah. They will be judge, jury, ascribe punishment and be the executioner. Severe chastisement, words often used in the Quran, will be at their discretion.

In their movements across the bowels of Syria and Iraq, taking territory to have their oasis for terrorist training, purported religious training (more the understanding and enactment of the evil practices of their Messenger – Muhammad), and a haven, a base, for launching their venomous attacks wherever they see an opening, they will demonstrate their methods of punishment. Raping innocent non-Muslims and Muslims is allowed; crucifixion of dissenters, the ungrateful, the Christian and Jew, the gay and transgender, the Muslim of another viewpoint, puts on display their heinous capabilities; instilling fear with immediate executions in public using their knives to crudely behead any resistance; plundering homes and businesses, even banks, taking the spoils from those conquered to enhance their treasury, their cache of weapons and their pockets, rewards for acting on Allah’s behalf; defacing humans, men and women, who do not adhere to their strict code of Islam; causing all forms of inhumane practices to engender fear, potential conversion (to Islam), and to control.

Not God’s Religion

This is their religion. It is not godly, godlike, or heavenly. It is satanic. If you disagree in any way, do not pay a tax, do not get along and go along at their insistence then you are their enemy, an infidel, regardless of your cultural heritage, regardless of your love of God or Allah. Resist and you persecute the Caliph and his followers. This is an ideology of total domination. It has nothing to do with our Creator. It is the devil’s Caliphate. What is truly disturbing is they are in competition with others, like Al Qaeda, the Ayatollah in Iran, the Taliban, even the Saudi’s, and others, to be the top gun in Islam – the Wahhabist, the Sunni or Shiite Imam, telling the world how it must be – OR ELSE.

Knowing how they think is the beginning of understanding Islam. The extremists will never moderate their position. If one is eliminated another will rise to employ the practices of the Messenger. They have many heads, far too many, and cutting off one does not mean the monster has fallen. There are many dragons, all spewing their bad breath and fiery demeanor at each other, as they deem necessary. But there must be resistance.

A United Resistance

The world that is not in agreement with the devil’s army must amass its own army to fight the unholy war, that which the Caliphate of the Islamic State calls a Holy War, putting down the incursions wherever they pop-up. They will pop-up more often if they are allowed to establish bases to train and organize. America is not the answer or the cure, the defender of freedom. They cannot do it by themselves. If you believe in freedom, want freedom then you must find the way to respond. Good people who do nothing are worthless. There are billions of decent people. Unfortunately they are badly organized. The extremists are better organized, even though they are fewer in numbers.

The resistance may arise in the fashion of small groups able to infiltrate and destroy pockets of the extremist maggots as they devour the flesh of their victims; as hunters killing the animals that discovered the taste for human blood and want more. The beast must be put down.

Complex, Not Simple

The problem is complex. The solution is not simple. Those that see democracy, not just as a voting methodology, but as a humane order for governance for the good of all people, regardless of race, creed or religion, must unite. The borders of sovereign nations must be crossed to come to the table and deal with the threat from the growth of the jihadists. No one can withdrawal from the war against Islam as conducted by the fundamentalists. Why, because the warriors that claim they are acting for Allah will not withdrawal; they will continue as it is their demented desire to see blood under the black banner of their Law. They must be eliminated. Barriers around nations will not stop the infiltration by the amorphous mass of political and extreme Islam. They have no borders. The moderates will be victims too.

Why those referred to as moderates (peace-loving and tolerant Muslims) believe as they do, knowing the Quran abrogated any speck of peace in the scripture of Islam, is a concern. Is it because they are afraid? They cling to their heritage, to their cultural roots, but they must want to be safe and secure in their homes. Do they alter in their minds the Allah of the extremists for the God of humanity, the humane God that loves unconditionally, believing with all their strength they are the same? Well they are not.

Unconditional Love

Allah does not love unconditionally, so the Quran tells us. God does, so the Bible informs us. Allah asks its adherents to kill the infidels. God asks his adherents to love their neighbor, to call them to come home, to encourage them to know and have a relationship with him, the Creator, the Almighty.


Your suggestions for a solution to the problem of the growth of extreme and political Islam are welcomed. We need a common bond of people who want to be safe and secure, to live as they wish, to love as they wish, to practice their faith as they wish, to accept other viewpoints, to allow proselytization, to not feel persecuted by anyone who may disagree with their position and allowing for opinions to be openly expressed. This requires unity, not separatism. Is it possible?

Grace and Peace.



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