Anything Goes with Obama – Middle East and America (2 of 2)

UI – Part 259 – Anything Goes with Obama – Middle East and America  (2 of 2)

 “Deprived of their American sun, the planets are prone to unstable orbits.”[i]  (Read article from The Weekly Standard) This refers to what once was the strength of America’s Middle East policy and relationships.  The new Obama programs negatively impact Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, etc. and the region in general. “A game of musical chairs among despots”[ii] is being played right under our noses, like the chess or checkers competition in Central Park, but this is not a game.


Why is Obama isolating Israel?  It is a valid concern for all Americans.  Jews are not a majority population by any standard, yet their place in the Middle East is essential.  Also their prosperity and ability in Israel to produce foods, products and services in the desert region should be an example to all residents in this arid part of the world of what is possible.  But enmity prevails; the Muslims are characterized as haters of Jews and Christians. But that is not wholly true.  I do interpret the Quran passages 60:4[iii] and 9:29[iv] and 8:12[v] as suggesting such ill towards those not a Muslim or unwilling to convert, but I believe the majority of Muslims today prefer to not feel that way.  Unfortunately too many extremists exist that tilt the balance in favor of concern.  They live with a mindset of disgust towards the infidel that spreads through their veins and nervous system and rests on the trigger of a weapon that can kill. Their targets include those among themselves who do not share their ill-will towards the big and little Satan, or embrace or even see benefits from freedom loving countries, secular structures and nationalistic pride.

Emotions of unhappiness towards the USA are being expressed by the likes of the Saudi’s and Israeli’s, and for good reason.  Without America, Donnelly and Habeck write, “they are tempted to find another close partner, one whose interests might be at odds with…the United States.”[vi]  Seeing America’s presence in the world lessen may or may not concern you, but it should.  What are our interests, what is our role in this area and the potential impact on the world economy if left to become an archaic militant theocratic theater of hatred and Sharia Law.

Characterize America as a surgeon.  The Middle East has a cancer. It requires constant attention.  The surgeon helped to contain the sickness, thinking it was cured.  Now we discover the surgeon was wrong; the cancer (AQ) is metastasizing.  It is becoming a global concern. The surgeon though has left the building.  The rest of the world does care. What to do? It can spread also to Asia and other parts of the world currently populated by minorities of Muslims, not majorities.

Surgeon America’s disregard for the AQ cancer is what Osama Bin Laden wanted.  His goal was to have the USA withdraw any support for Middle East leaders and Israel.  This would enable the goal of restoring Sharia Law in areas where Middle East rulers ignored the claims of ‘true Islam’.  It may be the Islamists vs. Muslims.  All Islamists are Muslims, but not all Muslims are Islamists.  All Al Qaeda members and affiliates are Islamists. 

Gone is Obama

“…the world economy needs stability to trade efficiently, and not just in the energy markets.  Most profoundly, the rest of the world does not need the political and sectarian enmities of the Muslim world to spread.”[vii]  Who is now at the control of the international community that desires an economically viable and stable world to resist a return to 7th century desires of the fundamentalist Islamists if not America?   Obama has disappeared.  Thus America has disappeared until we have a new President that has a stronger constitution, a moral historical foundation, an intelligent understanding of international affairs, a working knowledge of Middle Eastern thinking, a willingness to accept advice and counsel of experts, and pleasing, strident and persuasive diplomatic and communication skills. 

“By pivoting away from the Middle East the United States is saying through its actions that anything goes.”[viii] (The inspiration for this writing)  There must be consequences for ones actions.

The end of the game being played in the ME is who will be in control – Sunni or Shiite? -Democracy or autocracy? – Freedom or a constrained theocracy? – A Caliphate or a country by country system.  Civil laws that give consideration to every citizen (male, female, Muslim, Christian, Jew or other) or a common set of Sharia compliant requisites? This game impacts the whole world and should be in the head lamps of every free nation and understood by every free person that seeks to remain that way for himself and/or his legacies.

Obama is a weak father figure.  ‘Anything goes’- just about anything people can do he permits, or looks the other way. He distances himself from problematic realities.  His rhetoric and actions are at odds.  He is not a disciplinarian.

The ball Obama needs to keep his eye on does not say Titleist or Nike, it says World.

Grace and Peace.

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