Obama Policies in Middle-East

UI – Part 238 – Obama Policies in Middle-East

Another title could be, ‘Missed Opportunities – A White House Specialty’ (Note: borrowed from Fox)

 Is America, the current Administration, under Obama, responsible for a questionable foreign policy in the Middle-East?  What evidence is there to consider?  Review the following:


  • Benghazi  –
  • The killing of Ambassador Stevens and his attaches
  • The cover-up, and apparent lack of immediate focus
  • On going oppression and subjugation of non-Muslims
  • Chaos in Libya after Qaddafi’s overthrow.
  •  Persecution of Christians more today than prior to the Obama Administration in locations such as: Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Algeria, Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan
  • Saudi Arabia’s hard line on worship by non-Muslims, even in areas where foreigners are engaged in support for local industry, especially oil and communications.
  • Coptic Christians put in prison in Egypt for practicing their faith or proselytizing (used as an excuse for their incarceration); which was practiced before the fall of Mubarak.
  • Appearing to be in agreement as to the label of ‘infidels’ and ‘blasphemers’ (as to non-Muslims, as well as Shiites and Ahmadyahs) in Indonesia and Pakistan.
  • No word of insistence to enforce national laws of a secular nature where present or needed.
  • A lack of courage
  • Failed negotiations with Israel and Pakistan
  • Draw downs of troops in Afghanistan
  • Withdrawal from Iraq
  • Do nothing policies in Egypt, Libya, Mali, Syria
  • American influence in the area(s) on the wane
  • Avoidance of messy entanglements, i.e. a lack of leadership.
  • Leaving voids where other factions, not necessarily freedom loving, can come onto the scene
  • Ignoring the Congress – exemplified by bringing Osama Bin Laden’s captured son-in-law to US soil (March 2013)and American courts (NYC, near WTC)  instead of Guantanamo.  His name Abu Ghaith 

Equality of Human Rights

International laws call for equality of human rights, but the voice of America’s Obama is not heard denouncing acts by Muslims that suppress the practices of non-Muslims.  The silence is deafening.  Anyone that embraces freedom would echo that statement.  The question that must be asked, do International Laws somehow not apply to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and so on as to Muslim dominated Countries?


From the Middle East Forum, America’s Withdrawal from the Middle East under the Obama Doctrine, a briefing by Lee Smith, February 6, 2013[i], “Mr. Smith characterized the Obama administration’s Middle East policy as one of “extrication” from the region. The major problem with this policy, he argued, is that “vacuums are filled by other people, and not always filled by friendly powers.”

Mr. Smith continued, “Nor has the administration explained why it no longer deems the Middle East a region of vital interest. If, for example, the U.S. becomes a net exporter of energy in the near future and is less reliant on Middle Eastern oil, the administration has yet to make this case with the public. Instead, its policy of “leading from behind,” adopted during the Libyan intervention, is a prime example of the vacuum left since the toppling of Qaddafi as the decision to leave the newly elected Libyan government to fend for itself has led to instability.


Obama uses drones to avoid human contact, so it appears, killing Al Qaeda where possible, but gaining little in additional intelligence to aide in understanding their cause, their frustration or their intent.

From afar we all access the actions of Al Qaeda (‘AQ’) as terrorist and focused on control using restrictive and punitive Sharia Law punishment (severe chastisement) without attempts at reform or modernization.  They abhor modernity and prefer 7th Century conditions, except for the weapons they use.  The sword is only used for be-headings.

Terrorist Stew

The boiling pot of terrorism is as a stew prepared by AQ with ingredients amassed from the meat of the ideology of Muhammad, the carrots and veggies a penchant for war in the Quran, the recipe a return to 7th Century thinking while using modern utensils or artillery (and potentially nukes) as stirrers, the lid covering as the shield of Allah used as justification and containment of for the bubbling contents, seasoned with heavy doses of hatred of Jews, Christians, homosexuals and generic infidels (pagans), and capped off with the secret sauce of the black flag emblazoned with the Shahada of Islam.

Unfortunately when done this stew is bitter and leaves a lingering foul taste in the mouth of those that partake.  It is more a poison prepared by Satan and brought to temperature by the flames of Hell.

Has Obama become an accomplice, a chef in the kitchen of Islam, or simply a viewer of the Al Jazeera Food Channel offering little input to alter the recipe and improve the outcome?  He appears as an onlooker unwilling to take on the task of correcting the mistakes being made.


In BHO’s favorite Muslim Country, Indonesia, more must be done each day by the government to protect religious minorities.  Intolerance and violence is on the increase in this country considered secular and open-minded.  In the 1960’s Obama was listed as an Indonesian citizen and a Muslim on registration documents of Santo Fransiskus Assisis, a Catholic school (he attended: 1968-1970).  See The Blaze for more.  Even though it has few Jews, Obama made the claim that Indonesia is among the most open countries in the middle-east.  It must be noted that there are only 20 Jews living in a Country of over 240 million persons.

At Human Rights Forum read more about Abuses against Religious Minorities in Indonesia

There have been reports of the infiltration of remote cities by fundamentalist Muslims attempting to form Model Islamic Cities applying Sharia Law.  Inroads into secular areas ripe for change, due to a vacuum created and a lack of attention from the West, can return civilizations to the Age of Ignorance.


A book that can provide helpful information, although some consider soft on Obama, is Obama and the Middle East by Fawaz A. Gerges.  The failed policies of the USA are discussed.

K T McFarland of FoxNews reports Obama’s entire Middle East team has failed policies.

From the New Republic, Tel Aviv Journal: Obama’s Scandalous Approach to the Middle East, by Martin Peretz (March 15, 2011)

Obama’s Middle East policy’s impact on Economy discussed in an article by Liz Peek of The Fiscal Times.

Is America, the current Administration, under Obama, responsible for a questionable foreign policy in the Middle-East? 

You Be the Judge

My opinion is just that.  My opinion.  But reading and listening to others whose in-depth reporting and valued commentary offers insight can only help you, the Reader, to decide for yourself. Is America, the current Administration, under Obama, responsible for a questionable foreign policy in the Middle-East? 

The Middle-East needs to emerge from the shadow of the sword of Muhammad and 7th Century ideologies.  It cannot continue as a war oriented defiant one religion only Islamist culture.  Doors need to open to allow other faiths to visit, to dialog, to be heard and to be seen.  Leaders such as Obama must speak out for reform and justice for all.  So too must the Moderate Muslims. Silence is unwarranted.

Grace and Peace

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