Anything Goes with Obama – Middle East and America (1 of 2)

UI – Parts 258 – Anything Goes with Obama – Middle East and America  (1 of 2)

The ‘me’ society, the ‘selfie’ nature of people, has been emboldened by our current President Obama’s lax and promiscuous attitude towards issues historically viewed as moral foundations.  I emphasize relevant issues such as abortion, gay marriage, excess spending beyond our Nation’s means, entitlements that do not provide incentives to work and effort for individual improvement, little enforcement of collections of overpayments or abuses (fraud) by government agencies, uncontrolled food stamp growth, even allowing such credits to be used to buy marijuana (in CO), ObamaCare run amok, education in America ignoring the Bible yet promoting Islamic ideals, and an indifference to patriotic heartfelt factors related to our military – to include Benghazi, the dismantling of top military brass with a potential aversion towards Obama, gays in the military, and financial support for our troops. His blasé actions do little to instill confidence in our nation, our American enterprise system, our leadership and presence in the world or in Obama.

Obama Middle East Exiting Policy

Middle East policy by Obama seems more an exit strategy than maintaining a strong presence in the region with support for Israel and Arab friends on the decline. He seems to prefer isolationism and spending – a stay at home and order-from-the-internet-catalog approach with daily deliveries of unnecessary goods.  This in reality is explained by Obama’s use of drones, special forces, the SEALS, and other covert operatives/actions.  More video game tactics than an actual daily military presence. “In coming months there simply will be no central front in America’s fight against Al Qaeda and its allies.”[i] This quote from “Know Your Enemy”, an article by Thomas Joscelyn in Jan 20, 2014 The Weekly Standard. (Read more)

Obama is removing America from the equation.  That equation requires resistance to extreme elements in the region to insure the World a more stable Middle East.  While he clearly believes Al Qaeda is ‘on the run’, it is evident many smaller bands are striking out.  Refer to it as Al Qaeda collectives mimicking the more renown AQ, and creating what Thomas Donnelly & Mary Habeck, in an article in the January 20, 2014 issue of The Weekly Standard[ii],  refer to as ‘shadow governments.’ (read article) They are imposing similar Sharia Law structures in country after country in the Middle East without regard for borders.  Not as singularly large or as prominent as the pre-911 AQ, what the Obama Administration and his experts are woefully missing is the network these smaller insurgencies have for channeling money and moving their warriors (terrorists or TITS, Terrorists-in-Training) from location to location.

Noted in the Donnelly/Habeck article, “where AQ-linked groups have set up shadow governments, the official local governments can’t get rid of them without outside help.”[iii] This is key to understanding the need for worldwide economic governments working in union to stabilize the ME.  Obama has neither the backbone for the leadership role America has historically provided, nor the capable staff to face the reality of the situation.  This is not a question of preferring golf to foreign affairs; it is more a concern for his competence as a Head of State.

The Standard Weekly article[iv] made me aware of the ‘geopolitical purpose’ of the AQ network and espoused by the now dead Osama bin Laden. (read article) The shadow governments are being formed in preparation for a borderless government to lead the entire Muslim world.  They are laying in wait for the day of the ultimate take-over.  Their leader may emerge, some observers seeing that person as the Anti-Christ, or just a charismatic Muslim surfacing as cream-on-milk. But just when will that happen.  Not yet, as the base is being formed, and if allowed to grow, as the shadows are getting larger and populating more areas, then there will be something to fear.  However Obama’s declaration of victory is clearly evidence of his blindness, ignorance, lack of sound counsel, or resistance to advice and having it his way. 

More on this next week………(to be continued)

Grace and Peace.


[i] “Know Your Enemy – Al Qaeda’s Grand Strategy”, The Weekly Standard, January 2014 (Vol 19, No. 18) by Thomas Joscelyn, pg. 25

[ii] “The Unmaking of the Middle East – Obama’s Historic Misunderstanding”, The Weekly Standard, January 2014 (Vol 19, No. 18) by Thomas Donnelly & Mary Habeck

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