Islam & Margaret Thatcher

UI – Islam & Margaret Thatcher

The Sunday Times (London) – June 22, 2014, Section 4, had an intriguing article – What Would the Iron Lady Do? Much is happening in the world at this moment on which her views would have value. To include:

  • Russia invading a sovereign nation
  • Islamists growing in strength militarily and financially are spreading their ideology and venom. Al Qaeda is growing.
  • America’s President Obama is confused, so it seems, about who, how and why to support actions ongoing in the Middle East.
  • Economic changes occurring where a communist country, China, may be the largest economy in the world.

The greatest danger discussed is ‘political Islam.’ This will be the focus herein.

Quoting Thatcher, “The people who brought down those (WTC) towers were Muslims and Muslims must stand up and say that is not the way of Islam. Passengers on those planes were told they were going to die and there were children on board. They must say that is disgraceful. I have not heard enough condemnation from Muslim priests.”

Muslims need to condemn political violence carried out in the name of Allah as if it is godlike, or as they suggest, ‘Allah’s Will.’ Nothing as cruel and heinous as the many acts committed historically by Islamists would be as God commanded.

The article’s author, Niall Ferguson, writes, “…there are many… spokesmen for Muslim communities in the West who expend a great deal more of their energy denouncing alleged ‘Islamophobia’ than condemning terrorism.”

A polemic I have put forward and I know I am not alone, is simply this, ‘Is Islam an Ideology, as is Communism’, or a religion?’ My answer is – Ideology. It is a justification using as god, Allah, for committing violent acts to take from others their possessions, such as their land, to include women and children (as if they are being spared). There is no religion in all of this, except the religion of death. It is as much a religion as communism and atheism would be a religion. It is not a loving faith-based love for God and neighbor. The Islamists and their clerics dressed in garb depicting a worthy advisor and counselor imposes their desires in an imperialistic fashion. There is no regard for borders. Invasions into the privacy of others are done at a serious cost to innocent human lives. Yes, Muhammad is the example, a marauder and autocratic self-indulgent maniacal fanatical individual whose methods are employed, revered and continued.

Niall Ferguson goes on to say, “Islamic extremism today, like Bolshevism in the past, is an armed doctrine. It is an aggressive ideology promoted by fanatical, well-armed devotees. And like communism, requires an all-embracing long-term strategy to defeat it.”

Does America, the United Kingdom or anyone in the world have a long-term strategy for defeating Islam – even a short-term strategy? The political side of the Islamist’s approach is psychological, instilling fear. What is being done to deal with this technique?

What would the Iron Lady do? Niall Ferguson concludes, “She would make it clear that political Islam, with its mission to impose Sharia, is the 21st century’s communism; an ideology fundamentally hostile to the western conception of liberty. And she would remind us that, as in 1989, freedom will win only if we are prepared to fight for it.”

After World War II America and other nations seriously fought against the encroachment of Communism. The same zeal and desire to prevent creeping Islam is needed. America needs a President with the backbone to understand and resist, but so does the United Kingdom and members of NATO. The nations of the world must Understand-Islam and get a grip on the reality of the times.

Grace and Peace



5 thoughts on “Islam & Margaret Thatcher

  1. First, the Saudi role is well documented in US President Ronald Reagan and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s policy in the 1980s to defeat the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and end the Cold War. Part of this strategy was to unleash Islamic fundamentalism, in particular its jihadist aspirations, against those declared an enemy of the Muslims, in this example, the godless communists. This coincided with the Saudis’ pan-Islamic agenda, developed by King Faisal in the 1960s, to counter threats from Arab leftists and nationalists and gain legitimacy among local Muslim constituencies, especially after the 1979 Iranian Revolution, which surprised Islamists across the Muslim world.

    Reagan and Thatcher are wholly to blame for the growth of extreme Islam in the UK and USA. They flooded their countries with Sunni Muslims who practice the extreme, and violent form of Islam known as salafism, or Wahabbism. It was done purely to crush, and rid the West of Socialism and sucular nationalism. Just look at the growth in Sunni mosque building between 1979 and 1997. Every Islamic hate preacher in the UK was given UK asylum with “indefinite leave to remain” in the UK. This legal term is what has made it so difficult to deport them. Every Muslim jihadist, terrorist and paedophile in the UK is a child born to Muslim immigrants allowed into the UK by the Thatcher/Major government.

    So anyone who blames Blair, or Labour for the current Islamic threat facing the UK is talking pure, unadulterated BS.


  2. you clearly have not read your history books. America has been trying to colonialise the middle-east since the end of world war. Most places on the news where there is a so called ‘holy war’, also have a great big oil or gas pipe under it. I dont condone violence ever and I am sure a majority of Muslims don’t. What is the actual difference between a soldier and terrorist…they are both as bad as each other. Oh and I am not a Muslim, im a christian.


    1. Where has America established a presence, as a colonizer, in the Middle East. You may by sympathetic to the treatment of women in the middle east, as well as their Laws, but I am more sympathetic, as an American to a Rule of Law that focuses on the common good, not just a moral judgment commanded by Allah or any God. As a Christian you may follow God’s Laws, but they need not be the same as societal laws. That is not the view of the ideologically focused Middle-Easterner.

      As to the soldier – terrorist question, odd as it may seem to many, the answer is one where your safety is protected, your nation and national pride by the soldier. The terrorist kills for an ideology that is questionable, and oriented to self-rule, interests of those as a conqueror, more like someone breaking into your home and taking your possessions vs one protecting your property.


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