Scripture – Quran vs. Bible

UI – Part 234 – Scripture – Quran vs. Bible

 What is the value of Scripture?  For one it enables man to see how he came to be as well as how he should conduct himself.  It reveals the nature of man.  We know we are inherently subject to the temptations that present themselves daily?  The ‘why’ is answered in Scripture.  The value of Scripture is also present in the infallibility of its guiding principles.  Apply reason to Scripture and judge the meaning.  Is it morally comforting?  Is what is revealed of value and importance in daily living as to goodness, fairness, justice and relationships?  Is there the existence of contradictory elements to right living?

 Authority of Scripture

The authority of Scripture has been reviewed by many writers.  Is it the direct authority of God or is there an allowance for an intermediary or intermediaries, oracles of the supernatural that become the authority for humans?  Examples would be the Pope or the ulema of Islam (Muhammad also).

 Man and Scripture

Man was created in the image of God, according to Scripture.  Was man autonomous, independent in thought and decision making?  If so then “the ‘hunch’ of the wise is the best that is available,” according to Van Til[i].  The world around us, from the air we breathe to the planet on which we dwell to the provisions available to humans and ongoing scientific discoveries are All reflections of God.  He knew in advance what would be, with discoveries made by man as needed, as purposed, to allow the created to survive.  Revelation comes from nature as well as Scripture.

 Man is not in control. “The authority of the Holy Scripture, for which it ought to be believed, and obeyed, dependeth not upon the testimony of any man, or Church, but wholly upon God (who is truth itself) the author thereof: and therefore it is to be received, because it is the Word of God.”[ii]

 Quran or Bible

The Scripture being discussed, by now you realize, is the Bible.  It is the inspired Word of God.  Van Til refers to the Bible as, “the infallibly inspired revelation of God to sinful man…(it) stands before us as that light in terms of which all the facts of the created universe must be interpreted.”[iii]  Destruction of such a document, such a reference for life, a troublesome obstacle for the sinful person, is justified by the most egregious sinners so they may continue to feel good about the bad they do; to not contest it would be too revealing as to their total depraved nature.

 With thousands of years of history and use the Bible has been confirmed and re-confirmed so often it represents its own defense for being the only and correct rule of life.  There is no correction necessary.  It lacks deceit and never suggests God lies. Any attempt to modify is man acting for himself and fellow sinners, made followers, substituting in some cases their own Scripture, their document of Authority and Law as a guide to form a body theocratic for their purposes, not God’s.  To live to the glory of God is to obey Biblical principles and standards. “The natural man is, by virtue of his creation in the image of God, always accessible to the truth (the Bible); accessible to the penetration of truth by the Spirit of God,” says Van Til.[iv]

 “All that may be known by man is already known by God.  And it is already known by God because it is controlled by God.”[v] This statement from Van Til I found profound, and most obvious, yet to many denied. 

 What man knows, does, and says is derived from God.  We are the product of creation.  The Bibles tells our story.  Any other Scripture is a false testimony created by the created for the created; therein may be parts that offer proper guidance, but not a complete affirmation of the truth God provides. The unconditional Love of humans by God is a condition often omitted.  Such love would allow for a peaceful co-existence without constant calls to fight, and war, with persecution a component to be endured by the believer. The believer is called upon to lead a life exemplifying God, the Risen Lord, through whom he has been restored.  The Bible is inspired by the Creator to guide the created to have a life eternal with the Creator.  With Faith, the pathway laid through Scripture, we can please God.  Sinful man is regenerated to be right with God through the sacrifice of the incarnate, risen and made present in those who believe by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God himself indwelling in man.

 Make the Bible your GPS.  It is the only manual you need.

 Grace and Peace

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